There have been some changes made to The Rainbow. First of all, the name. It is currently going by the title of Still Waters Run Deep. Once I figure out how to change the name, it will be done.

Also, I have written a sort of sequel. The summary is as follows:

Sunny Tempest, formerly Sunny Keith, is a fire elemental, though her real parents never got around to telling her. A senior in high school, she never expected the horrible accident that killed her foster dad and almost her foster brother. Suddenly fires are sprouting up all over the place, and the only person who knows what's going on is a strange little girl who claims she's an air elemental and that Sunny is the same, but with fire. All the while her foster brother has been in a coma and the only person who can save him is Sunny, but she has to act quickly. Fire ruined her life, but can it save it?

Though I don't actually come out and say it in the story, Sunny is Ari's blood-cousin. I may have them meet later, however for now, this is all I will say.

Hope you enjoy!