He Licked Her Heart

By Elizabeth Board

The scratches on his back burned when he finally put his shirt back on. The pain wasn't as bad as when he'd showered and the warm water had seared his torn skin. He did the buttons of his shirt with ease, ignoring the pangs of pain that functioned as protest from his bloody, injured knuckles. He walked over to the bed where she lay in sheets of blood, her body slit open from sternum to pubic bone and her slick wetness of her entrails exposed to the world. Various internal organs decorated the bed, bite marks in some of them, others were missing whole chunks, but none of them were untouched. He smiled remembering the look of absolute horror on her face when he had actually pressed the knife down, spreading the skin and pulling up some smooth slippery organ up to his lips, and biting down. He had eaten her beautiful internal organs, right in front of her eyes. He licked her heart. He did this all for love. If you knew her, you'd devour her too.