Untitled #13

My life plays in monochrome slides

Cast out between his comings and goings

An entire life of dependence and loyalty

An imagined slavery to his voice

His kisses fuel this addiction

Pressing like delicate fury and holding fast

He begs softly for this to all be real

As we watch each other waste away

This is poetry written in flesh, for each of us to consume

Doing our part to ensure life in the other

These hearts are entangled, veins and capillaries

The simple bondage of our heart strings

The finality of his words make pain an entity of death

And draw me in closer, deep into his embrace

Listening to his voice as his lips move in rhythm with my heart beat

The darkness and depth, the ratio of life the same as my own

Listening to his words, his pain, is like looking in the mirror

And tracking my own demise, his reflection is in fractures

Facets of his life, embedded in me

A museum of his history my body has become