Untitled 27

Terrify me, baby.

Carving hands coming into frame,

armed with scalpels and hell bent on chasing me.

Fade in from white,

angelic and decimated; I lay

pearls of blood glistening along my throat

that line cut into the deepest flesh.

Your hands are sketching, forever sketching:

black for blood, grey for shadows and white, haha, white for white

Your eyes watching, waiting

"Bleed out, baby, bleed out"

"I've been bleeding out for years now, can't you see?" I gurgle in response.

You laugh and it's 'I can't give a fuck' in the form of giggles.

Your fingers find their way into the caking, pooling, forming blood

playing like children in puddles, they are.

"Don't leave finger prints, savior" I'm in death throw ecstasy and my phrases are increasingly incoherent.

I repeat "savior savior savior" and it echoes off the walls in a chorus.

You pick up that same weapon and dig it into the skin just below my navel.

Dig in.

Dig in and cut,

the words 'fade to white' were written on the corpse.