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Alissa flipped her hair over her shoulders as she glided up the stairs to her new high school in Washington. She felt a new air of confidence surrounding her, causing her to grin like an idiot. New school, new life, new Lis. She was going to reinvent herself. No longer would she be "Little Lis". She was going to show these students at Parkview Acadamy who's boss, and she was going to lay it out strong.

She pushed her Chanel sunglasses further up her nose as she was almost through the doors. She was going to make a good impression this time. Not like last time she moved, when she was 11. A little chubby kid with a big heart, and an even bigger appetite.

Alissa involuntary shuddered. Ever since she dropped all of the weight, it still made her nausius thinking about those days again. No one would talk to her on the first day of 6th grade, only another similar girl named Cassy. Those were the days were you wore over-sized t-shirts, and stretchy pants rolled as far as you can get them. She shuddered inwardly again. Gross.

Now at 16, she was starting Junior year, and boy, was she going to make a splash in this school. Parkview Acadamy will never know what hit them.

I finally made it into the school, and was soon swarmed with lurking eyes. It seemed everyone was staring at me. Literally, everyone. I guess they don't normally get to many new kids?

"Alissa? Alissa Carter! Wait up!"

I turned around to become face to face with a bubbly redheaded girl, her nose covered with freckles.

"Hi Alissa. I'm Sarah. Sarah Jones. I'm with the welcoming committee! Welcome! Here," Sarah shoved a piece of paper into my hands, "this is the map of the school, and here," cue: another paper "is your schedule. Okay? Any questions?" This Sarah chick was kind of annoying, no? Naw, just, uh chipper.

"Uh no, thanks." I said. "Oh and, Sarah. How exactly did you know who I am?"

"Oh silly, I know everyone here. And I read your file. Suspended for cell phone use in freshman year!? Shame, shame. Oh, and I also know you moved from Kentucky. Beautiful state that is! My grandparents live there. It's wonderful." Sarah gave me a once over. Uh, creepy?

"You know, you look just like… no, never mind. Forget I said anything!" Sarah looked almost… scared; of me?

"Okay then." I said, inwardly laughing, and turning down the nearest hall away from Sarah. "I got it from here, thanks."

"Oh no. I don't mind walking you to class." Sarah announced happily. What? No way. I looked around at everyone's questioned faces. Did I really want to be seen hanging out with this girl, who seemed like she had no friends? No. I glanced around again apprehensively.

"No thank you. The school isn't that big, I'll find them alright." I mumbled.

"No, but I insi-" Sarah began before she got a hand in her face.

"I said no, now if you will excuse me, I'm going to be late to my first period. So have a good day, Sally."

"But- My name is Sar-" But I didn't get to finish. I had already started heading down the hallway.

I knew I had been mean to that girl, but I didn't care at the moment. All I cared about was good first impressions. First impressions were key. Well, that wasn't a good impression towards her I guess, but her opinion doesn't matter at this point in time I suppose--- oomph!

I soon found myself knocking into one of the other students left in the hallway, one of those awkward shoulder bumps that actually bruised.

"Ow, uh watch where you're going, thanks." I mumbled, gathering my dropped bag off the ground. Wait, was that was a bad first impression?

"Oh wow, I'm sorry, look, I didn't mean it." I mumbled starting up into a pair of light blue eyes. It was a boy... a guy...? A very hot guyboy! He had light brown hair, and was quite tall. A good 3 inches taller then my 5'8 frame. I had long, dark brown hair, near my middle back area. My nose and cheeks were scattered with freckles. But let's not stray from the problem at hand now people!

The boy stared intently at me, his eyes never leaving my face. This was getting beyond creepy, let me tell ya.

"Jessica." He whispered to himself. Did he just call me Jessica?

"Uhh, no. My name is not Jessica. It's Alissa." I said confused. Who the heck? The boys face soon got an angry feel to it.

"Watch where you're going freshman!" He bellowed out of no where. He stalked off.

I turned around to get a glimpse of his back. "I am not a freshman! Try junior, thanks! And you should watch were you're going!" I huffed angrily and pulled my bag further up my shoulder.

New Alissa is NOT working!

I trudged to first period APUSH. Who actually signs up for AP classes? Oh yeah, me. Because I need to go to stupid college, and stupidly graduate, and get married to a stupid guy, so I can have lots and lots of stupid money!

Alright, I'm getting off task. APUSH… here I come.

I was five minutes late, thanks to the stupid boy who thinks my name is Jessica. When I walked in, everyone's eyes were immidiently on me. Why does everyone seriously keep staring!

"Alissa, I presume?" The teacher asked lowering her eyeglasses.

"Yes ma'am, Alissa Carter." I said in a southern accent. I hope that'll go away soon.

"Well Alissa, why don't you introduce yourself to the class. It seems you already have every single student's attention in here already. And if you don't already know, my name is Mrs. Waldorf."

I nodded at the teacher, and turned my attention back at my gawking classmates. Some of them actually had their jaws dropped, and others holding their hands over their mouths. Something is seriously wrong here!

"W-well," I stuttered nervously, "I'm Alissa Carter, how y'all doin'? Uh, I just moved here from Kansas, and I, uh-"

"Do you know Jessica Welker?" A student cried out in shock. Jessica Welker? Was this the same Jessica guyboy was talking about?

"Um, no sorry. Don't recall any Jessica." I said, actually frightened some what.

I load whisper arose from the class, and no one even took their eyes off of me.

"Now class, I do not know what is going on here, but please hush up. Alissa, please have a seat in the empty desk in the back." Mrs. Waldorf said.

"Yes ma'am."

I walked to the back, every person I passed turned to look at me. I sat next to a blonde girl, who gave me a confused look.

"Okay look, what is going on?" I asked the girl. "Why is everyone looking at me like I'm a ghost or something?"

"Because you are..." The girl mumbled.
"Excuse me!?" I shouted at her, making the class turn to look at me once again.

"Please Ms. Carter, keep quiet." Mrs. Waldorf said, turning her attention back to the board.

"What do you mean, 'Because you are'?" I hissed at blonde girl.

"You... you look exactly like Jessica." She said wide-eyed. Oy vey, new Alissa is definatly out of the picture. How can I be new Alissa, when I'm old Jessica?

"Please, who are you... and who is this famous Jessica everyone keeps talking about?" I asked.

"Jessica Welker... she... was murdered in her home last year. No one really got over it, and the case was never solved." She said shaking her head. "But you look just like her... if I didn't know any better, I'd say she came back to life... Oh, and I'm Kacie, by the way." She said giving a weak smile.

"So, that's why everyone keeps staring at me, because they think I'm this Jessica Welker girl?" I asked lamely.

"Well no, duh. They don't think you are her. You just look so much like her, and I'm sure a lot of emotions are coming out for a lot of people. Me and Jessica used to be best friends. And now you show up, and are her clone. I don't think anyone'll be able to take this, girl." Kacie said to me.

"Listen, if you want, you can come eat lunch with me. It'll just be you and I, and I'll tell you the whole story, okay?" Kacie asked. I nodded my head.

So, I'm the old Jessica Welker. How can I be the new Alissa now?

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