Hypnotize Me

You've fallen short of your goal;

slipped up and run out of allotted time.

I meet your eyes and beg you to come closer.

Tap into the passion that runs just below your skin;

that seething surge of blood in your veins,

it calls to me.

The physical closeness is nothing but an 'honorable mention'.

I don't want a pat on the head - a compilation prize.

I want you, full of hate and anguish; begging me

- drawing lies from my crooning tongue.

I see something whispering behind your eyes

and I want it to speak my name.

I want your hands gripping my wrists and threats of death spilling off your lips;

only silenced by one hostile kiss.

I want cracked glass and hypodermic memories.

I want to replace everything with careful charcoal features and muted dialogs.

Join me.

You have a slick smile and a quiet malice.

I can see you pinning me to asphalt with a sadistic lust;

tearing into my flesh and leaving lighter burns on my wrists.

I want it to be you that branded me;

but I'll settle for some feeling.

Please; come closer and read between the lines.

My words are backward and conniving

but you'll be roped into their seduction.