By Elizabeth Board

One pristine Sunday the preacher was giving his weekly sermon going on about this and that. Every time he said the word God or any euphemism thereof a little angelic giggle would echo from the back of the sanctuary. He tired to ignore it and go on with his Christian babble but the laughter slowly wore down his last nerve. Finally in exasperation he stopped and surveyed the room. Near the back he saw a young woman trying to quiet her young blonde daughter. With all the justification and power of God behind him he swept down the aisles of pews to where the duo sat. The mother saw his approach and attempted to rouse her daughter from her bout of giggles to no avail. The preacher tapped the little girl, in all of her Sunday splendor, on the shoulder. She turned her doll like head up towards him fixating on him with inquisitive and, despite her smaller stature, challenging eyes.

"Little girl," he said "who do you think you are?"

"I'm God." The little girl said with a laugh.