Author's Note:Alrighty, I been sick for about 3-going on 4-weeks now. Too much phlegm in the nose, a friggin' badass cough, and for like 5 days I had pink eye first, then it was a popped capillarie or vein or sumthin in my left eye. That morning I woke up pink eye, my left eye was covered in crusty shit and then it was discharging white phlegm at fast intervals. It was also very red. My cough was SO bad I was practically coughing up a lung and almost throwing up because of the coughs and the nasty taste of phlegm. I've been hit with a nasty badass SOBvirus and once I almost up-chucked all of my breakfast because of one piece of toast that went down while I was coughing. So, in my obvious misery, I wrote this poem. Up until now I'm sure noone on this site would've noticed I was sick because I have been diligent in finding, reading, and reviewing stories and I will continue to do so. It really does feel like my body is breaking down. Gawd, it feels like I'm gonna die. But I won't, for the sake of those that need my heartfelt reviews (j/p), but seriously I wouldn't just leave Fictionpress and its authors, stories and poems. Also I have more to read and so much more to write and contribute to Fictionpress. So, head strong, I proudly "let" you read this.



p.s.-I LOVE anyone who reads this. I'll read and review yours if you do the sam for me. Biya!

Living for the Beat

By: A.R./MistressELEMENT

Red eyes,

sore throat,


running nose,

aching joints,

my body's breaking down!

Too young,

might not live,

in the hospital,

so many wires

signifying my weak state of being,

not long 'til it ends.

Writing this,

my last memento to the world,


marking pages,

blood splatters,

laughing echoes.

My heart is slowing,

so many doctors are coming here,

it stops,

shocks pads out,

gasping for breath

a second chance at life!

Death glares,

me and my notebook

we laugh,


I just don't want to die yet,

got to make more poems.