It is peace and love and motion
that comes with the hesitence of devotion.
It is the life and light and flame
that shows my heart is living again.
It is the way, the path I follow
that has led me out of the past and into tomorrow.
It is the power I hold in my heart,
that is what allows me to cling to this new start.
It is the hope of new beginning,
It is the life of a new tomorrow,
It is the peace of knowing I'm loved,
It is the knowledge of the things I have done.
Living without shame, regret, without grief,
Living with peace and hope and relief.
It is all I've ever strived for,
It is the unending cold I've withstood,
It is the past I've learned to face,
It is the future I gladly embrace.
It is the life I've allowed myself to live,
It is the lonliness I've allowed myself to leave behind.
All I hope is the new tomorrow,
All I want is peace in the sorrow.
Torents of rain,
the pounding sea,
it all calls and cries of home to me.
The slivery light
of the moon as it dances,
The gentle summer breeze
ruffling flowers as it passes.
It calls to me,
returns me home,
A place to rest
when I've wandered too far, alone.
A place of peace to then return to,
A place of longing to come back to.
A place of love and warmth and rest,
A place of peace and hope that I love best.
The place I loved all the things,
A place I go when twilight fades.
The place where all I feel is whole,
The place I return to,
the place I call home.

03 August 2005