In With The Bullets Out With The Tears

The End Of The Beginning

She tripped on her comfortable loose black sweatpants while pulling down the sleeves of her black long sleeved turtle neck so as to cover her hands as well. This way she could make sneaking out easier on her part. She just needed a break, some fresh air, a new adventure. The house became boring after exploring every inch of it for four whole years. She can leave whenever she wants, but today is different. Today is the anniversary of the death of her former guardians, not the abusive ones, but the ones who loved her truly.

The graveyard they were buried in was not far from the house. Dicon said that he would buy her metal horse, a motorcycle, but until then she'll just have walk to two miles to the graveyard. It was worth it, the opportunity to just sit at their graves and think about how her life has changed was worth sore legs.

Madelena hadn't found out where Agapita and Celio were buried until she turned sixteen and Dicon finally searched for them. It was merely a coincidence that the graveyard was so close; she had went four years living a mere couple of miles away from them.

She detoured off the sidewalk into a forest, it wasn't a big forest, but if you didn't know where you were going then you would get lost fast. She followed a faded trail she had discovered the last time she attempted to go to the graveyard.

Last time she had it in her head to go visit their graves she didn't make it very far, she made it to the graveyard, but she didn't find or even look for their graves. This time she would find them. She would face them; show them what she has become. She followed the trail until she came to a hill made of sharp jagged rocks. Without a second thought she started to climb up them. When she reached the top she could see the dingy stones sticking out of the grounds.

This time she came face to face with their graves, but didn't cry. Madelena was sick and tired of crying. She was done crying, done mourning, she was just done. Today will be the first and last time she will come have to face them again. Along the way to the grave stones Madelena picked up a flower that was growing on the side of the path. It was a gold flower, a burst of sunshine, with a long green stem. It was a marigold. It was so beautiful and strong. It was the last thing she had left to describe former guardians. She laid the sunshine down in between the graves that read Agapita and Celio.

She stayed there just thinking. She was thinking about everything and nothing. On the way to the rocky hill she picked up another burst of sunshine. It took her longer to get back than it did to get there. She was exhausted mentally as well as physically.

"Maddy? Where were you?" Dicon was awake when Madelena got back. He now played the father role. She handed him the marigold and walked around him. She wasn't in the mood to stay and chat. "When I came to check up on you. . . you were gone."

"I had something to take care of."

"At least let me know or let me go with you next time."

He followed her back to her room and closed the door behind him. Right in front of him she changed out of those clothes and put on some big basketball shorts and a tight white wife beater. That showed how comfortable she was with him. She was her savior, her brother.

"Dicon where are you going again?" Dicon had just mentioned the mission he was supposed to lead. He had forgot to tell her last night because he was distraught when she snuck out.

"What did I tell you? Stiffen that upper lip."

"I'm not about to cry, it's not like you're going to die or anything. Right?"

"You know I could die, Madelena, this is a very dangerous clan we're messing with. These China men aren't pretty. I', sure you could take the weaker ones but they are pretty fierce. Come here, I have something to give you."

She walked closer to him and held out her hand. He dropped a small pocketknife into her palm. "But what will I do if you die. There won't be anyone to watch over me. You know, keep me out of trouble. Remember when I almost got caught stealing some apples out of the fridge and you just happened to see me and ran to the fridge to cover me and the cook got really mad at you and was like 'gonna kill you." Madelena rushed her words, gripping the pocketknife close to her.

"I wouldn't put it past her to do so." Dicon said with a hint of humor and mock sacredness.

"You know she probably wouldn't have even seen me if you hadn't tried to cover me. I'm smaller than you, and way slick. You know I blend in with the background. You can't see me unless I make myself known. Right, Dicon?" It was true, Dicon thought, when that small incident happened he hadn't seen her at all. Her feet were in the fridge and her arms were keeping her up while rummaging through it. Dicon was going to keep waling until he heard small mumbling. He took action without thinking and could have got her caught.


"Oh yeah, you are my Little Night Stalker. But you know if I don't come back then you know how to take care of yourself, and you know the floor plan right. I think I added on all the hidden rooms."

"Don't think like that. You'll be okay. Madelena hugged Dicon and then walked over to the small pile of books rummaging through them. "When are you leaving?"

"In a few minutes, but I have to leave you know so I can get my things together and out to the truck. Goodbye Madelena, my little night stalker," He walked over to where she now sat on the bed with one of the books she picked up. "Get some sleep." He pecked a kiss on her forehead. She nodded and he silently left the room in a search of his little brother.

"Hey, Laura." Dicon said addressing the cook who in return grumbled and glanced at him. He started to walk past her but back traced, "You haven't happened to have seen Lil' Dico runnin' around anywhere?"

"As a matter of fact I have. He was just in the kitchen. I suppose he has just gone back to his room."

"Thank you, Laura." Dicon saluted her and heard mumbles coming from her.

On the way to his brothers' room Dicon ran into his clique, the guys he was going on the mission with, and they told him that he had twenty minutes.

He reached Lil Dicos room and went right in peeking out and closing the door behind him.

"Hey, little man, I need you to do me a really big favor." Dico was laying on the bed writing something, he looked up at his brother.

"Shouldn't you be gone by now." Lil Dico looked back down at his notebook.

"You know the room, the hidden room," Dico nodded and Dicon continued. "Someone lives in there. I've been taking care of her for two years now. She's very smart and learns the same thing you have been. " Dicon explained the whole thing in a matter of minutes. "If I don't come back, you have to look over her. Introduce yourself to her, but don't tell anyone. Keep her hidden. Not even Lucio can know, I have to go now. Bye, Little Bro." Dicon left. Dico wondered. Madelena read in oblivion to what was happening. They were all part of something big. Something that hasn't happened yet.

She was sneaking around again. A car had pulled up and Madelena heard it as it stopped. Four men filed out. All familiar to her, all welcome faces except for one. Unlike the others who share the shame black hair and warm brown eyes, this man's hair was blonde to the point that it blinded Madelena. His eyes were so green that they were almost white. He was so calm that it was frightening, but Madelena looked away from him and realized that this was the mission crew; she was searching for Dicon. Then one of the men that were pointing the gun at the blonde man threw something over his shoulder. It was huge, almost like a body; a body in a body bag. Recognition spread across her face and she gasped aloud, knowing that it was a body.

The blonde guy looked up at the sound of her gasp almost as if he heard it, but he couldn't have. It wasn't possible. His eyes moved up to the window she was looking out of; and for a moment it was almost as if they were looking eye to eye.

At that same moment Madelena heard footsteps. Completely forgetting that cold stare she moved quickly trying to get away from the oncoming footsteps. She stilled her breath and listened; the footsteps were coming from the right so she began stepping backwards.

Down the hall a maid rounds the corner with a basket full of clothes and Madelena just hid in the corner of a door praying whoever it was would not detect her. Fortunately, the lady stepped and entered the room right before Madelena. Funny, she thought out of all the rooms she had never explored this room. It wasn't as big as all the other rooms she usually entered. It wasn't a bedroom nor study, but more like a fighting room. Different types of knives and swords were on the wall, she felt in her pocket for the pocket knife Dicon had given her. She opened it and felt the tip.

"Shit!" She cursed like a sailor not knowing that someone was outside the door, she sucked on her finger examining the sharp, dangerous items lining the walls. Putting the pocket knife back into her pocket she stopped to listen again.

It seems her luck had run out because just that moment someone opened the door to the room she was in. Not thinking rationally she grabbed a dagger off of the wall and raised it up to the person's throat. "Who are you?" The man didn't respond. He just breathed. She pushed him so that he was facing her. Just as she was going to raise the dagger again she took in his looks. "Dicon?" The room was dark so she could see only half of his face. She tried to look to his eyes. Before she could respond the man rammed her against a wall. He pushed her into the light and they looked each other in the eyes. His eyes were a bright green. No. That can't be Dicon. His eyes were blue.

"How do you know Dicon?"

"He helped me." He started to loosen his grip was added pressure when he caught the gleam coming from her dagger.

"What did he do?"

"It's what he didn't do. He didn't kill me." At that the man let her go and back away. Which was exactly what Madelena was waiting for. She lunged for him and backed him up to a wall. "Now who are you? You look like him. Younger? Who . Are. You?" She press the dagger immensely close to his throat.

"I'm Dico. His brother."

"Is he dead?"

"What do you think?"

She pressed it even closer, droplets of blood formed on his skin. "That's not what I asked you." Instead of finishing the conversation she let him go and swiftly left the room. She was gone within a blink of an eye, but just then Dico knew who she was and where she was going.