Untitled 23

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.

Ring out over me and watch as burns fade into raised regrets.

The road spreads out like a canvas of soon to be created memories.

The days all meld into night in the same slow way that we tore each other apart.

Rotting from the inside out is oh-so common.

All I want to do is destroy; myself and everyone around me.

Dear Self,

Be my victim.

I don't have the energy for your games anymore. I want to take everything from you and pile it/them/me into a car and drive away leaving a path of bodies and twisted spines behind.

I want to erase you all from my memory with liquor, lies and drugs – never tasted.

I want to bury the blade into thick thigh flesh and leave it there to rust, indefinitely.

When I want to start living again, I'll let you know. Until then bite this curb and taste concrete. Don't worry; I'll be back to stomp your ego into bloody.

Have you ever imagined slicing me?

Watching scalpel part baited flesh.

Watching it split,

just like I have every night for ten years.

Blood oozes from every crevice.

Please stop asking, please stop the stares.

No, I can't remember last night and I'll never know your name.