Rainy, Starlit Night

Oh, delicious, devouring rain,
Falling so sweetly on me!
In a sentence, I've forgotten my heart's pain,
And look, I fly! I am free!
Do I—did I—dream?
Reality is better than vivid imagination!
Surely, this can't be what it seems—
But I won't destroy this rare, fabulous sensation.
Alone at night—
Ha! Never alone could I be.
Look at how the trees are surreally bathed in starlight;
Hear the echo of when the angels sang to me.
Sweet love, oh lovely, happy, beautiful night!
Did he truly mean what he said?
Oh, Fire of Love, hope—true or false—in me fully ignite
Let me be burned until I am dead,
Even as the rain melts and cools my skin.
Oh, God, let this love begin!