It's Time for a Kill

Raindrop for teardrop,

The world floods when she cries

The world shakes as she trembles

Heartache for disasters, we're about to encounter

"Forget me not" she quietly whispers to herself

As she prays for the courage to come

Settling in,

So she can take her leap of faith

But an unseen force stop hers,

Keeps her

Thou shall not sin

What is she waiting for?

What is keeping her?

Maybe, the smallest, most insignificant piece of hope

Maybe a small glimmer of love?


But she smells and tastes the mist of the ocean,

It's calling for her as another tear drops

As the rain starts to gently shower her and hide her tears

Memories of the past flood in her bloodstream

Rage, sadness, loss, guilt, fear all rush through her

As the sun shines through the moonlight

And lightening strikes the Earth

It is time,

For my kill.