All for You

I'm becoming one last quiet left over promise. The last little whisper that you can't break. I can carve myself to pieces, I can rot my nose to shards but still, you won't leave me. There are words I can't say because to you their meaning would be life wrecking and that is one thing I'd never do to you. Leave me strung up, strung out but in a perpetual state of discomfort. It hurts like hell, baby. I'm not nearly as incoherent as you think. Always leading me on, always leashing me and dragging me along behind you like a freak show parade. It really is a shame that you don't believe me when I say "I love you, I can't forget you". Come back to me, again and again. Crawl over time and space and wrap your arms around me in eager bliss. Curl me into your chest and pin my hands to behind my tender back to protect me from those careful, slipping, slicing, treacherous fingers of mine. You're breathing maggots but they spell those three words. Each time you lie, I write another simple line of reddened poetry. It's all for you. It will always be, all for you.