I'm waiting for the boy who will set all my demons loose
The kind of boy who'll teach me how to tie the perfect noose
He'll hug me tight so that the blood flows quickly from my veins
Already he knows how he will dispose of my remains
Some girls are searching for the boy to sweep them off their feet
I want a boy who'll break my fall when my heart fails to beat
I hope he'll help me in my search for realms of new sensation
(Perhaps he will instruct me in the art of suffocation…?)
He shows his love by making sure my thoughts remain serene
So that I will not panic when he drops the guillotine
Together we will plunge into a cyclone of disaster
He'll grasp my hand in his and make us tumble even faster
I pray thee Lord, I only hope this boy is here to stay!
He loves me, yes! He loves me! So he'll take my pain away!