I will wait for you forever, if forever it takes.

Love is patient,

I will shower you in gifts, for you've always deserved it.

Love is kind.

I will love every inch of you, and love no one as much.

It does not envy,

I never was good enough for you. (Even if you thought otherwise.)

It does not boast,

I'm nothing compared to your greatness.

It is not proud.

And I will always make sure you're comfortable, as much as I can.

It is not rude,

Even if you didn't know I existed, I would try my best to be always by your side.

It is not self-seeking,

And even if you treated me badly (which you never have) I would stay, always yours.

It is not easily angered,

You're perfect. You have always been.

It keeps no record of wrongs.

I thank you for always doing what is right.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

I will make sure you're never hurt again.

It always protects.

I have faith that you will never fail me.

Always trusts,

And I wish you would give me a second chance.

Always hopes,

This love will never die.

Always perseveres.

I will love you forever.

Love never fails.


Pleaseā€¦ just take me back?