On behalf of my silence

And on behalf of my praying bones

I will apologise now

To your weariest

Of wing feathers


How absurd to think today

Of being so alone

Because my humanity almost makes me forget

To think of your moral beauty

Because even when I'm walking down a lane

My steps colliding

Messily over each other

You are there

And I sometimes forget


Cause it is only you

Who knows my wishes

And it is only your finger

That hushes my lips

But you can't give me everything

I know that now

Because of that one wish that got away

And flew up to the cosmic isolation

A den of muse's statues


All around me

Is a flowing energy

One that I could be one with

If I only listened carefully

And you would lie with me?

Won't you dine with me?


Drinking down heavenly wine

And I will sing to you

A song of thanks

Of helping me through this

If you will

When I decide thats what I want


A simple contemplative angel

Does my situation break your heart?

Because I wished for you to make me




Just that.


I'm flicking through the pages

Of a morning a month away from now

And I hope I'll think of

Golden lights

Like sunrise


We will make it someday

To a picnic of saltwater cordial

I will eat jam

Licking it from my own tatooed hands

And a shadow that

may hopefully be a memory

Will sip water

Or crunch the ice cubes

That Shee helped her find

And you yourself

Will sit beneath a tree

Or maybe stand

Looking lovingly

Or hatefully

At the person you were supposed to guard


Maybe you'll go away

Even though

On some level

You don't exist at all?

Or is that far too cynacal of me, Shee?

Because with this blurred vision

You help me see