Before these words are spoken there is something, you should know.
I have built around walls of someone else's desires.
There is something you should know before I say it to you.
Chains must be broken
Borders must be crossed.

Know this and only this
I can never attract tomorrow without you
That my lips never curved into a smile
And that these lungs breathed this air just for you.

You have been my evil in a closet
The monster under my bed.
Every little emotion felt that got my heart to skip a beat
Or my hands to start shaking or sweating has been you.

Most of my life has been carved by some other being
A higher power.
I needed strength to push myself free.
A love that can never be broken
And I have you to thank for that.

Thank you for every call.
Every time your voice said 'I love you'
All the love letters.
For believing in me when I needed it the most.

It will take a life time for me to truly thank you.
And this thank you doesn't seem to show you how much I do love and appreciate you.
But in my eyes it's a start and I will be there for you
Forever and for always
Thank you and I love you.