Hey hey! A new poem from me! I have to thank lisagal for this one, because she edited it to make it much more better! (don't be modest lisa) Round of aplause for her! Aha! Well the inspiration for this poem was a certain person (ahem), but I don't hate him, just at the time I did! Anyways that's not important! Please enjoy and I would LOVE some feed back so don't forget to review!

Every time I think
I might be getting
Somewhere with you.
There is always someone
Who ruins it,
And that person is you.

Competing with your
Superficial taste isn't my style.
And neither is pretending to be
Something that you want,
Just to make you happy.
I don't have the looks, poise
Or body of a supermodel.
And isn't that what u want?

Lost in the river
Running through your mind.
Along with all the rejects,
That could have made
Your perfect wife.

But just before
You completely forget.
About everything
I have done for you,
I want you to remember this:

When I was hurt
You weren't there to heal me.
When I was alone
You were never there beside me.

So when you cry yourself to sleep
Almost every night.
I hope you finally know how it feels
To have nothing left,
Because you gave it all
To someone else
Who couldn't even care.

P.S: I Hate You.