Summary: Will is a normal teenage boy in England. Chris is one hell of a singer, famous all over the world. Does it make sence that a normal teen boy has no idea who is the biggest hit on the list? Does it make sence that they are attracted to eachother? I dunno. Read and find out.

Authors note: I dunno if this will be accepted by you guys. When I first saw the anime "Gravitation" I got the idea to this, before I even read the manga.

The Life of A Teenage Boy !

Falling for Love

Will stood in front of Jenny. She kept looking at him without a single blush. She knew what she wanted and she was going to take it.

"Go away, Jenny! I'm not interested of you, and you know that!" he said loudly to her.

She smiled and he knew that she wasn't giving up on him. He spitted at the sidewalk and looked back up on her with cold eyes.

"I just want to know why you don't like me, Will! I have nice forms and a lot of stuff that I know a guy like you want."

He took a step back.

"A guy like me? What do you mean 'a guy like me'?"

"I mean exactly what I say, Will dearest."

He bit his lip in pure anger. This girl was too much. He turned around.

"Give it up, sweetheart. Make like a banana and split, will ya! I'm never gonna like you and that's final!" he said over his shoulder before he walked away.


And finally he got to school.

England was no big deal, really. It was boring and so, very lame. Especially when you came from New York, directly from the streets. He had a tough life down there. His family wasn't exactly rich. They barley made it. He kicked a little rock that lied alone on the cemented road to the other rocks and tiny little other stones that glittered in the sun like small diamonds.

It hadn't gone well for his family. His mother died and his father got himself locked up.

Then, all the children were separated and put into foster homes. It was the best for all of them.

That was when he was ten. He was all grown up now. Sixteen years old and in a good home. His foster parents were nice and they loved him. But they didn't really understand him.

He got to see his brothers and sisters sometimes. But he quite liked it here. Anyway, it was totally lame, but safer than the streets of New York.

There was his school. It looked like a big castle. A big, brown, castle with a million windows.

He loosened up his tie and unbuttoned two of the buttons in the white shirt. The black pants dragged the sunlight towards it and it was very hot. He couldn't stand wearing the black jacket so he just held it over his shoulder together with his brown bag.

He passed a few girls and they all smiled at him and said hello. He totally ignored them and moved on and through the doors. He could not understand why they kept trying when he already turned them down like a billion times.

"Humm…Life sucks…" he sighed.

The girl uniform were the same as his. But with skirts. Black skirts that ended at the knee. They also had white shirts and a tie. But they had no jackets and they had to wear the same things all the year. Even in the winter. But almost all of them had on legwarmers by then. Will stopped when he met some of his friends. They were three other boys that went the last year in high school. Will was the youngest in the group and the other three was like big brothers. Their names were Sean, Anthony and Greg. Sean was the oldest, next came Greg and then Anthony.

"Hi, guys!" Will said with a smile that showed how happy he was this morning.

"You seem unusually glad today." said Sean.

Will gave them a bigger smile.

"Yeah. Did ya kill someone?" Greg wanted to know.

Will shook his head.

"No. I'm just happy. I have a feeling something good is waiting for me."

The boys laughed and went to class.


Will turned around. What was going on? Wasn't he supposed to be in class? And why was it so dark? He turned around again and noticed he stood under a roof. Everything was black and white and the rain was pouring down outside the protection of the roof.

"What is this? Where am I?" he mumbled.

Suddenly someone with a black umbrella stood next to him. Without knowing why, he took the persons arm and they left the protection under the roof and out in the pouring rain.

The sound of the water against the fabric of the umbrella sounded so…so…quiet and comforting. He held the arm tighter and the person stopped. The umbrella was dropped. He felt a hand under his cheek and he closed his eyes, shivering. But he didn't know if it was from the cold rain striking against his face, or the face of the person that he knew was coming closer.

"William…" he heard a voice whisper.

He slowly opened his eyes.

"William! William! Wake up, boy!"

He opened his eyes and saw a huge face with red lips.

"Whaaaa!!" he screamed and sat up in his desk.

His teacher stared down at him. He looked around at his classmates that looked like they were going to laugh any minute now. Then he looked back at his teacher, Mrs Bertha Miller.


"Sleeping in class again, are we, William?"

He smiled and looked confused. The teacher went on with class.

"How the hell did that blind goat notice?" he mumbled.

The girl that sat next to him whispered.

"You moaned in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare? Was it painful?"

He blushed.

"No…There was no pain…"


"Jesus Christ! Did I screw up on my test today!" Sean cried out and played some accords on his guitar.

Will smiled without really listening. He was thinking about his dream.

Greg played on his keyboard and didn't listen to them. Anthony sat in the sofa with his nose in a book.

Will himself, sat in the window and watched the rain poure down.

"It's like pure love, right?"

He turned around and looked at Sean.


He looked up from his guitar and smiled.

"Your passion for life. For love. It's fantastic." Sean smiled.

Greg nodded and repeated in a singing voice.

"Your passion for life, for love, for me! Hey! That's some good shit!" he laughed.

Anthony put the book down and looked at his keyboard playing friend.

"You're such a geek, man."

They all laughed. Wxcept for Will. He kept staring out at the rain. Then, it suddenly stopped and the sun came out.

"Hey! Wanna go watch the car race practice? Will is in this time, right?" Greg said without looking up.

They looked at their young friend.

"Are you racing today? Are your foster parents okay with it now?" Anthony wondered.

Will gave up a huge sigh and shook his head.

"No. But I´ll do it anyway. Come on, let's go!" he said and jumped down from the window.

He took a look in the mirror and saw what he always saw. A short boy with light brown hair and black eyes.

He, sort of looked like a girl because his hair reached a little over his shoulders. But it fitted him and he looked good. He was thin and had some muscles.

Like a normal teenage boy. But sometimes he got in trouble. Big guys that wanted to go out with him that didn't know he was a guy.

Then, when they figured it out, they got so mad it all ended with a fight.

He sighed and they all left the room.


The cars went by fast enough to make dust fly in the wind.

Sean, Greg and Anthony leaned against the railing and watched as the red car went by. Then the blue, then the black. The red one was the first that came across the goal.

"He won the practice race, at least." Greg said as they started to walk to the garage.

The red car stood there and the roof opened. The driver jumped out and took of the helmet. It was Will.

"Why do you always drive the red car?" Anthony wondered.

Will gave the car a light pet on the hood. He sighed with a smile.

"I love this car. It was the first one I had." he explained.

Sean teasingly smirkedat him.

"The next practice round doesn't start until three. We have one hour. Let's go have some food." Sean proposed.

They agreed with him and left.


"Thank God I got out of the suit. The thing was killing me. And…it would've been kind of embarrassing to walk around in it here." Will said loudly to himself as he walked alone on the street with his bag over his shoulder.

Sean and the others were long way before him, ordering food in Burger King.

He rounded a corner when he suddenly walked right into someone and fell to the ground.

"Aaow! Man, watch where you going!" he screamed against the person he had walked right into.

A hand reached out and pulled him on his feet.

"You walked into me, you little brat!"

Will looked up from his hands, brushing dust off his clothes. That voice. It was speaking with an American accent. Just like himself.

He saw a tall, good looking man with piercing blue eyes and dark hair. He was amazingly handsome. Will thought.

"I-I…" he stumbled on the words.

The guy put his arms around his waist and looked at the smaller boy. His whole body language told him that he wasn't impressed of him. Will usually didn't care. But the older man's eyes seemed able to look right through him and that made him blush.

The guy smiled, like he could read his mind.

"You're American."

It wasn't a question.

Will looked as if he had just revealed a secret.

"Ehmm…Yeah. And you are, too…"

The guy brushed off his clothes and picked up a packet of cigarettes. He took one out and lighted it before he put it against his lips with one hand and put the packet back in his pocket with his other hand.

"Ehmm…My name's Will." he said quietly.

The guy's eyes were pointed directly at him.

"Okay, kiddo."

Will blushed again and he cursed himself for it. The guy looked at him from his head to his toes.

"If I didn't know better, I´d think you were a girl…But when I look closer, you do look like a guy…"

Will blushed even harder and he bit his lip. This guy was too intense. He looked up at him.

"Well, I am a guy! I hate it when people does that to me!"

The guy held the cigarette in his hand and blew out smoke. It floated upwards until it could no longer be seen.

"Does what?" he wondered and looked like he didn't really care.

Will got more and more angry. But he didn't want to show it to this guy.

"I can't help that people think I'm a girl. I've got myself into a lot of shit because of it." he said.

The guy gave him a smile that didn't look very nice.

"Oh? What kind of shit?"

"Some guys are controlled by their hormones. I have to admit i make a pretty nice looking girl. I can't help it if some guys listen more to whats in their pants then whats in their head. And as you may have guessed, they don't like it when I tell them I'm a guy. It makes trouble. You know…Honour and that kind of stuff."

The guy nodded and blew out more smoke after taking the cigarette between his lips again.

"These guys…Did any of them ever turn you on?"

Will's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me?! They were dudes, man! Guys! No way! Nu-uh! Never!"

"So that's a 'no' then?" he smirked.

"Of course it's a 'No'!" Will outbursted against him.

He smirked again and put the cigarette out.

"Well, well. See ya around, kiddo!"

He walked by Will.

"Wait!" Will cried out without turning around.

The guy stopped.

"W-what's your name?"

"Hmm…Next time we meet…I´ll tell you my name…But I doubt we'll ever meet again. Goodbye, kiddo."

He kept walking and before Will knew it, he was gone.


When Sean and the others came back with the food, Will was leanind against the wall. He had been waiting for them.

"Hey…Where's my food?.." he asked without really caring.

Greg laughed, nervously.

"Well, you know…You weren't there so we…" Sean started.

No one dared to tell him the rest but Will could guess.

"You ate it?! You ate my food?! You bastards, I´ll eat your´s!"


They were back in the garage. The boys were beaten up. Not that bad, but it was enough for the manager to scream at them for fighting with each other.

"What have you done?! First of all, you two cannot show yourselfes on stage looking like that!" he bursted out at Greg and Sean.

The he turned to Will.

"And you! You look like a sleeping bear and….Are you listening?!"

Will eyes were closed and small snoring sounds came from him.

"He's…asleep….I think…" Anthony said, poking at Will.

The manager turned away from the boys and cried out.

"That's just typical! We have a big contest in a week and he's asleep!"


As days went by, Will was being more quiet than usual. When it had gone a week since he saw the weird guy, he had a race he had to win. He needed the money. Not for a special reason, he just wanted them.

"Why won't you let me know why you want the money!?" Sean cried out at him.

Will smiled and turned against his friend.

"You wanna know why I want the money?"


He bent closer.

"You really wanna know?.." he whispered.

Sean swallowed, his cheeks slightly red.


Will stood up straight and turned back to the packing of his bag.

"My little sister is coming to visit me for a week."

Sean's cheeks turned red.

"Is it…"

"It's Lilly. And if you touch her, you die." Will said in a calm voice, not turning around.

Sean laughed. As if he was interested in a little brat like Lilly, he said. But his cheeks were still burning.

"She's coming to se me race. I've gotta win the money so I can take her out. You know…" to the theme park or something.

He packed down his helmet and suit before he left his room with Sean behind him.

His foster mother was cooking Swedish meatballs. They smelled delicious and Will gave her a kiss on the cheek before he snapped one right out of the pan.

"You little troll." she laughed.

When she saw the bag she got quiet.

"You're going to race?"

Will smiled and hugged her tightly and gave her another kiss on the forehead.

"I´ll be careful." he promised.

The boys snapped one meatball each before heading to the door.

"No one makes as delicious meatballs as you, Mrs Underwood." Sean said with a big smile before the door was closed.

"You're such a suck up." Will laughed.


Will sat in the red car with his suit and helmet on. The manager talked and talked and talked.

"Will, are you listening?! William! William!!!"

Snoring sounds came from the boy.

"WHAAAA! Are you asleep again?!" he screamed.

Will laughed and opened the helmet cower. He smiled at the man.

"I'm listening, Mr Collins."

Mr Collins looked as if he was going to explode. This kid was too much.

"You're driving me insane, Will." he sighed and rubbed his forehead.

Will gave up another laugh before he put down the cover and the car roof and drove out in the racing lane.


Sean looked around in the garage where the cars could change tiers and get a fixup during the race. Then he saw a familiar face.

"Lilly!" he called.

The girl turned around. When she spotted him she lit up and started running right at him. Right into his arms.

"Hi, Sean! Long time, no see! Right?" she smiled.

He held her tight for a second before letting go. He smiled at her smaller frame. She was just a little shorter than her big brother and she looked like a female copy of Will. But her personality was totally different.

Well, there were some resembles. Her hair was the same colour as her brothers and it went down her waist. But now, he noticed that her hair wasn't the same colour as the last time he met her. Now it was light purple and the brown color was only shown at some places. Her eyes was the same as Will's.

She was a beautiful girl. And he wasn't aloud to touch her! It wasn't fair, so not fair.

"Shall we watch the race?" she wondered.

"Okay." he smiled.


Will speeded up and went side by side with two cars from his team.

"Sorry, guys. But I hafta win this thing." he mumbled.

I need the money. I do. But for what? Who will it impress? He's not even here…

There, his mind stopped. He shook his head. Hard.

"What am I thinking about, damn it!" he cursed.

But then he saw it. The face of the guy appeared in front of him again. He couldn't concentrate.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

The words the guy had said was heard in his head.

"Those guys…Did they turn you on?"

He speeded up even more in pure irritation.

"If I didn't know better…I´d think you were a girl…"

His hands held the steering so hard it felt like his hand was going to brake.

"But now when I look closer, you do look like a guy…"

Somehow. Hearing those words was…hurtful. Aseptically coming from that voice and that guy. Once again, he saw the guy walk by him in the street.

"Next time we meet…I´ll tell you my name…But I doubt we'll ever meet again…"

He was so cool! So damn cool! Will thought.


Lilly leaned over the railing to see the red car her brother was driving.

"Wow! He's really fast!" she called out to Sean.

He looked worried.

"Yeah. But that's not very good for the engine."


The car was hellishly hot, now. Literally, it was really hot!

He had to slow down and drive to the side to get it fixed.

So he did. The roof was opened and he opened his helmet. He drank water and waited for the signal to take of.

The car made a 'wrooom' sound as he drove of.

"Hm! He didn't even say hello!" Lilly said angrily.

"He looked upset." Sean said, wondering what his friend was holding back.


Will came back into the race again.

He was behind more than ten cars. Then he passed three. Then six.

Now he was racing next to a blue car.

"Come on, come on. Get outta the way." he mumbled.

Over and over he saw that guys face in front of him. Why am I thinking of this guy? Why doesn't he let me be? I´ll hafta get rid of him…soon. he thought.

The driver in the blue car didn't give up that easily.

"Emily! You can't win and you know it!" he screamed.

Finally. There was the goal. It was round number thirteen. One more round.

The cars made it by another round and when Will saw the goal again he put the accelerator down until he thought the floor was going to brake. And there was the goal. So close, so close.

And he…


"Won! He won! He won, Sean!" Lilly screamed, jumping up and down.

Sean laughed and they both left to go to the garage.

The red car was waiting.

"He haven't even opened up yet." the manager said, worried to insanity as they walked towards the car.

Sean opened the roof.

Will sat there. Still with his hands on the steering, breathing heavily.

"Ehh…W-Will….Are you okay?" Lilly asked in a small voice.

He shook his head before jumping out of the car and removing the helmet.

He mumbled to himself with his cheeks burning in a bright red colour.

"Are you insane?! You could have crashed the damn car and gotten yourself injured!" mr Collins yelled at him.

The blue car drove into the garage and the roof was opened. The driver jumped out and the helmet was removed. It was a girl.

"Hello Emily." Mr Collins smiled and you could never guess he had just been screaming.

She smiled.

"Good game, Will!" she said.

He woke up from his mumbling stadium.

"Oh! Thank's, Emily!" he smiled.

"Will! Come on! You're going to get your prize!" someone called.


They walked down the street. Heading back home.

"I'm sorry I couldn't take you to the park or something today. I'm just exhausted." Will said with a sad smile to his baby sister.

"It's okay, big brother!" she smiled at him where he walked in his racing suit.

A car drove by. It was black and a very expensive one. It was so cool, Will thought. Almost as cool as…

He turned around and started running after the car.

"Will?" Sean called.

"Take Lilly home for me, will ya! But don't even think about tryin something!" Will called over his shoulder.

Sean and Lilly stood there for a few minutes. Sean scratched his head and Lilly looked pissed off.

"Wasn't he tired?"


The car wouldn't stop for a while, but Will kept running.

When he came to the really luxury neighborhoods, the car was gone.


He started looking for it. After he walked by three houses, he found it. It was parked under a roof and then there was a short walk to the door. There was a little screen and buttons with numbers on them.

"Damn! I can't just knock on his door and say 'Hi! It's me, Will! You said you'd give me your name if we ever met again. So, what is it?' can I?" he mumbled and sat down at the sidewalk.

It felt like his body was going to break. He had totally forgotten that his body was tired and needed rest.

When he saw the car he just forgot about everything.

He sighed.

"This sucks…"

"What sucks?"

Will sighed again.

"That I didn't find that cool guy, of course…Wait a sec…" he looked up and over his shoulder.

There he was. The guy. And he stood there with a cigarette again.

"I wouldn't sit there if I was you." he said and threw the cigarette on the ground befote putting it out.

"Hm? Why not?" he wondered.

Suddenly, a big truck drove by and water splashed up at Will.

He looked very surprised before he sneezed and put his arms around himself.

"That's why." the guy said shortly before he turned around and opened the door to the house.

Will just sat there. Freezing his butt of.

"You commin, or what?" the guy wondered.

He froze for a second. Then he stood up and ran after the guy. He was standing in an elevator and Will slipped in before the doors closed.

They both stood there. The guy very quiet and Will still freezing. And sneezing.

Then, the elevator stopped and they walked out and to another door. The guy opened it and held it that way for Will.

"Get in before someone sees you. You look like shit in that wet outfit."

"You don't hafta be mean about it..." Will mumbled and walked inside.

The outfit was cold against his skin. He sneezed again. The guy shook his head.

"You're such a dope." he sighed.

"No I'm no-ho-t…" Will tried to say and sneeze at the same time.

The guy threw a towel at him.

"Here…The shower is over there. Get in before you catch a cold." he ordered.

Will held the towel in his hand and turned away.

"Gee….Who are you, my wife? Besides... I don't wanna take a shower." he mumbled.

The guy followed him and pushed him into the bathroom. Then he pushed him so he sat on the floor.

"Take a shower now. Or am I going to have to shower you myself?.." he said, giving him a scary smile.

"Okay, okay! I´ll take a shower! Sheesh!…You sound just like my foster mother…'Go take a shower, Will!' Just because I haven't showered in two days…" as he spoke he pushed him out of the bathroom and closed the door so he couldn't hear the rest.

But he was still speaking loudly till the shower went on.


The watch on the wall was showing that Will had been in the shower for one hour. He came out with the towel around his waist.

The guy was sitting in the sofa in the living room. He was smoking again.

"You're sure you didn't miss a spot?" he said sarcastically.

Will chewed on his lip, obviously nervous.

Get him outta my system. This is my chance. he thought.

"Ehm….I'm afraid I don't have any dry clothes left…" he said in a small voice.

The guy kept looking at him like he was memorizing every line. Will blushed.

"What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?"

The guy shook his head. Then he pointed at some clothes at the sofa.

"There. Put them on." he commanded.

Will nodded and took the clothes before going back to the bathroom.

"Hmm…what a shy little boy…Doesn't even have the courage to change when another guy's in the room." he mumbled to himself and shook his head.

When Will came back, he almost dropped the cigarette. The clothes were too big. Well, they almost fitted him. Just a couple of sizes bigger than himself.

He started laughing at the younger boy. Will looked at him with a pouting mouth.

But the guy didn't seem to notice. He kept laughing. He pointed at Will and laughed mockingly.

"Ha, ha. I'm glad that I can amuse you like this." Will said sourly.

"Sorry, kiddo. But that's too big for you. Come on. I´ll get you something that fits."


They now stood in the guy's bedroom. It was huge. Bigger than Will's at least.

He looked inside, first at the clothes and then at the boy and then back at the clothes in the closet.

"Hmm….I think everything here is too big for you."

"It's okay…I can wear this. It's okay…" Will insisted quietly.

"Alright then. Hungry?"

Will stared at him. Then he nodded.

"Alright. Want noodles? Or something else?"

"Noodles sounds good, thanks." Will said shyly.


Now they were sitting in the kitchen at the table.

Will ate with great appetite.

"You eat like a pig." the guy pointed out.

Will dried off his mouth with a peace of paper.

"Well! I love food! It makes life worth living…well, almost…" he smiled.

"If you like it so much, I better make another round." the guy said without a smile.

"Yay! More food, more food!" Will called out.

Then, he blushed again. What the hell was he doing? He didn't even know this guy. He could be a murderer for all he knew.

He caught himself hoping that wasn't the case.


When he was on his tenth bowl of noodles, he stopped eating.

"What? Full already?" his voice was dripping with sarcasm.

He poked in the soup.

"I was wondering….What's your name?" Will wondered nonchalantly without looking up.

"My name? Chris. Turner."

"Chris Turner?"

"Sounds familiar?"

He seriously made his brain work overtime. But nothing came up at the name.

"No, actually it dosen't."

"Hmm….I didn't get your last name…Will…"

He said his name like he was insulting him and Will blushed again.

"I-I guess your full name is Christopher, right…"

Those piercing, blue eyes looked right into his brown.

"Nobody calls me that. You shouldn't either. he said in a sharp voice."


It was quiet for a minute. Then Will started talking again.

"My name was Will until I got here. Now it's William…But nobody calls me that either unless they're angry at me…Lilly just loves to call me William cause she knows that I hate it." Will sighed.

Chris looked bored.

"Until you got here?"

Will drank the last of the soup.

"I'm a foster child. My mom died when I was very young. And my dad went to jail. So the social service put my brothers and sisters and me in foster homes. It's probably better for us. I like it here. But nothing ever happens, like in New York."

They stared at each other. Will was expecting Chris to say something about himself, but nothing was said.

Then, Chris stood up.

"Well. It's late. Help me with the dishes, will ya."

"Ehh…okay… Will also stood up."

Why am I listening to this guy? Why am I doing what he tells me to do? Will wondered as he put the dishes in the washer.


Chris threw a pillow at the sofa.

"Sleep here if you'd like. Or do you wanna go home alone in the dark?"

He looked out through the window. It was really dark and he pictured what horrible things that would happen if he went home all alone.

So he nodded and sat down.

"I´ll seep here…Thanks…"

He kept staring at him.

"Now you're staring." Chris pointed out.

Will blushed and looked down at the floor.


Suddenly he felt Chris sitting down next to him and he looked up. Chris had his eyes pointed directly at him and he blushed once again. Chris looked at him with intense eyes.

"Why do you blush when I just look at you?" he wanted to know.

Will just looked confused.


Lilly and Sean sat in the living room. Will's foster mother came in with tea.

"Isn't Will coming home?" she wondered.

"Well, Mrs Underwood…" Sean began.

"He's probably sleeping at a friends house." Lilly answered.

"Oh…Well, then…You can sleep in his room tonight, dear." she smiled.

Lilly nodded as Mrs Underwood walked out of the room.

"How can you be so sure that he'll sleep at a friends house?" Sean wanted to know.

"You know Will. He would never walk home alone in the dark. He's such a scaredycat." she giggled.


Will kept looking at Chris with confused eyes.

"So…You're a racer?"

"Y-yeah…" he answered nervously.

Chris gave him that scary smile again.

Like he could read his mind.

"Why are you so nervous? Are you scared of me? Scared that something will happen?" as he spoke he leaned closer.

Will just sat still, not knowing what to do.

"Little boys shouldn't play dangerous games with the big boys….Should they…Will?.." he whispered.

Will didn't have time to even react before he felt Chris pushing his lips against his own.

He leaned the younger boy down at the sofa.


Lilly sat in the chair in Will's room, smiling at Sean.

He looked nervous as he stood at the window.

"Who do you think that car belonged to?" Lilly wondered.

"Probably some hottie that Will wanted to shag. Why?"

"I don't know. I have this feeling."

"You're not really just his little sister, are you?"

She smirked.

"Well, I kinda am. We're twins. But I was born only two minutes after him."

She looked at her watch and thought it was time to give him a hint.

"Well, it's getting late."

He jumped.

"Oh, of course. Sorry, I'll leave now."

"Have a good night, Sean." Lilly called after him.

At least she felt Will was having one.


Will woke up.

It was darker than earlier so he looked at the watch at the wall. It showed that it was two in the morning.

He sighed.

"Did I wake you up?"

He almost jumped out of his skin.

Then he calmed down and turned against the balcony-door. It was opened and Chris stood there. With a cigarette in his hand again.

"You know…That smoking habit of yours is gonna kill you…" he mumbled as he sat up.

"Oh? And you think you can change it, do you?"

Will yawned.

"No…I don't…I just wanna tell you that smoking isn't good for you…How do you think girls will react if your breathing's awful?"

At the moment he had said that he felt like his heart was going to brake if Chris ever went to a girl.

Chris put his cigarette out and walked over to him.

When he stood right in front of him, he put his arms around his hips.

"Wouldn't that make you happy? That I never left you for a girl?" he said it like he knew that was what Will wanted.

He stood up.

"I don't want you to be sick, that's all!" he cried out.

He could've smacked himself. What the hell are you saying?! his brain screamed at him.

He blushed.

"Hmm…Lilly would have a good laugh if she saw me now…I never ever tell anyone things like that…I behave like I don't give a shit what they do to themselves…"

He noticed that Chris was looking intensely at him. So he hastily said.

"B-but don't think I care about your or something! Cause I don't! And I - mm!"

Before he could speak more, Chris kissed him again. He held the younger boys body close to his own.

"Shut up." he whispered.

Will looked into his eyes.

"Just…shut up…" Chris whispered again and pushed him onto the sofa before placing himself on top of him.


Lilly woke up. She gave her head a massage. This was such a pain. Then she looked at the time and sighed.

She put the pillow over her head and then tried to sleep. The next week was going to be a living hell, she could feel it.

"Damn, I'm so freaking tired…"


Will was still sleeping in the sofa with a cover over his face. He was alone.

"You better wake up! This it the last time I'm telling you!" the lovely voice from the kitchen yelled.

"I'm commin, I'm commin…Give me five minutes…" he mumbled.

He felt someone entering the room and closing up to him.

"I said I'm comming...Give me five minutes."

"I'll give you reason to come."

Will gasped and moaned loudly for several minutes before managing to speak.

"No. Please, I'm gonna..."

He gave up a scream mixed with a moan.

"Good boy. Now get the hell up, I'm not telling you this again."

Will breathed heavily as he could sence the person walking out from the room.

What the hell was that all about?

Then he suddenly remembered where he was and sat up.

He shouldn't have done that. His head ached and his throat was hurting. His head was really killing him.

He yawned before he got of the sofa and walked into the kitchen.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"Seven forty-five…"

Chris was sitting at the table reading the paper and drinking coffee. He smelled wonderful, Will thought.

Then, he remembered what had just happened not one minute ago. His face turned brightly red.

"Ehmm...You didn't have to do that, you know...You could have just poked on me or something..."

Chis looked up from the newspaper. He gave away an evil smirk.

"What, and miss the show you gave me? Not a chance."

Will didn't answer that. But if it was possible, his face turned brighter.

Suddenly, he remembered he actually had a home. And he hadn't been there in the whole night.

"Damn! I forgot to call anyone! Can I borrow your phone?"

"Sure. It's over there." Chris pointed, returning to his reading.


"Hmm…What a polite little boy….I noticed you're polite at all time…Well, except for last night, maybe…" Chris teased him.

Will blushed and picked up the phone before hitting the right buttons.

"Hello! Underwood's resident!"

"Lilly! Thank God you answered the phone!"

"Will!? You jerk! I was worried about you! You stupid idiot! Where were you?!"

"Ehm…Well, you see…I'm at a friends house…" Will began.

Chris looked at him from the side but didn't say anything. He looked down into the daily news. And he looked like everything was boring in it.

"I just…can you bring my bag? I don't have time to go home and get it…No, no…It's just a couple of minutes away from the house…Puh-leeeeeze, Lilly lovely one! I'm begging you. The address?…Well I'm not sure…I´ll explain how I got here…Well, first you…"

Chris listened to the younger boy's explanation to where he lived. So complicated, but he could still understand it.

He shook his head.

"Yeah, yeah, Lilly! You can be here in what time? Okay…Ten minutes, then…I promise I´ll meet you…"

"You better! I don't wanna go look for you! It's my first day in your school…And also…I'm not just staying for a week…I'm staying for a couple of months!" Lilly said loudly.

"What? When was this decided?"

"Yesterday! When you didn't come home, you big dope!"

Chris listened to the twos little fight for a couple of minutes. Then Will said goodbye and hung up before he sat by the table with him.

"Well, well. She sounds like a needing little lady, that Lilly girl." Chris pointed out.

Will sighed.

"She's a pain in the butt. But still, I love her."

"She really looks a lot like you. You're twins?"

Will nodded before he realised what Chris had just said.

"Wha…How did you know?" he got up and stood right behind Chris and looked down in the paper.

There was a big picture of himself, Lilly, Emily, the manager and Sean. He himself was holding a trophy and smiled at the camera just like the others. Chris pointed at the girl next to him, Lilly.

"She's cute."

"Yeah? Where?" Will muttered.

Chris smiled at him.

"Jealous, are we?"

He blushed. What the hell…


"Hmm…Okay then…Now, how about your school uniform?"

He didn't answer, just looked around with confused eyes. Obviously, he didn't know what to do about the school uniform.

"You can borrow my old one…It's just a couple of years old…I think it will fit you."

Will lightened up.

"Yeah!" he called out, sounding extremely happy.


Chris stood on the balcony, smoking.

"Didn't I say that's a nasty habit?"

He turned around. Will stood there in his old costume. It fitted him like a glove.

"Looks good, doesn't it?" the younger one smiled and spun around several times.

He smirked at him before looking out.

"Isn't that your sister?"

Will looked over his shoulder.

"Yeah, that's her. Damn it. I just got comfortable here. Well, it was fun spending the night here…"

"I bet."

Chris' comment made Will blush again.

"When's your next race?"

He stood quiet for a while.

"She looks like she's going to burst any second now" Chris said with a look down at Lilly.

"Ohh…Ehhm…N-next Monday…At…six, I think. Yeah, at six." he nodded, agreeing with himself.

"You want me to come see you?"

The question hit him like a thunderbolt.

"Ah…sure, sure….Yeah…that would be…I mean….I would really…"

Chris leaned over and kissed him.

"I´ll be there, kiddo. Alright?"

Will blushed.

"Hmm…She's turning pink." Chris warned and looked down at Lilly again.

"Oww! She's gonna kill me! Damn it! Later, Chris!" Will called before running out.

Chris saw him meeting the girl just a few second after the door was closed.

He must have taken the stairs.


"Hello, Lilly dearest!" Will breathed.

"Hello, brother dearest. Gee, have you been running or something?" she asked with a sugar sweet voice.

He knew he would be in trouble now. But he didn't care. Chris is coming to the car race! his brain sang.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, could make him unhappy right now.


"William Underwood! Why are you late...Again?!" Mrs Miller screamed at him.

Lilly sat down in an empty seat and watched as the teacher screamed her lungs out.

"You are five minutes late, William! And stop smiling at me like that!"

"Oh, I'm not smiling at you, Mrs Miller."

He shouldn't have said that.

"Out!!!" she screamed and pointed at the door.


Now he stood in the corridor. His smile was still there, but twisted.

Sean walked by with his guitar.

"Well, hello there, mate." he smiled.

"Hi…" he said in a dreamy voice.

"You seem very…happy today…" Sean said and looked a little freaked at Will's weird dreamy face.

He leaned against the wall and looked at him.

"So…who was the girl last night?"

Will slowly turned his head towards him. Then, he smiled and said.

"Did you see the new TV show?"

"Don't you try to change the subject, Underwood!" Sean said loudly.

Will leaned next no him.

"You remember that guy I told you about?"

"That guy that you said insulted you?"

"Well, yeah…"

"Sure I remember. What about him?"

"It was his car I followed. It was in his apartment I spent the night. At his sofa, in his living room. And I ate breakfast in his kitchen. And noodles the night before. And after the noodles we kinda…" he looked away.

"You what? You had sex?" Sean teased him.

Will nodded without looking at him.

Sean put his hand under his chin and turned his face against his own.

"Are you ashamed, Will?"

Will stared at him. What? Of course not, tell him that. his brain ordered.

"No. Why? Should I be?"

Sean shook his head before letting go of his chin.

"No. You shouldn't. Are you in love with him?"

"I don't know…"

"Well then, let's find out."

"And how will we do tha- aah!"

Sean grabbed him and pushed his back against himself.

Then, he put one arm around his waist and the other around his chest.

He put his hand over Will's heart.

"Sean, what the hell are you-"

He was interrupted.

"What's the bloke's name?.." he whispered.


"Alright…Now listen very carefully…"

Sean's lips were just next to Will's ear.

"Chris…" he whispered.

Will's heart took an extra jump at the name.

"Well, well…there we have it…"

Sean let him go.

"Wh-what was that good for?" Will said angrily with red cheeks.

"Your heart always tells the truth…You're in love, man…"

"In love? With that guy? No way!..Really?.."

Sean sighed with a smile.

"Yup! Hmm….You're growing up so fast…What's going to happen now? You're gonna leave me alone? Umm…..You're breaking my heart here, Will."

Will blushed again and looked at Sean.

"Sean, I...I didn't know that was how you felt…"

Sean put their foreheads together.

"It's okay….I´ll get over it…Even though it will be hard…My heart is kinda broken…"

Will looked into his eyes. It was like he saw Sean for the first time. Like they were long lost friends that finally found each other.

Then, suddenly Sean said.

"Tell him what you feel."


Will backed away and stared at him. Sean leaned against the wall and played some accords on his guitar.

"I said 'tell him what you feel'. Are you deaf?!

He got angry.

"I can't tell him that! I just met the guy! And that's just it! He's a guy!"

Sean looked up at him with steal in his eyes.

"I thought you said it didn't matter."

Will looked down at his Nike shoes.

"Well…it doesn't…It's just that I…"

"You're afraid what he will say, right?" Sean nodded and played on the guitar again.

Will blushed again.

"Well, I-"

Suddenly, he was interrupted. He felt arms around his neck and someone sat on his back.

"Hellooooo!" a happy voice cried out in his ear.

Sean smiled.

"Hello there, Jenny."

"Jenny?! Whoaa, whoaa! Get off me!" Will screamed and twisted.

Jenny stood on the ground.

"You want to go out this weekend?" she wondered with a huge smile.

"No. I have….practice! I'm racing this Monday, so…I'm busy. There, that was a reason." Will looked like a cat who had just swallowed a mouse.

"Well, then. I´ll come cheer you on, okay? See you then!" Jenny called and ran away before Will could even say no.

"Sheesh! That girl…" he mumbled.

Sean smiled.

"So…Your race is on Monday?"


He nodded.

"Well, I guess you can come to our concert next time, then."

Will stared at him. Then he smacked his forehead.

"The concert! Damn, I forgot! It's on the same day, aint it? Shit!"

"It's okay, mate. You don't hafta come."

"No, no. I´ll be there."

Sean looked up at his friend. They both smiled at each other.

It had been so long since they first met. It was when Will had just been living in England for a few days. Will got himself ended up in a fight as he was walking home.

Sean had walked by an seen him. He had helped the younger boy, thinking he was a girl and flirted with him afterwards.

Then, Will told him the truth and they both had laughed at it. Since then, they were always there for each other.

"You promise?" Sean wondered.

Will's smile grew bigger and he nodded.

"I promise."

"Then it's settled! I´ll get you two tickets if you wanna bring a friend." he said, blinking at him.

Will blushed again and they laughed.



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