By Elizabeth Board

I wasted a single forever loving you and licking your wounds as we lay alone under a dead sky. Each and every moment was false and planned; each just another step in your scheme to pretend you cared for me. For every kiss I was paid back with harsh comments and stinging accusations. And in the entire time I never mattered once. I was a possession. I want to rip into you with rows of teeth and tear every bit of flesh from your bones. I want to consume you and skin you and watch you twist and bleed under my hold. I want to slice open your skin with my teeth and watch the red come free. I want to feel the flesh rip apart under my control. I want to devour every piece of you and lick your bones clean. I want to suck the last pieces of meat off of your ribs and destroy you. I'm parasitic in my bond and to pull me off would result in a beautiful open wound and you'd have to call me back to lap up the blood with my kitten tongue. Don't worry darling, your death will only take as long as it takes me to drag this blade through your throat. I'll sever every artery I can and drag my nails down the small of your back. My teeth on your flesh makes you quiver splendidly. And with each and every stroke I swallow you down further. I pause to toss my head back and taste liquor and fire in my throat. "It bothers me that you drink through this." And to that I only smirk and go in for more. I'll swallow your heart whole.