D'Lenge Boarding School

Chapter Four: Espionage Tactics…?

"Looking back at me, I see that I never really got it right… I never stopped to think of you, I'm always wrapped up in things I cannot win."

So Cold Crossfade

"This is so fucking boring." Emily bit out through clenched teeth, her voice laced with vibrant anger. She had never been the sort of person to hold things in, this was one of the main reasons that Magdalene and her gotten along so well, probably. Emily was sitting on the semi-dirty kitchen counter, soda can in her left hand and with her right she was flipping through channels lazily. She was wearing a black pair of dickies pants and a Bam Margera skateboarding t-shirt. Her socks didn't match, with two different prints on them.

Her eyebrows fell together when she stopped clicking the remote on a particular channel that had a Family Guy Episode. Gazing at it, she wasn't really paying attention to what the content of the episode. Mike walked out of his room, gazed at the TV for a moment before sighing loudly and falling against the phone booth with a thud. He sat down and crossed his legs, his eyes finally meeting Emily's. They looked at each other, bemused.

"This is so fucking boring." Mike told her, secretly giddy when she gave him a big grin. He thought Emily was so beautiful when she was smiling. Magdalene walked in the room next, pausing and watching her two idiotic roommates smiling at each other.

Rolling her eyes, she thought, 'Why don't they just freaking get it over with and go out?' But of course, she knew this would probably never happen. Mike and Emily had a very hot and cold relationship. If they weren't biting each other's heads off, they were often really adorable and sweet to one another. Seth and Magdalene often gossiped too,(like old ladies), about how they would make such a great couple.

"What's up?" Emily's voice broke Magdalene from her reverie, and Magdalene rolled her eyes again, sticking her thumbs in her pocket and rolling her head back, she blew out a puff of air. This was a frustrating situation.

"This house arrest is like slow torture." She informed them. Mike hadn't stopped staring at Emily, but she pretended not to notice.

Ironically enough, they had only been under this little 'house arrest' for about two hours. That wasn't really slow torture, because they had played video games for about half of that time, which was something they would have done even if they weren't stuck in their room. But, because they were protesting this, they had already tried to escape about four times.

Usually these escapes were horrible espionage tactics that would result in scrapes and bruises, but Mike was terribly fond of James Bond movies and he figured that now was a good time to try out his stealth. Tripping down the stairs wasn't very stealthy though. Seth had jumped out of the window, but that wasn't successful either. They had both worn themselves out with their stupidity though, (that was when they opted to play video games.) At least they couldn't say their lives were boring.

Seth was currently in his room, bitching to someone on AIM about this unjust house arrest and how this hindered his ability to get stoned. The person he was AIMing was someone he had never met, but had found and started chatting with after typing in random nicknames on the computer. Seth felt that he met some of the best people this way. He was getting sick of typing though, so when he heard voices in the living room he got up and meandered over after telling the person on AIM that they would have cyber sex later. (They never did.)

"Yo, Emily." Seth said when he got in the kitchen and took his seat on the flattop stove. Emily yawned before answering, "Cha?"

"Tell me again why we are under house arrest?"

"Because that bitchy chick in the office doesn't like us anymore."

"When did she stop liking US! What's not to like?!"Magdalene scoffed, meaning for the question to be rhetorical, sitting over by Mike now. He vainly attempted to grope her butt as she sat down, but received a swift kick in the shin.

"Maybe because we dyed her hair bright green while she was sleeping and ripped all the security cameras from the walls in the south hallway." Seth guessed. He was looking at Magdalene, secretly admiring her chest in the magenta tank top she was wearing. Mike and Seth both loved when it was warm outside like this, because the girls clothes got skimpier and they loved skimpy.

"No." Mike said, "Ms. Kallanen wasn't as amused as we were when we did that whole ordeal with the pink elephant stuffed animal, pack of bandages, CD with the Milkshake song, and the plastic picture of Michel Jackson."

Seth laughed, his hair falling over his eyes, "But that was classic!"

There was a pause in conversation as they heard a faint pounding on their east wall, that sounded suspiciously like sex. After a moment, they all sighed in unison, each thinking about different escape plans and if they would work. Normally they didn't care about spending the whole day in their room, but now that they were forced to stay there, it was unbearable.

Seth was thinking about pulling the fire alarm. Emily pondered a plan that involved a lot of chocolate syrup, but decided after a moment it would never work because the mass quantities of syrup needed were out of reach. Magdalene was thinking about going to the nurse and saying she was pregnant so that she could walk to the health care center. (She always seemed to end up at the local Walmart, but no one could understand that.)

Mike decided to voice his plan;"Let's just walk out and run through the town covered in mud." he suggested, everyone took a moment to consider this but then he ruined it by then saying, "Naked!"

Emily got up and trudged over to where he was sitting. She slapped him across the face, before turning around and trudging back to her original spot.

"Well that was pointless." Mike growled, rubbing his cheek with his left hand and trying on his hurt puppy expression. Nobody seemed to be buying it. Magdalene was smiling now, but it soon vanished as a new thought occurred to her.

"I need a smoke!" She cried out, her voice breaking slightly.

"What?" Seth practically screamed at her, flinging himself over to where she was sitting, "You have a cigarette?" He looked giddy with excitement. Magdalene stuck her tongue out at him, crushing his dreams of cancer sticks

"I wish." She whimpered, then added, "but if I did have a cigg I wouldn't share!" Seth gave her a glare, and her smile returned as she decided that he was utterly adorable when he was angry. She made a mental note to piss him off more often just cause he was so cute. A moment later a sound of someone knocking on the door came to their ears, startling them.

"What do you want?" Emily screamed, not feeling ambitious enough to get up and answer it. The door opened and they half expected a big buff looking prison guard with a large gun and handcuffs to come in and drag them off to prison. Instead a boy with long blonde hair and amber eyes came in. He looked really buff, but had no gun. He was wearing plain blue shirt and a pair of jeans.

"You!" Seth seethed, jumping up from where he was sitting and giving their unexpected visitor a withering glare. The boy seemed unfazed by this and blankly stared back.

"Hello, little brother." The boy then stated, but with a calm arrogant expression. He looked down at Seth's face with a mocking expression that clearly said, 'I'm so much better then you.' Magdalene was blank with shock for a moment.

"Little brother!"she finally cried out, looking between the two, "I don't know what I find more shocking, Seth being called 'little' or the whole brother thing!"

"Were only half brothers." Seth growled, his eyes narrowing. His hair was over his face again and he was biting his lower lip now. His fists were clenched so tightly that the skin looked white.

"Are you ashamed of your heritage?" the boy asked, frowning and giving a mock sad face. Emily half expected him to bring his hand up to his face and wipe away a fake tear. There was a bit of humor in his cold eyes, but it was only a flash.

"Fuck off, Marcel!"

"Language, language." Marcel clucked his tongue, crossing his arms over his chest. There was another quick knock on the door, and a new voice entered the room.

"Hey Emily. I finished burning that CD you borrowed me..." a voice with a slight British accent called out.

It was a short girl. She had flowing brown hair that went to her lower back, and she was wearing an Invader Zim GIR shirt with a blue jean skirt. She had a small ponytail on the side of her head that was held up with two red balls. A small star clip was on the other side of her head, holding back her bangs. She wasn't wearing any jewelry but she did have on a pair of Rocket Dog shoes that were plaid patterned.

"Hey Lucy." Emily said, smiling and jumping off of the counter. Lucy had just been admitted to the school the week before. She was an unusual case at the school. Her mother had recently died because of an overdose on Oxycotin, and she was sent there because she had nowhere else to go. Her father had refused to take her. She had made friends with Emily and Magdalene quickly because she lived two doors away and the girl both doted on her innocence. Lucy had been normal before she entered the school, which was a rare occurrence. This was her first time in their room.

"Nice phone booth." Lucy commented giving everyone a wide smile. She then seemed to notice the two boys glaring daggers at one another and the amused look on Mike's face. She felt then that she had not walked in at a good time, but Emily felt otherwise. Mike got up swiftly and walked over to where Lucy was standing. He took her hands in his and gave her a flattering smile.

"What is your name, beauty?" he asked, and from the corner of her eyes she could see that the shorter black haired boy (Seth) and the hot one (Marcel) were now looking at her. Magdalene remembered that she hadn't introduced Lucy to Seth and Mike yet. This was mostly because she didn't want to taint Lucy with the perverts.

"I'm Lucy Kale." Lucy told him, smiling again. She then watched as he bent down and got on his knees. His eyes were glowing with emotions that Lucy couldn't identify. Seth was debating if he should hit Mike.

"... ne watashi no ko o unde kudsai?" He suddenly asked in a foreign language, the syllables rolling of his tongue swiftly. Lucy stared down at him blankly, not sure what this was about.

Emily's face turned bright red and her mouth gaped open. Magdalene scoffed. "He just asked you if you would do him the honor of mothering his children." Lucy jumped with shock, her eyes doe wide.

"B-but we just met!" She cried, and Emily finally went over and gave him a swift kick. Mike fell over to the carpet and clutched his abdomen where she had hit him.

"Don't mind him." Emily said absent-mindedly acting as though she was indifferent to her violent behavior, which she was. Magdalene smirked and watched with sadistic pleasure as Mike rolled around on the ground. Seth was thinking; 'How pathetic.'

"Who are you three?" Lucy asked, still blushing a little but now motioning towards the boys. Marcel raised an eyebrow and Seth ran his hands through his hair.

"The perverts name is Mike, the cuter boy with black hair is Seth and, well, I don't know you very well so I probably shouldn't introduce you." Magdalene stated. Seth was smiling because she had called him 'cuter', Emily was still glaring at Mike, and Marcel was wondering why this blonde girl was so weird. Lucy was still staring, curiously, at them.

Seth saw his brother raise an eyebrow and give Magdalene a quick look-up, and his eyes automatically narrowed, the previous smile just a memory.

Magdalene didn't seem to notice Marcel's gaze, she was staring off into space. Seth felt a tug of affection for the girl. She was always staring off into space. He felt his cheeks warm, and after realizing that he was blushing (men don't blush) he decided on glaring at Marcel some more. Lucy noticed Seth's blush and she giggled to herself, tilting her head to the side and bringing her index finger to her mouth. This was a nervous gesture. Magdalene had mentioned her male roommates many times before, and Lucy could tell that both girls were hopelessly aware of them.

She now had a face to put with the name though, and this made her happy. Lucy looked at the other boy, who she still didn't know his name. He was very attractive. Marcel gazed back at her and bowed his head slightly, realizing he was being rude to her by not answering her questions.

"My name is Marcel. I am related to that pathetic human." he told her, and then briefly glanced towards Seth. Seth was, oddly enough, looking at his fingernails and playing with a hang nail. Lucy smiled at Marcel and laughed softly.

"But aren't you a human as well, Marcel? What makes you less pathetic than him?" She asked, and he smiled awkwardly, while realizing that he loved the way she said his name. Lucy suddenly looked over at Seth and Emily, "Oh yes, the other reason why I am here is because Ms. Kallanen told me to tell you that she has other things to do than 'watch you punk ass kids all day' so your free from lock down."

Cheering ensues this statement, and Emily started bouncing up and down screaming, "Freedom!"

Seth seemed to realized that Marcel was still in his domain, and that he had never stated what his business was. (Actually, Marcel was bored so he decided to go piss of Seth for a little while because it was one of his favorite pastimes.)

"So why the fuck are you still here? Can't you tell when you're not welcome?" he stated, his glare now deadpan.

"Now, now, now, to use suck fowl language in front of girls is low even for your standers." Marcel replied, in a bit of a mono-tone voice. He glanced back at Lucy who was still looking at him. She had such big eyes. "Good day." He told her before turning and leaving. Emily sighed, exasperated.

"Why did he even come here?" She asked aloud, but no one was listening. They were all looking at Lucy, who was now staring at the closed door and blushing a deep red.

"He is really HOT!" Lucy finally said after a moments consideration. Mike looked startled, Seth look disgusted, Magdalene looked interested. This boy was Seth's half brother, so he had known Seth as a child…? Images of a little punk Seth kid running around with water guns flashed through her mind and she was tempted to giggle. Seth was probably an adorable kid. Emily finally realized no one was going to answer her so she instead asked, "What's he in for?"

"He came in a year before me, and should be leaving next year. Thank god." Seth scoffed.(Insert little Mike shouting 'we don't believe in god!') "He was found junking cars." Seth explained, sounding bitter. Magdalene stared at him and wondered why he was so pissed off at Marcel. Sure, the guy was pretty much an ass since the moment he entered the room, but she wondered what was the real reason or their strain. Not that she could really talk though, because her brother and herself weren't particularly fond of one another, either.

"How was he found?" Lucy asked. She was pleased that he had gotten caught junking cars instead of things like drugs. She had met a lot of druggies since she had entered D'Lenge and she secretly resented them. They reminded her too much of her mother, too much of what can happen when they take over your life. And ruin it.

"Ankle bracelet."

Mike groaned loudly, causing everyone to look at him, "I know what those are, they SUCK! I had to wear one for a year. I can completely empathize."

"Hey Mike, what are you in here for anyways? I can't believe I don't know that." Magdalene stated, sounding shocked, staring at him. She realized then how much she really didn't know the people she lived with. She felt so close to them, but they had so much more history together than she had with them. There was so much about their pasts that she didn't know, and vice versa. It made her feel a little lonely. Seth walked over and clapped Mike on the shoulder. Emily looked confused. Lucy was looking at both of them, wondering if they were bisexual.

"Yes, o mighty Mike. I seem to be the only one who knows why you are here." Seth stated. Magdalene was even more surprised. Emily didn't know? Emily, Seth, and Mike had lived together for a year before she had come along. Was this some terrible secret? Mike was looking at Emily, his face apologetic.

"So why are you here, Mike?" Emily asked softly. Lucy could tell this must be important to her. Probably because of the massive crush each had on the other.

Mike's eyes flashed pain and he stared at the ground for a couple moments, his lips in a tight line. He then mumbled something incoherent. "What?" Emily asked, now staring at him with worry. Everyone was staring at him, avidly.

"I was convicted for the rape of a ten year old." He muttered, frowning deeply, and looking away from them. Lucy's eyes widened, Magdalene's jaw dropped. But Seth seemed unfazed by this and just looked at him with sympathy. "Cha... my man Mike doesn't even belong here."

Emily really didn't hear what Seth had said though, because she was in shock. Blind, blunt shock. Thoughts were racing through her head. The images that ran through her head… could he have really done that? She wasn't sure. Mike was such a nice boy, well, a tad more perverted than your average boy, but he still had a decent heart. Magdalene also knew that Emily had 'thing' for Mike, and she wondered what bullshit thoughts where going through her head. Seth knew what the others would think about this.

"What do you mean 'doesn't even belong here?'" Magdalene repeated a little louder than usual, trying to get Emily out of her reverie. Seth raised an eyebrow and started to open his mouth, but was cut off by Mike's voice.

"I may grope at women, and flock over them a little bit, but I would never violate a woman without her permission. 'Specially a ten year old." He told them, his tone in complete seriousness with a small hint of hurt. He probably felt like shit knowing his friends would ever think that he would do that. He glanced up at Emily who looked almost in tears. This made him blink and he watched with shock at she gave a small sigh and walked over, wrapping her arms around his torso. She was warm and fit into him perfectly.

For once Mike hugged her back and did if perfectly, no groping at all. He closed his eyes and leaned his head into her hair. Magdalene knew that Emily must be in a great amount of relief if she did that though.

"Gods, we all have gone fucking soft, haven't we?" Magdalene said, in disgust, at this happy little scene before them. She was inwardly cheering them on happily, but she also had a reputation.

"You guys are lucky.." Lucy finally whispered with envy laced in her tone. She was staring at Mike and Emily who were still hugging.

"Why?" Seth asked, cocking his head to the side. 'This Lucy girl is a weird one', he thought.

"Because you all have someone to cuddle with and love with all your hearts! Magdalene, you have Seth for a boyfriend and Emily, you've got Mike..."Lucy was inwardly smiling. She knew that this wasn't true at all, and that neither of the pairs had crossed those lines, but she wanted to see their reactions.

"But were not---" Emily and Magdalene both started, but decided not to finish. "Who do you want to be with?" She said, instead. Lucy stared back for a moment, then flushed red. She brought her index finger to her lips again, and smiled.

"Marcel looks nice boy." She finally admitted.

Then a very uncomfortable silence ensued.

Seth broke it though, with a struggled, "You're not fucking serious, right?"Lucy's weirdness had just skyrocketed in his books.

"Marcel is an ass whole!" Emily cried, looking at Lucy as well, almost exasperated. Lucy just shrugged her shoulders and sighed, she had anticipated there reaction. Magdalene sighed, and felt a bit sorry for Lucy. Was she the type to fall for the bad boy? Maybe she would regret this later but-

"Lucy, I'm going to set you up with Marcel!"

"WHAT!" They all screamed, in unison.

Lucy looked honored and touched. No one had ever offered to her help her out with something of this nature, and Lucy was a shy person by nature so talking to boys was more often than not out of the question. She looked at Magdalene with big eyes, then ran to her and gave her a crushing hug. Magdalene struggled with breathing as Lucy screamed "Thank you so much!" in her breathy voice, her accent sounding more predominate.

"You have to be fucking joking me!" was all that Seth could say. He was, for the first time, really wanting to punch a girl.