Summary: Will is a normal teenage boy in England. Chris is one hell of a singer, famous all over the world. Does it make sence that a normal teen boy has no idea who is the biggest hit on the list? Does it make sence that they are attracted to eachother? I dunno. Read and find out.

Authors note: I dunno if this will be accepted by you guys. I got really inspired to write my own story about "Gravitation" and this was what came out of it. I know it's not about the characters from "Gravitation" but there could be some similarity.

Catch-up: Will let's Chris into the memory of the first time when he was truly happy to have his new family. He shows Chris exactly how much he means to him. This makes him cry, letting his own feelings out. Will then want's to move in with his lover. This scares Chris so as Will is asleep, he calls up a friend of his to ask for help. So, Sean helps Chris to lure Will away from the apartment for a couple of hours. When Will found out what was going on and ran back to the apartment, it was too late. Chris was long gone and all he had left behind was the memories, a short letter and the keys to the apartment, which the letter said he could use however he wished.

Love Me Tenderly

Sean swallowed his breath, breathed out and walked into the garage with two cans of cola.

"H-hey, mate...I bought you one, too…"

He didn't answer, but kept working under the hood of his car.

The leak was still there and he had a hard time finding what was causing it.

He put out his arm, opening his hand towards Sean.

He threw one can at him and he caught it.

Without a word, he stood up straight, opened the can and slowly took a sip.

Sean tried talking to him. Nervously.

"Will, it was for your own know…"

No answer.

Instead, he stood still. Staring into mid air with the can in his hand.

Sean tried again.

"Will, I'm sorry. I -"

He stopped as he saw Will's hand squeezing the can untill it broke.

The dark drink was running down his arm, mixed with blood from the cuts he now recieved.

His eyes were empty.

"I don't wanna hear it, Sean...Forget about it…"

"But Will -"

He turned his face towards him.

"I said forget about it. It wasn't your fault...I was stupid enough to buy his I-love-you-talk."

Sean sighed and looked worried. Not for himself, but for his friend.

"I...We're going on a tour...The band, I mean. And I thought that wanted to…"

Will turned towards him. His face was empty and his eyes were black like the crow's wings.

"Thanks, Sean. But I don't think I can leave my baby like this."

Sean opened his can.

"What about the car-parts you got in Japan? Aren't they here yet? "

He blinked in surprise.

"Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about those. I'll put them in first thing in the morning."

Sean nodded.

"You do that…"


The teacher was talking.

And talking, and talking, and talking.

"Damn, this new girl's got a mouth on her." Lilly muttered.

The door was opened and everybody looked at the boy walking in as if he was walking to hos own deathe sentence.

"Sorry I'm late…" he mumbled.

The teacher turned towards him.

"That's okay, mr Underwood. My name is Melanie Simmons and I am your new teacher."

He looked up and his eyes widened.

It was Chris' sister! The cop!

She was wearing a blond wig and there was no red purse to be seen.


She smiled.

"That's my name, Will. And I would like to talk to you later, if you can spend your lunch with me?"

He blushed.

"Of...Of course!"


"So, why are you suddenly a teacher?"

She took a sip of her coffee and smiled at him.

"To keep close to you, kiddo."

He looked freaked out and mumbled to himself.

"Jeez, are you really a cop? Can you really go undercover wherever you want?"

She smirked and leaned forward.

"Look here, kiddo. I wish to learn some more about you. Off the record. I read yours, and it took me quite some time to read it through."

Will leaned his chin on his hand and smirked.

"Is that so?"

"Of course."

He smiled, knowingly.

"Okay, so what do you wanna know? What was my first word? How did I do the first day in school? Or pherhaps, you wish to know about my terrible childhood?"

She swallowed. Noticing the seriousness in his voice.

Will was never serious. He was a childish little kid and behaved that way, too.

But now, he was serious. Even though he was smiling.


He sighed and gave her a look that told her he knew the real reason to why she was here.

"You don't know where he is, do you?"

Her smile dissappeared.

She sighed and nodded.

"Was I that obvious? I must not be a good cop…"

He shook his head and put his hands on the table.

"You're an excelent cop, Melanie. But I know there had to be a reason to why you came as a teacher to my school."

She payed the bill before standing up.

"Let's get out of here and talk."


"So you can't find him?"

"No. It's like he dissappeared into mid air."


They were walking down the street and he had an ice-cream in his hand.

"So do you know where he is?"

He looked away.

"He used my best friend to keep me occupied as he moved away."

She stopped in the middle of the street.


A thousand thoughts rushed through her mind.

Was he telling the truth? And if he was, would Chris really do something like that? Why would he do that?

He had told her that he loved the kid and that he had no plans on breaking up with him. He had told her he loved him. He never even told her that and she was his sister. What if the boy was seriously pissed and would go to the police? What if he didn't and his twin sister did instead? Or his foster parents?

What if the kid was lying. What if he knew where Chris was hiding out. What if...

"I scared him away…"

"Huh?" she woke up from her train of thoughts.

Will was standing against the wall of a store house.

He smiled, looking sad.

"I started talking about movin in together...And I guess...I freaked him out…"

She stared at him. He had asked Chris if they could live together? Poor thing, he must have cried when Chris said no. He must have had his heart broken when he found out he had left.

Will wasn't an adult. He was still a child, no matter what he did, said or went through. He was a child at heart and not even Chris could change that.

That was probably why he had left...

She took a few steps and pulled him to her, making him drop his ice-cream on the ground.

"It wasn't your fault, kiddo...It will never be your fault...I just wish I could, somehow make you belive that, too…"

His eyes had widened for a moment. But as he heard her words, he started crying.

"I wish I hadn't asked him to let me move in. I moved closer to him too fast, didn't I? Oh, I wish I could take it back...I wish I could take it all back…" he cried against her chest.

She softly stroked his head.

"Schh...It's okay, kiddo...It's alright…"


He was sitting in his couch, smoking a cigarette.

'What does it look like I'm doin? I'm trying to quit smoking.'

"Dammit!" he put the cigarette out.

He leaned back and looked around.

All of his old furniture was here. But it wasn't enough. There was still a lot of room left.

And it seemed so empty. It was so quiet and calm.

His laptop was waiting on the kitchen table. Ready for him to start writing some new songs and lyrics.

Damn, this wasn't going to work out. He had gotten used to having that kid around, talking, laughing and doing whatever it was he was doing when he wasn't talking or laughing.

He didn't really feel like calling any of the numbers in his black book. Not the old ones, not even the new ones.

Damn, all he could think about was that little kid.

He didn't want to break up with him, he really didn't. But their relationship wasn''t good for Will. It only caused him pain.

Nothing but pain.

"Shit. I can't do this." he muttered and lightened another cigarette.

He immediatley put it out before it reached his lips.

He sighed. This wasn't going to work out. It would drive him crazy, eventually.


"Oh, God!"

"Thanks, love."

He crawled up from under the sheets, facing her with a smirk.

She smiled, completely satisfied.

"Damn, you're good at that."

"I live to please you, love." he whispered and kissed her.

Her cellphone rang and she stretched for it.

He tried to stop her.

"No, no, no. Don't answer, baby. Stay here with me."

She laughed as he tickled her ear with his tounge.

"Enough, Sean. I have to answer."

She picked it up, opened it and answered.


He nibbled on her earlobe, making her bite her lip.

"Mhm. Yes, I have speakerphone on my cellphone. Why? Oh, okay."

She looked at him, smiling while holding the phone to her chest.

"Will you cut that out? This chick want's me to put her on speaker, so listen."

He stopped what he was doing and waited for her to push one of the buttons on the cellphone.

"You're on speaker." Lilly said.

A mysterious voice spoke to them. It was a female voice and it scared him.

"Hello, Sean. You don't know me, but I know everything about you, your little girlfriend and Will."

When Will was mentioned, Sean stiffened. Who was this woman?

"Don't look so stiff, Sean. Afraid I'm an enemy of your beloved Will?"

Lilly's eyes widened and Sean gasped for air.

She could see him?

"Of course I can see you, Sean. Don't be stupid. But don't worry, there are no cameras or anything in your apartment."

Not only could she see him, she could read his mind, too!

Oh my God! A stalker? No, she couldn't be. They didn't contact their victims like this.

"What a smart boy. But I'm not gonna waste more of our time. I don't like this boring lovey-dovey shit you two are up to. So I have stolen something from you."

He stood up on his knees, the cover sliding down so that he was completely naked.

"What? What did you take? Did you hurt Will? If you did, I'm gonna -"

"Whoaa...What a wiew. Gee, Sean Don't worry. I didn't touch your precious Will. In fact, I'm a very close friend of his. No, I took something that you love dearly. Something you would be ruined without. Here's a clue. It's closer than you think. Good luck finding it. Have a lovely time, Sean. Goodbye."


What the hell? Something he loved dearly?

"Sean, who was that woman? She scared me. And what was she talking about?"

What had she been talking about? He jumped into a pair of jeans and started thinking.

Something he loved dearly. Something he loved dearly.

Loved dearly?

"Oh, fuck. Don't tell me that…"

He walked over to his wardrobe and picked out a bag before he opened it.

It was quiet as a graveyard when he stared into the bag.

Then, he suddenly flew up. Grabbing his hair with his hands, tears shooting out from his eyes and his mouth the size of a plate as he screamed, panicing.

"It's gone! It's gone! She took it! She took it! What I love dearly! She took it! It's gone!"

Lilly watched as he ran around in the apartment, looking for what was lost.

"Sean, what is gone? What did she take?"

He turned towards her.

With a voice that sounded like a sad little boy, he told her what was missing.

"My guitarr...My precious guitarr...It's gone…"


What he loved the most was his guitarr? A worthless piece of wood?

She shrugged her shoulders, looking as if she really didn'r care.



Maybe this was good for him. A new start.

The girl that sat on the other side of the table kept going on and on about her classes and her homework for the week.

Will sighed and looked at her again.

She was a pretty girl, this one. Hair like the sun, purple eyes. She was very beautiful.

And he was not attracted to her at all.

Dammit. This was unbelivable.

He had liked girls before Chris. What was so different now?

He sighed and leaned his chin on his hand.

"You talk alot." he commented.

She got quiet.

"I-I'm sorry…"

He put some money on the table before he got up.

"Let's ditch this place."

She stood up, smiling.

"Okay. Where do you want to go?"

He picked up a key, threw it in the air and caught it.

"There's a place I wanna take you." he said, smiling.


He closed the door behind them.

"Why arent there any furniture here? Did you just move in?"

He threw his jacket on the floor, walking closer to her.

"It belonged to a friend of mine."

She looked out through the windows. The wiew was amazing. She could see allmost the whole city from here.

"Really? Why did he leave you his apartment?"

Will smirked and leaned against the window.

He looked over his shoulder at the wiew.

"I guess he felt...guilty for leaving without telling me."

She looked at him. Maybe he didn't notice it himself, but he looked very sad. Even though he was still smiling.

She tilted her head and bit her lower lip.

She knew that tone in his voice. His heart had been broken and he was still sad about this guy.

Had they been lovers?

"Will...You should let yourself cry, if you feel like it."

He turned his head to her. His face was empty from all emotions.

She continued with her thought.

"He was your lover, wasn't he? You should cry if that's what you want. And you should be angry if that's what you want to be. It's bad to keep things inside."

As she spoke, he got closer to her.

His smile was that of a devil.

It scared her, but she still went on.

"I...I think you should try to get over him…"

"But don't you see, my darling?.."

His face was so close to hers, it made her blush.

He whispered, close enough to tickle her lips with his breath.

"That's why you're here…"

As her eyes widened, he pressed his lips against hers, forcing her lips to part with his tounge.

He pulled her down to the floor, taking her clothes off with one single swift with his hand.

Every memory he had of Chris flashed before his eyes. Made him more and more aggressive.

It was when he felt resistance, that he stopped his slightly brutal treatment.

He breathed heavily and stopped in his movements and looked down at her.

Her purple eyes looked back, her hair was spread like a gloria around her head and he sighed.

"I'm...I'm sorry...I didn't know that you were a...I'm sorry…"

He sat up, leaning his back towards the window.

She sat up and looked at him for a long time.

"Why did you stop?"

He sighed again.

"I wouldn't destroy something that's so pure and white...I'm not like him...I don't have sex with virgins…" he muttered.

She understood what he was saying. And she felt sorry for him.

"He was...your first?"

He had that sad smile again. That smile that told her he would never be happy again.

She decided she would do her best to change that.

"Yeah...I don't think I even realized what was going on untill it was too late…"

"Do you regret it?"

He looked up at the ceiling.

"No. I don't...But somethimes I wish I would've thought it through before I got involved with him...He's not the type that you can live the rest of your life with. "

She leaned her head against his shoulder.

He sighed before he took his shirt off and let her put it on to cover herself up.

"This guy...Who was he?"

"Does it matter?"

"No. I'm so sorry for you, Will."

"Don't be. I'm fine."

She took a hold of his chin and turned his face towards her.

"I wouldn't mind if you were the one to take my virginity. You're not gay, Will. You're bi, and you can still be with girls."

Witout smling, he pushed her down on her back.

"I don't mind, I just don't want to hurt anyone."

She smiled.

"You won't hurt me, Will. I'll be fine."

He got on top of her, gently kissing her.

"I hope we can be friends, even after this."

"Of course we can. I would love to."

He breathed in and out.

"This may hurt."

He thrusted into her and she whimpered shortly before throwing her arms around his shoulders.

As he started moving, he got closer to her and whispered in her ear.

"Turner...His name was Chris Turner..."


He felt a chill up his back and he shrugged his shoulders.

Someone must be talking about me. he thought.

He took out another beer from the fridge and changed ear for the phone.

"Yeah, I hear you. So, I'll be riding with another band?"

"Yes, mr Turner. They are your opening band."

"Fine. When do I go?"

"Two days from now."

He wrote down the airport-address and hung up.

He looked up.

At the fridge, there was a picture. A picture of Will.

He had given it too him to carry around in his wallet. It had been taken in school to go in the yearbook.

He tilted his head.

When he thought about it, that was the only picture he had of Will. Maybe he should put it in his wallet. He should bring it with him on his next tour.

He nodded and took the picture down.

Yeah, he would put it in his wallet. It would look good there. And he would be able to look at it whenever he wanted. That smiling face, those marvelous lips and those beautiful eyes.

He shook his head as the memories came back to him.

'As usual, he was working.

He sat by his desk and wrote on a piece of paper while listening to music on the stereo.

Will came up behind him.

"Did you write this music?"

He looked up and nodded.

"Yeah, I did. What do you think?"

Will smiled and put his arms around him, snuggling up to him.

"I love it. What's this called?"

"Love in the skies."

Will whispered into his left ear.

"Make me reach the skies, Chris."

He smirked and turned around, pulling the boy down into his lap and kissing him while unbuttoning his pants.

"Have you allways been this hungry for everything?"

Will laughed.

"I can't help it. Your cooking is great and you're the best lover I could ever dream of."

"Oh, we both know that I can do so much more than cook, my darling."

Will chuckled and kissed him. '

Chris shook his head again. Dammit, why did these things keep coming back to him?

Maybe this was his heart's way to make him feel guilty.

"To late for that…" he muttered.

He allready felt like his heart would never forgive him.


The door flew open.

"I am here now!"

They all flew up from their chairs.

"Will?! What took you so long?! You said you'd be here an hour ago!" the manager yelled.

He flipped him off, putting his tounge out at him.

"Whatever dude, it wasn't me who called in the middle of the night."

Sean was still sitting. he sighed, got up from his chair and walked over to Will.

Remaining serious, he grabbed his shoulders and bowed his head.

"Umm...Sean? You okay, buddy?

He looked up.

His face was the one of a zombie!



Sean flew across the room.

Smoke came from Will's fist. He hicked once before rushing over to the pile of his friend.

"Oh, Sean! I'm so sorry, I was surprised! I'm sorry, are you okay?"

Sean started crying loudly.

"No, I'm not okay! My guitarr has been stolen!"

Will gasped.

"What? Stolen?"

The rest of the men sighed.

"So he says. He probably just missplaced it somewhere. And now he dosen't even want to go on the tour."

"I see…" Will mumbled.

He pulled Sean to his feet.

"May I have a word alone with Sean, please?"


They all left and Will and Sean were the only ones still in the room.

Will started thinking about what the manager had said.

No way, had Sean missplaced it. He loved that guitarr. He even kept in locked up over the weekends.

He turned away and started thinking very hard.

It made him look adorable!

Sean never leaves his guitarr. Who could have stolen it if he never let's it out of sight?

He snapped his fingers and turned around again.

"It must have been an insid-job! Someone very close to you must have taken it!"

He got extremley close to his friend. Still looking serious.

"Who is very close to you? It must have been someone who had the chance to steal the guitarr even if you were in the room!"

Sean blushed.

Will was that sort of a friend. And so was Greg and Anthony.

And Lilly.

His eyes widened. Could she have? No way!

He shook his head, sighing. No, she had been pissed off when she noticed he cared more for his gutarr than her. She didn't know that untill after it had been stolen.

"I dunno." he answered.

Will turned away again.

"Then maybe it's a practical joke. Someone might be playing a prank on you."

Sean's eyes widened again.

'I know everything about you, your little girlfriend and Will.'

"There was...a phonecall...from a woman…"

'Don't worry. I didn't touch your precious Will. In fact, I'm a very close friend of his.'

Will looked over his shoulder.

"A woman?"

He blushed, angrily.

"Yeah. She said she was a close friend of yours. What is it you do on your spare-time?"

Now Will allso blushed, with the same angry red colour as Sean.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? What I do on my free-time is my buisness!"

"When did your life stop being my buisness?"

Will turned to face him, screaming now.

"When you lied to me so that he could leave me, that's when it stopped being your buisness!"

Sean's mouth closed.

In his eyes, you could see his heart break into small pieces.

Will put his hands over his mouth. His eyes widened.

Why the hell did I say that?

Sean took a step back.

His smile was sad and he shook his head.

"You're right. I stopped being your best friend at the very moment I agreed to lead you away from him. I stopped having the right to hang out with you. To look at you and talk with you…"

He looked up, his eyes filled over the edge with tears.

"That very second I saw your heart being broken...I lost the right to love you…"

Will looked just as sad as Sean and he took a step closer.

"Sean, I-"

"No...don't come closer…"

He whiped his tears away but it was no use because they were immediatley replaced with other tears.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

Will's eyes were like steel when he walked closer to him without stopping.

As he stood in front of him, he slapped him once before pulling him close to himself.

"I will allways be your friend...I will allways hang out with you and talk with you...I will allways look at you…"

He lifted his chin and made him look down into his eyes.

"And I will allways love you, Sean...I allways have and I allways will."

"Will- mm!"

He kissed him.

At first, it was rough. He felt his lips being turned redder and redder. And he knew that his upper lip was bleeding.

But then, the kiss suddenly got softer. He could feel his tounge dance with Will's.

This wasn't right. This was not right.

Then how come it felt so right? This had been something Sean had been dreaming about very often.

Maybe I'm bi. he thought.

Will started to unbuckle his pants before he started to open his shirt with his teeth.

Before Sean could react at what was happening, he was pushed against the wall and Will was kissing his chest.

He whimpered when he felt those sweet lips covering his nipples.

Damn, he was on fire! He had never imagined Will to be this forward.


"Shh! Don't talk."

Oh, God! He felt like he was burning up from inside. His whole being screamed for Will not to stop.

Wait! This wasn't right!

Does this mean I'm seme or uke?

He couldn't even tell the difference. But it was clear Will was being the dominant one right now.

That had to change.

Making him gasp for air, Sean turned them around and pushed him up against the wall.

The kissing was fierce and their hands ran up and down eachothers bodies.

Sean ripped Will's pants open and kissed the nape of his neck.

Will closed his eyes.

This was familiar. This had happened before.

But not with Sean.

The memory came back to him.

'Chris slammed him up against the wall.

"You should learn when to speak and when not to." he whispered with a smile.

He started nibbling and sucking on the nape of his neck while unbuttoning his pants.

"If I learn to keep quiet when you want me to, then I'd miss out on your punishment, wouldn't I?" Will whispered with a chuckle.

"Hush up now, kiddo."

He lifted his legs up around his waist before he thrusted into him.

Will gasped and moaned loudly.

He held on to Chris' shoulders as if his life depended on it.

"Don't ever go away, kiddo. Stay here with me."

"I won't...I'll be yours...only yours...allways…" he breathed. '

It all came back to him.

Everytime they had made love rushed through his mind. Every single word echoed in his head.

Sean lifted his legs up and wrapped them around his waist.

Preparing to enter, he gripped Will's ass and pulled him closer.

The surprice was indescribable when he felt salty tears running down Will's cheeks.

He was crying?

He stopped what he was doing and looked down at Will.

"Will? Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?…"

He shook his head.

"I'm sorry...I don't think that I can…"

Sean held him close to his chest and let him put his legs back down.

"It's okay. It's okay…"

Now sobbing, Will fixed his clothes.

Sean buttoned his shirt and zipped up.

"So, about this woman you were talking about. What exactly did she say?"

'Here's a clue. It's closer than you think. '

"She said it was closer than I thought."

Will nodded and bit his lower lip.

"I have no idea what that means. But if the offer still stands, I'd love to come along on the tour."

Sean lit up.


Will smiled.

"Yeah. You're my best friend. I wanna be close to you, allways."

Sean laughed.

"Awright! So, it's all set! We're all off!"


"Are you crazy? You're gonna bring food on the plane?" Anthony yelled.

Greg shrugged his shoulders.

"What if they don't have the food I like in that other country?"

"Greg, we're going to New York, not India! Trust me, they've got the food you like there."

"Whatever. I'm taking it with me anyways!"

Sean looked at the private plane they vere going in. Then, he looked at Will.

"You excited over going back to New York?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I dunno. I haven't really thought about it. By the way, why is Anthony coming with us? He's not in the band."

Sean put out his tounge.

"Neither are you, mate. He was invited by Greg."


Greg wawed at them.

"Come on, you guys! We have to get on the plane now!"

"Did you hear that we're riding with the guy we're opening for is riding with us?"


"Yeah, but he's sitting in the cockpit with the pilot for most of the trip, but isn't it cool?"

"Yeah, really cool. Now, let's go inside."


"Will, check out the wiew from here! It's amazing!"

Will sat still in his seat.

"No thanks. I belive you."

Sean smirked and blinked at him. Like he was flirting.

"Afraid of hights, are you?"

He made him blush. The images of their allmost-love-making flashed through his mind.

"No, no. I don't mind hights...As long as I don't have to look down."

"You're too cute, you know that?"

He blushed even harder.

Sean had a scar on his upper lip. Eventually, it would fade away.

And he knew that there was a mark on his neck. That would fade away, also.

He sighed and counted to ten, trying to relax and make the blushing parts of him go away.

"Don't be nervous, mate. This is it the safest place on earth, you know."

"Yeah...I know…"


He stretched in the seat and got up.

"I'm gonna go get a drink, you want anything?"

"Still flying the plane, Chris."

He smirked.

"I know, that was a test, Charlie."

He opened the door and walked out.

Better to meet the opening band now, rather than later.

As the door closed behind him, he froze.

"Come on, check out the wiew! Don't be such a coward!"

Oh God, no! It couldn't be!

"I don't wanna! Come on, guys! Let go!"

The boys laughed.

Chris slowly walked over. Now he knew wich band it was.

And he knew who they had brought along.

Will rushed up from his seat.

"You guys suck! I'm gonna get a soda!"

He turned around to go to the bar. But when he saw who looked back at him, he froze.

He gasped but noticed he suddenly couldn't breathe.

Without a word, he backed away.



No, there was nothing he could say or do in this situation.

Suddenly, the plane started shaking fiercly.

"We're krashing! Everybody take cover!" Greg screamed.

Will's eyes widened and Chris could see the fear in his eyes.

He did not object as Will rushed over and crashed into him.

Without hesitation, Chris held him close while sitting down.

"It's okay. Just hold on to me and you'll be fine."

"I'm scared."

He kissed his forehead.

"I won't let anything happen to you. I promise. "

"Don't let go of me."

"I won't, Will...I'll never let you go."

There was this incredible silence the seconds before the plane hit the water.

And after that, everything was chaos.


He crawled up on shore.

Where the hell are we? There isn't an islan on the map between the u.k and America.

He sat down next to Will, who was on his back in the sand.

"This isn't happening, right? We didn't just crash on an island that don't exist and crawled up on a beach that shouldn't be there, did we?"

"I think we did."

The atmosphere between them was very uncomfortable.

Damn, why did I have to end up like this with him of all people? What am I supposed to do or say? 'Gee, Chris. I'm happy to see you! Let's forgive and forget, shall we?'

No, I can't say that.

Then what the hell can I say?

"Did you see the pilot or the others?"

"Huh? No, I didn't...Why?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

Will sat up and Chris looked at him.

"I just thought it was strange that they didn't end up in the same beach as we did."

"Right...Hey, I can't see the plane either!"

He nodded.

"My point exactly. There is something wierd going on here."

With that, he stood up and brushed the sand off his wet clothes. Then he stretched his hand out to Will.

He pretended he didn't see it and got up by himself.

Chris gazed over his body.

The white t-shirt had been ripped open and his pants were wet and like an extra set of skin on his legs. He could see every single muscle on his legs and his ass semed to scream for him to grasp it. It was glued to his skin, both front and back.

Damn, he was so hot. He had allmost forgotten hos incredibly seductive he was.

How had he ever thought he was adorable? This wasn't adorable, this was freaking sexy.

Will bent down and picked something up.

"Hey, is this your wallet?"

What a wiew. Chris thought and didn't even listen.

Will opened the wallet. His eyes widened.

There was a picture of him in there!

Quickly closing the wallet, he stood up straight and handed it over to him.

"Here. It's yours, right?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Thank's."

He blushed and looked away. Had he been checking him out? Had he no shame?

"Anyways. We should go looking for the others. Maybe they swam to another beach."

Chris nodded.

"Yeah. We can't look for too long, though…"

Will looked up at him.

"Why not?"

Had he allways been that short? Oh God, he was adorable! How could he be adorable and sexy at the same time?

He gave him a smile that told Will exactly what he was thinking, and it made the boy blush even harder.

"You don't wanna walk right into the nest of any wild animals, do you?"

Will swallowed.


What a load of shit! You're the wild animal I should watch out for, Chris!

He turned away.

"Okay, let's get going."

Chris smirked.

"As you wish."


"I give up! They're nowhere to be seen!"

Chris brushed some strays of hair from his face and looked over at Will, who sat down in the sand.

The sun was on it's way down. Time to start a fire to keep wild animals away.

He collected some wood and without anybody knowing how, he made a fire.

"I'm going to look for some food. You stay here and keep the fire going."

Without waiting for an answer, he left.

Will was now alone on the beach.

As he had thought, the memories came back to him again. Everything.

And so did the pain. His heart ached more than it had before. It ached so badly he thought it would never heal again.

"Dammit…" he muttered and got up.

I can't belive I'm actually worrying about what Chris is going to do next. I should be worried about the others instead. How selfish am I?

He shivered.

It was getting cold. Maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to walk around in the jungle all by yourself.

Maybe he was in danger! Maybe he had been eaten!

"Oh, no! Chris, please don't be eaten! You're way too sweet to die in such a non-heroic way!" he yelled.

Something was thrown on the ground and he quickly turned around.

Chris stared back at him. His shirt was completely open and he looked incredible.

Will threw himself into his arms.

"I thought you were dead! I thought for sure you had been eaten! Where were you all this time?"

Chris looked confused and a little surprised.

"I was only gone for ten minutes."

He lifted his chin up, smirking.

"You were worried about me? Did you miss me that much?"

All suddenly came back to Will and he took a step back.

"No...I wasn't worried and I didn't miss you! I just got scared all by my self, that's all!"

He turned away and sat down.

Chris sighed.

"Whatever you say, kiddo."

"Don't call me that!" Will hissed at him like an angry cat.

Chris had found some fruit and Will grabbed a banana and decidet that would be his dinner for the night.


"Did you find anything?"

"No. Nothing."

He sat down, sighing.

"Damn. No food, no water and no Will. What a nightmare."

Greg sat down next to him and Anthony followed.

"Did any of you guys see the pilot?"


The sun was heading down.

Greg looked at Sean. They had all asked where he had gotten that scar on his lip but he had allways refused to answer. Was he hiding something? Maybe he had a girlfriend he didn't want them to know about.

The sighed as one.

"Well, this sucks. We're going to miss our concert."

"Better if we try to sleep now. We'll deal with this tomorrow, yeah?"



"Slow down."

"You're not the boss of me."

They were walking through the jungle. Will was going ahead and Chris followed.

"I'm serious, Will. You should slow down."

Hemuttered something.

"Stop talking to me."

"I'm just saying you shouldn't walk so fast. You're gonna-"

Suddenly, Will stepped on something and before they knew it he flew upwards.


Chris sighed.

"Hate to say I told you so."

Will hung upside down, his foot trapped in a rope.

"Stop mocking me, you jerk! Get me the hell down from here!"

He smirked and his eyes followed as Will swung back and forth.

"What are you staring at?! Get me down from here!"

He chuckled.

"Fine. Here, take my hands and I'll help you."

He stretched up and Will took his hands.

The second their eyes met, time seemed to stop. Will's beautiful, dark eyes met with Chris' blue ones.

Had his eyes allways been so irresistable? Had they allways been so blue?

"Try to kick your shoe off and I'll pull you down…"

Chris? Was he blushing? If he had been blushing, he sure wasn't now.

Will nodded and began to wiggle, trying to get out of the shoe.

His whole being told him these feelings were wrong. This was not a sexy situation, so why the heck did he get so turned on?

Chris harshly shook his head.

"I got it...I-"

Before he could finish the sentence, he fell straight down and landen on top of Chris and into his arms.

The whole island seemed to be holding it's breath, waiting for what was going to happen next.

"Chris...I'm okay now...Y-you can let go…"

He felt the grip tighten.

"I'll never let you go. I promised you, didn't I?"

Will blushed. Cursing himself for falling into yet another trap. Litterally falling, this time.

They remained on the ground. For how long, Will did not know.

And nobody was counting.

Suddenly, Chris let go.

"We better get moving unless we want to get eaten."

"Forget it. You said you wouldn't let me go. I'm going to make you keep that promise."


"Shh! No talking."

Chris watched as the younger boy ripped up what was left of his shirt and started kissing his chest. And his eyes widened as he covered his left nipple with his mouth, slowly licking it.

Chris gasped as the sudden pleasure hit him.

Without any further conversation, Will unbuckled his belt and opened his pant's before crawling down.

This time, Chris actually whimpered shortly.

The kid had learned some stuff since the last time they were together. He had gotten more confidence.

Oh, God that mouth of his! God, he was gonna come!

What am I, a seventeen year old high school student? I'm a freaking grown man, I shouldn't have such difficulties with-


Will crawled back up and faced him. He whiped a drip of seemen from the corner of his mouth.

"That was really fast. What's the matter, Chris? Haven't gotten any lately?"

Damn kid, he was mocking him! He was mocking him!

Where had he gotten this bad-guy-act from? Was this how he had acted towards him before?

Sure, Chris had been evil. But the good kind of evil. The sexy kind. He had never been intentionally mean to the kid.

Had he?

Will smirked and leaned closer.

"Lucky for you, I'm not even close to being done with you right now."

Okay it was official, the kid had gone insane.

He spotted a mark on Will's neck. The spot where he was the most sensitive.

No way, could his mark stay that long. So that must mean there had been someone else.

"I see you've turned into a slut."

Will sat up, placing himself over Chris' groin.

"Actually, they were all girls."

Chris tried to ignore that he grew hard again.

"And what did you think?"

He didn't know how he did it but somehow Will had managed to slide one of his legs out of his pants, making skin touch skin.

"I quite enjoyed it, actually."

He positioned himself and let Chris enter him.

He gasped shortly but continued talking, ignoring that Chris gasped also as pleasure hit him once again.

"It surprised me how easely I could get those girls. All I had to do was smile at them, say the right words and they were mine for as long as I wanted them. Which only was for about three hours or so."

He started moving. And smiling, he bent down so his face was close to Chris'.

"Thank's for the apartment, by the way. Every one of the girls loved the view."

It started getting difficult talking calmly. Instead, he grabbed Chris' shoulders. He nibbled on his earlobe.

Chris' most sensitive spot. Of course, it made him moan.

"I'll have to tell the truth about this, though...None of them beat you…"

No thoughts floated through either of their minds as they both hit climax.

Will breathed slowly on top of his former lover and Chris noticed he had been gripping Will's hips for a long time, there would probably be marks afterwards.

"Are you surprised to hear I'm not even close to finished?" Will breathed.

Chris smiled.

Maybe this new Will wasn't so bad.

They both stiffened when they suddenly heard something from the nearby treas and bushes.

"Did you hear that?" Will said and sat up.

Chris supported himself on one of his elbows while his other arm refused to loosen it's grip of Will's hips.

"Yeah, I did. We better get out of here."


He remained still.



"Let go of me or I won't be able to stand on my own."

Was that a double meaning? Either way, he let go and they both got up, quickly fixing their clothes.

Whatever it was that was moving, it wasn't there anymore.

"What was that?"

"Maybe a wild animal. I don't know."

Will took a hold of his arm.

"Well, I don't feel like stickin around and find out. Let's go."

"I agree."

They turned around. But they couldn't walk back.

In front of them stood six men. Each one with either a sphere or a gun in their hand.

"I guess we have to stick around." Will muttered.

"Do you carry any weapons, strangers?" one of the men called.

Will looked at Chris and then himself. Their clothes were ripped and it barely covered what was nessecary.

"We do not carry weapons." Chris answered.

"And why are you calling us strangers?! We should be calling you that!" Will called.

"Will, keep quiet."

He did as he was told.

Chris took a few steps closer. He didn't seem to care there were guns pointed at him. His cool scared even Will.

"Shoot me if you wish. We krashed here yesterday and we have no idea where we are. Maybe you could tell us before killing us."

They lowered their weapons slightly.

"When did you say you krashed?"

"Yesterday afternoon."

One of the men pointed his gun up at him again.

"You lie! We did not see a plane!"

Chris shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm just telling what I know. It's the truth."

"Were there any others there? On the plane." another man said, who seemed to be the leader of the group.

Will was about to answer but Chris cut him off.

"Does it matter?"

"Of course it matters! If there are other strangers here, we must find them before The Others do."

"The Others?" Will repeated.

They nodded.

"There were three other boys. And then there was the pilot. His name is Charlie."

Will took a step forward.

"And the other three are my friends. Anthony, Greg and Sean. Please find them!"

The man nodded.

"We shall do our best. You two better come with us to our camp."

Chris and Will looked at eachother. Then, they nodded.


Once they came to the camp, they were separated.

Will objected.

"Hey, where are you taking me? Where are you taking Chris?"

"Calm down, child. We are going to give you some new clothes."

"I'm not a child! I'm turning seventeen this week!"

His objections were ignored as they brought him into a big tent.

They threw him in a barrel wich was only filled to the half with water before they left.

"Ahh! It's cold!" he screamed.

A young man came in. He laughed at Will.

"My, my. You are a funny one."

"Who a-are y-you?" Will shivered.

He chuckled and picked up a bucket.

"Alex is the name."

He filled the rest of the barrel with hot water and Will relaxed.

"Take off your clothes or you'll get sick once you get up from there."

He had allready lost one of his shoes. He easely took his t-shirt and pants off.

He turned away from the young man, putting his hands between his legs to cover up.

He laughed again.

"So what's your name, cutie?"

"I-I'm Will...s-sir…"

His body was still in chock after the cold water.

"No need to call me 'sir', Will. I'm only fifteen. Relax and I'll warm you up."

He poured some more warm water over Will.

"There. Now get up, it's not good to bathe too long in this water."

Will blushed.

Alex laughed once again and threw him a towel.

"If you're that shy, then cover up with this."

Will held the towel in front of his groin before gettin out of the barrel.

"Sit here."

He sat down on some sheets. Before he knew it, Alex had taken the towel away from him.

"Ah! Hey!"

"Relax, Will. I wasn't looking, I swear."

He blushed even harder now as Alex started rubbing his hair dry with the towel. Then, he continued with his shoulders and back.

"We gotta get your blood circulating again. It sort of slows down when you bathe in this water."

"Then why do you use it?"

Alex put his arms around him, holding the towel towards his chest.

"It keeps the bugs away. Now sit still or you won't get dry."

After a few minutes of the harsh treatement with the towel, Alex thought it was enough and he stood up, proud of his work.

Will, still blushing continued covering whatever needed to be covered with his hands.

Alex smiled.

"You really are shy, aren't you? It's cute. Now, what size are you?"

Will shyly looked up.

He didn't dare speak. He was afraid he would make a strange sound if he tried to talk.

"Stand up, Will."

Nervous, he got up. Still covering himself.

Alex started walking around him.

When he got behind him for the tenth time, he suddenly stopped and wrapped his arms around him.

"Hey, wait a minute! I-"

"Quiet, cutie."

His hands slided down his belly and grabbed Will's hands before stretching them out with his own.

"About my size up here, I think."

He let go of his hands and walked to his front side.

Will quickly covered himself again.

Alex smiled at him.

It was a true smile, a happy smile. Not a smile of mockery, as he was used to.

"You are going to have to remove those hands of yours if I'm gonna measure what size of pants you're gonna need."

Will shook his head, harshly.

He believed he had never been this red or embarrased before.

Alex sighed, still smiling.

He stepped closer, grasping Will's chin.

"Why are you so shy, Will? We're both guys, aren't we?"

"I-I guess…"

He slowly removed his hands.

Without embarrasment, Alex got down on one knee and grasped his hips.

"About my size here, too. "

He stood up, smiling as if he just got a tasty treat.

"Okay. I'll go get you a set of my clothes. I'll be right back."

As he walked out, Will landed on the sheets with a thump.

"What the hell just happened? Did he just measure me to decide what size of pants I need?"

He shook his head. Oh, I'll never regain my normal skin-colour after this.

Alex returned. He gave Will a light blue shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes.

"Here you go, Will. "

He turned around and put everything on.

While he was at it, Alex talked to him.

"By the way, Will. How old are you?"

"Right now, I'm sixteen. But I'm turning seventeen this week."

"Seventeen, huh?"

As Will buttoned the shirt, he turned back to face Alex.

"Yeah. You're pretty young, Alex."

He laughed.

"Yeah, maybe I am."

Will smiled shyly.

What were these feelings? Was it just his body reacting to the way Alex had touched him? Or was it that he was allmost the same age as Will?

"Hey, Will."


He loved how he called him by name. No 'kiddo' here.

"That man you came with. Is he your lover?"

Will's eyes widened. If his skin had returned to normal even a little bit, it turned back to red now.

He shook his head.

"No. He's not my lover."

"Awright, then!"


Alex smiled, and there was a happy blush on his cheeks.

"Then I can go for you, right? He wouldn't get mad if I got together with you, right?"

Will stared at him. What was he saying? This little kid wanted to get together with him?

Alex closed the distance between them.

"Let's be lovers, Will."

"But...I- mm!"

Alex interrupted him by kissing him.

His eyes were fierce as he looked into Will's.

"At least let me try. And if that man is also interested in you, then let him fight me for you. "

Will stared at him, eyed wide and lips parted in surprise and chock.

"What?..Alex, what are you talking about?

He smiled.

"Don't you get it? I'm a candidate for your heart. And for that lovely body of yours."

He looked down.

"I can't do that, Alex. As soon as we find the others, we are leaving this island."

When Alex laughed, he looked up.

"What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry, Will. But if there was a way to get away from here, don't you think we would've allready tried it?"

"What...what are you saying?.."

He looked sad now. Will didn't like that. It didn't fit him at all.

"You can't get off this island, Will. None of us can."

He stared at him.

What? What was he saying? Of course they could get off the island. This was a lie, it was all a lie!

But as he saw the saddness in Alex' eyes, he knew that was not the case.

Nobody was lying. It was the truth. And for once, the truth scared the hell out of Will.

They would never get off the island.


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