Lady Luck

He slept with Lady Luck last night

She opened her arms wide

And beckoned him inside

Into the bright lights of Las Vegas

She flitted among

The gamblers


The unfaithful

And she ignored those

Without hope

But she chose him

She rested her weightless head on his shoulder

And chose to anoint him

With her love

He had been hurtling towards

The creditors

They had already started

Banging on his door

With bills

In hand

His wife had gladly left him

With only a whimsy excuse

And now Lady Luck

Had wrapped her manicured hands around him

And smiled a delicate stretch of her

Perfect red lips

And whispered encouragement in his ear

And so he gambled

With her blessing

And a fountain of golden coins

Spilled from the mouth of the slot machine

Lady Luck laughed

Her giggle like

The tinkle of small silver bells

And a few flirty gossamer strands of her hair

Brushed across his cheek

A cheek deep red with desire

But in the morning

Lady Luck had left him

And as he went to the airport

A rush hour car sped through the murky water

Tossing a shower of sludge onto his face

And Lady Luck

Where ever she was


With a playful smile still stretched across her face