Sharp Slices of Dark Sky

By Elizabeth Board

I'm begging your eyes to come closer. You refuse to even look at me watching the powder form in my mind. The ebb and flow of ecstasy dance through my pupils. We are one in the same, grey blue irises studying each other's sighs. But you're so far gone. We've destroyed are chances through layers of fa├žade, that can never be broken down. I want you closer than you'll ever let yourself be. Hearts connected with bloody tendons and lacerations of the deepest sort. You've watched me struggle, twisting under your grip. You're the coldest person I've ever met, eyes like ice and a body like stone. I close my eyes and feel the tears well up; I'm begging you to wipe the pain from my face. Begging you to break my throat and leave my body along the freeway.

You've turned me into a million silent pieces. Thousands of slashed, trashed, cracked shards of who I used to be. Is there a reason that you've let me fall from grace, slip beneath the seas. Do you even mind that the interims are filled with destruction and malevolence? The darkness is like liquor and gasoline holding me between the blade and the powder. Your words slice my flesh with their affect, their malice. You scar me silently, can you please...please. Nothing is free and all my pain is for sale. You manipulate, you destroy, you couldn't care even if you wanted to. Abuse me, you've done it before. Can't you see these invisible trails of tears; they've gouged their way through the flesh, creating ridges. These are forever reminders of each frozen mistake, marks that leave me with no choice. I'm bound to him forever and tied away from you.

We'll hold a requiem bedded down beneath the floor boards. The sludge drips between the crevices drawing on our fingers and reopening brutal wounds with loving force. We'll fake life for the rest of time and make sober love under the sky ablaze with eclipses. The air smells like rosemary and we lie out in the sun waiting for the downfall, waiting for the letdown. "I don't love you anymore," cuts through the air, his laughter is surreal and constant. The beetles swarm through the floorboards and cut off the air echoing his song. The window panes are veiled in his excrement and tomorrow will always be a faded dream. He bent to kiss me, begging a constant forgiveness and I turned away and couldn't care anymore. We are faded fashions spent out through time; we're cut outs dancing through fields of blood flowers. Our eyes are daggers in the noontime moans.

Alone we separately faint into gutters, eyes hollow shells of past empathy. The reflections of our destructive decadence are strewn amongst the fractured photographic memories. His heart beats in rhythmic falsettos, scraping between passion and delirium. He slices where the veins and capillaries merge and listens to the gurgling struggle. Sharp slices of dark sky peer through the parts in my flesh. Eyes, darling, eyes is all I can give to you.