Vanessa Stewart and Jordyn PArker leaned against the cold brick alley wall. Both of the girls stared off into nowhere with a distant look on their faces. Or that was how it looked. Vanessa was carefully analyzing every expression on Jordyn's face and following suit. Vanessa had wanted to be cool like Jordyn, to be tough and slick and smart like her, since she was young.

If only Vanessa knew what would happen to Jordyn, if only she knew that she would be going down that same road. She didn't know, though, and that's why she followed every footstep Jordyn took.

It all started one night when she was eleven years old. She had gotten into a fight with her best friend, Amanda, at a sleepover and had started to walk home when a white pick-up truck started to slow down right next to where Vanessa had been walking. She hastened her step when she heard a chilling voice behind her.

"What do we have here, a little rich girl? I know you wouldn't mind helping out a couple 'a hard workers. We ain't all got it easy like you" There were three kids. Their clothes were tattered and torn. Vanessa couldn't tell if the purplish black around their eyes was make-up, bruises, or from not sleeping in days. The boy and two girls staggered towards her, as if they were drunk. It struck Vanessa as strange, since they couldn't have been over sixteen.

"So what about it, princess, let me have that little bag o'yours. We're hungry,girl. Don't make us force it off you."

Vanessa just stood there, frozen, looking down at her green crocodile skin prada purse with the bamboo handles. Why wouldn't they just leave her alone? She could feel herself shaking. Her heart beat wildly and her blood went cold as a trickle of sweat slid down her neck. Slowly, a shadow emerged from behind Vanessa out of the alleyway. It was a girl dressed in the same manner as the other three.

Vanessa felt a chill run down her spine. She closed her eyes and tried to convince herself that it wasn't happening, when her thoughts were interrupted by a touch on her shoulder and a voice sliced the tension.

"Don't you all ever get tired of this? Seriously, beating up little kids in the middle of the night? You guys disgust me," the girl who Vanessa would later know as Jordyn Parker spat at the pack of kids from the truck.

They mumbled angrily and jumped back into their truck. They would be back one day, though. Vanessa turned around to face the girl who had told off that pack of kids. Jordyn Parker was pretty tall for her age at fifteen. She had navy blue eyes and jet black hair, layered in a bunch of different ways. It lay over her shoulders in a messy, thin, uneven fashion, yet she pulled it off. Mascara framed her eyes, as well as the purplish hue that the other kids had. She had a wise look to her. Vanessa knew at that moment that she wanted to be just like her. And that was how Jordyn Parker became Vanessa's idol.

She gained some real similarities with Jordyn when she turned twelve and her dad left. He took all of the money with him-as well as her mother's sanity. Now she lived downtown and far from her original home in Falcon Heights. Her mother was never home, and that gave her plenty of time to spend with Jordyn, observing every move and finding what it took to be tough. That was all she knew. That was all she wanted to know. They didn't ever go to Vanessa's place; there was nothing to do there anyways. Jordyn didn't even have a real place to live. She spent her nights sleeping in parking lots and alleyways if she slept at all, and now Vanessa did the same.

Now Vanessa was fourteen and Jordyn was eighteen. Jordyn got into a lot of trouble, and Vanessa did the same. Jordyn had left town a few times already to get away from the cops, but she always came back. When Jordyn was out of town was probably the only time when Vanessa ever stayed at home. Vanessa never went outside without Jordyn or intentions of finding her. She didn't even go to school any more. She read sometimes and all, but she couldn't remember the last time she had even tried to practice math.

It was that day that they started off by leaning against the alley wall that Jordyn would have to leave town for good. And until that evening, they leaned against the alley wall doing nothing in particular, not expecting for that night to change both of their lives forever.