Sweet Sin

I can see you here

Kissing my neck

With those two lips

That I can never forget

Uttering words that make my heart flutter

Under your gaze my legs turn to butter

But you catch my as I fall

Your chest as solid as a wall

Your hand travels over my chest

Loving the feeling of you hands on my breast

Leaning in to feel more of you

You pull away leaving me confused

Looking down

Showing the shame on my face

I gasp in surprise at your embrace

You tug at buttons

That gives way at your will

Soon there is not a thing

That covers my skin

In front of you I lay bare

Submissive to your stare

What is that look in your eye

What is this feeling

Somewhere deep inside me

A flame is burning

Your eyes are devouring me

With out a word you lay me down

Touching my shame

You're drawing the forbidden sounds

From my lips

Your hands explore

You're feeding my flame

And I'm yearning more and more

You move away

And as you undress

My breathe comes out in huffs

I can see that your need can't be suppressed

You move close again

The heat radiating off of you onto me

I can sense your flame

It's drawing me in

As skin touches skin

And hearts beat as one

You look me in the eye

But I am long gone

You enter me slowly

Savoring every moment

With out making a sound

Of this unspoken commitment

To you my body is bound

I feel your presence within me

As if we have melded together

It is the closest to you I can get

It is the most I can do for you

It is the only love I can get from you

I want to be yours with all of my being

No matter what it takes

I'll always be willing

This one sided love is fine

This is the only way you can be mine

My love for you

Is nothing

Women are troublesome

Weren't those your words

I was hoping I could be

More than the others were to you

But this is the only way you see me

Yet through the night

You hold me tight

And what was that

Did you just utter my name

In the midst of what kind of dream

I move away from you and attempt to retrieve my clothes

I heard your voice before I felt your hand

If you see me like this what am I too do

He said to me 'You are beautiful'

Then the taboo words were spoken

'I love you'

Then his warm arms wrapped around me

And a tear fell down my check

'I love you too' I manage to squeak

I've been such a fool

Thinking I was only your tool

When this whole time

I was using you

If I'd told

What was in my heart

Maybe we would have had a better start

But who cares about the past

Our hearts are already stuck fast

With your words you pull me in

And we delight in our sweet sin