Demonic Ritual

The monster watched the girl wandering aimlessly. He had been watching her for almost two hours without making any move of any kind of his part. She, on the other hand, had been lollygagging and aimlessly toying with her surroundings in the most dispassionate way. She expressed no satisfaction of any kind to flipping through a magazine, listening to the popular music of the time and watching video clips on a cable TV channel, or eating a crispy chicken salad.

Without warning, the monster leapt from his position in the shadows and grabbed the young woman. He covered her mouth to muffle the noise of her screams and cooed soft, intoxicating words into her ear. She slowly stopped struggling as the monster's spell took her over. Her arms slackened and her feet stopped shuffling. She looked as though she were being lulled to sleep.

The demon slowly turned her towards him, releasing her delicate face from his hand. His left arm slid around his neck and his right wound around her waist. Her golden hair gleamed in the dim light. His amber eyes gleaming, he revealed his tiny dagger teeth and sunk them into her neck.

The fresh blood flooded into his mouth. The whole room seemed to pulsate with the beating of the two figures' hearts, now one steady rhythm. He slowly pulled the blood from her body. Her fingers twitched involuntarily. Her eyes widened slowly and snapped shut.

With the blood came the images from her mind. In a matter of seconds, the monster had seen her entire life laid out perfectly. He closed his eyes slowly and pulled her young, limber body closer to his. Her heartbeat was slowing. Her breathing was soft and peaceful. His heart was slowing with hers. He slowly pulled away from her, still holding her close, and watched her as her final breaths escaped her and she died in his arms.