"The Girl"

Her voice choked with tears

She cries for it all to stop

Her body writhes in pain

Only angst is brought

Her eyes shimmer slowly

Coming back to wake

But she is only left

With the horrors of bodies that break

Anger pumping through

Like heroin in her veins

Her tears break like glass

On a floor covered with your disdain

The tears make fine lines across her face

And memories of previous nightmares

Turn her lips into a grimace

Of only the up most love

For those that used her

Because love is all she lives for

Love is all she'll never know

Lips have scorned her broken heart

I think she looks pretty

With these ridges running along her wrists

Mirrors of her spine

A poem written on her skin

With blood for ink

And you for a pen

Abuse me; I look good in black and blue