Saving A Friend

A friend of mine once wrote

A poem about himself dying.

I felt the same way, but instead, I helped him...

Oh, Lord, I hope he hasn't started trying.

I wrote him back,

Saying what aI have done to me.

I wrote for him to think about it,

And to let his life be free.

It was a sad poem,

Written to change an even worse one.

I, too, write poems about death and dying,

But when I think about friends, I'm done.

"There's better ways to die," I wrote.

Friends are the only thing that stop me.

Just friends, and only friends,

Not even family.

Don't let your anger get over you.

Keep it under control.

Life, they say, is a bowl of cherries,

But what if you find just an empty bowl?

Just keep calm.

Don't hurt yourself my friend.

Don't end it yourself;

Let God decide your end.