One more cut
Two more lies

One more time
Two more lonely nights

One more lie
Two more tears

Your rusting soul
Degrading self
Self-manipulated, defeated
You are entreated by
Wise parties on all sides
You seem to have bleeding ears
And a red, dripping screwdriver in your hands

Diving back into you self-imposed escape
From a reality that lurks waiting for your return
From self-indulgent ignorance and destruction
Forced down your throat
By your own to hands
And your clouded mind
A dark, glistening, damp place
Swarming with smoke and spider webs
Hundreds of dead end roads nothing more than back alleys
The smell of fermenting soul and garbage-can lies

You whisk away reality and subjugate your sense of self
All to thrust your pain and problems away

For what?

So you can return and they will be there waiting for you
Stronger than before, hungry and waiting to start feasting on your soul

And so I throw grains of truth in front of you
To try and give you something to steady your steps
As you walk a path you choose over and over
Now it's slippery with your own blood

I can only watch with sad eyes
My words are as whispers in your world
Your decisions make themselves for you
And your life is resigned to your emotions
As you slowly suffocate in a coffin
That you built for yourself
To escape your pain