i smiled (like rain)

i walked out today
like rain in the middle of summer
one minute i was there and the next
i was gone out the door
and what was funny, and just a little bit sad
was that you didn't even notice
until you needed me
and that sorta makes me glad

because like rain in the heat of the day
walking away was a relief beyond words
and i had to smile as i stepped outside
into the downpour, arms wide, head back
i was crying, because it hurt
but i was smiling, because i knew things
would get better, soon
and that made me smile because i knew
it had to be true

and like rain on a cold winters night
leaving you gave me a reason to become warm
by myself in my bed, with nothing but the sound of the rain
when usually i could hear you breathing instead
and like rain, turning away from you brought me a chill
yet i smiled, smiled because i knew it was real
and you didn't even know it
and i had to smile at it

because like rain, i sang when everything was blurred
and when everything was dark, i had to smile
because like rain, i could leave without goodbyes
i could just disappear without reason
and it makes me smile, to know
i left you behind and for once
i wasn't that one