-The Cosplay Diner

Summary: Emily works at an anime crazed diner with a gay waiter, hot cooks, a perverted boss, sassy waitresses, and troubled customers. When she finds the girl of her dreams, can she win her heart? Or be totally shot down? (Shoujo-ai)


I work at an anime crazed diner, with crazy co-workers and a very perverted boss. I go to a high school with teachers who are literally out-to-get-me, and I've got an I.P.C project I have to finish with the girl of my dreams… Who hates my guts. (Shoujo-ai)

Which one should I use? Oh! And, before I forget, some of the dialogue in here belongs to WrydWolf. He's such a genius.

-Chapter One-
-Maid Monday: Part 1-

"Ah." Ms. Pinkston, the ghetto I.P.C teacher, stated as she received a white slip from a student. "Looks like Emily is not going to be here. Again." She sighed, threw the slip over her shoulder, and rubbed her temple. "Great."

Rae sighed and buried her head in the cradle of her arms. She didn't care about some stupid girl who was always absent because of her job. She should just go to night school or something.

As I walked up to my first table of the day, I smiled. "Hey, my name's Emily. How--" I stopped when I heard the faint sound of music. I looked at the source: A boy with black hair, a hoodie, green eyes, and a listless expression. "Um…" I pointed at him bluntly. "There's, like, music coming from your ass…"

"Oh." He reached into his back pocket. "Check it out," He pulls out a green I-Pod Nano. "I just found my I-Pod." He looks at me, a smile across his features. "Thanks."

"Sure thing." I smile. "Just compliment me in the tip, 'kay?"

"All right." He chuckles. It was a low, deep one. "I'm Randy." And I took their order: 2 Dr. Peppers and 2 hamburgers.

My types of guys.

"I'll be pairing you by pairs for your project due next month." Ms. Pinkston paced back and forth at the front of the classroom. "I already gave you the sheet for it. And don't bitch about your partners, because I don't care." She looks at a clipboard and reads out the names. "Rachel and Martin..."

"Two DP's and two meat sandwiches!" I yell out as I enter the kitchen. I tap the white counter that's already filled with grease. "You got that Kevin?"

Kevin, the awesomely cute cook, looks into my hazel eyes with crystal blue ones. He grins.
"Yeah. You ditched the headband today?"

"Yeah…" I scratch a bit of my brown curls. "It made my head itch." Oh... I'm wearing a maid outfit. Why?

Because my boss is perverted.

It's traditional: Black and white right down to the frilly apron, fishnet stockings and the cute, short black dress. Maids, are, for some reason, sex-on-legs. The ridiculously short dress that makes every little breeze feel like a goddammed whirlwind, the little aprons, the stockings, the cute frilly headbands, the collar that makes me feel like a whore, the gloves that I shredded, everything. I don't get it.

We have to, all the waitresses and the one waiter here, wear maid outfits on Monday. My boss, Paul, is a perverted Asian nerd that thought it would be a swell idea to open up a restaurant with "entertaining" outfits. Our one waiter, Jason, is gay. So he doesn't mind the maid outfit.

"At least you don't have to wear these stupid gloves anymore." Tessa, another waitress, mumbles. "And I hate these fishnet things on my arms."

"Heh, you hate everything Tessa." I smirk. She smiles too.

"Damn right I do." She flicks some of her long, straight, blonde (3 different shades of blonde, mind you) hair over her shoulder. She sighs when she hears Paul yell out her name. "Gotta go." She grumbles and walks out the kitchen.

"Poor girl." Kevin shakes his head. "She's been working here too long."

"How long?" I ask, turning to face him again.

"I've lost track of the days."

"Damn. That is long."

"Zack and Lacey." Ms. Pinkston spoke in a monotone voice.

"What?!" Lacey cried. A blonde whose chest was bigger than her brain. "But Zack's a faggot!"

"And?" Zack had his arms folded and leaned back in his desk. "You're a slut."


"Rae and Emily." Ms. Pinkston turned and continued her pacing.

Rae's head shot up. Her short, dark brown hair fell into her eyes. "What?" She hissed. Emily? The girl at the restaurant?

Ms. Pinkston caught her gaze and said, "You're going to have to go by Emily's work and tell her you two are partners." She smiled evilly. "And remember, this is worth 25 percent of your grade this semester. You need to get a good grade on this Rae." The smile faded and the teacher returned to her list. "Nichole and Patrick..."

"Hey, maid, girl…" A blonde boy snapped his fingers at me as I passed by. I sighed and looked over my shoulder, annoyed. "Why don't you sell chicken penne?" He asked, pointing at the menu.

"Why don't you rot in hell?" I walked briskly off, slapping a high-five to Tessa on the way out; grinning.

The bell sounded and Rae walked out of the classroom. Great. Emily. She would have to work with Emily. It's not like she was mean or anything. They were just… On different "ranks" in High School.

Her being up there and Rae being down there.


"Holy shit!" I jumped back as one of the bus boys, Tyler, zipped past me. "Whats going on?"

"It's the first bitch of the day." Kristy, long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes waitress, told me.

"Oh really? Who's table is it?"


"Oh shit." I ran out of the kitchen faster than a gay guy trying to talk to Tom Cruise.

When I spotted Tessa, I stopped dead. She was in the middle of a big roast by some pinch-faced customer. She was beating Tessa's ass bad.

"I also saw a cockroach the last time I was here." The lady was scolding. "Did you fix that?"

I saw Tessa's grip on her writing pad tighten.

"Also, the food sucked. I hope it wont this time. And, what is with this drink? I asked for Coke. This tastes like Root Beer."

Her knuckles were turning white.

"And another thing. What's with the maid outfits? This isn't some whore house, you know."

"Emily?" I jumped when I heard Kevin's voice beside me. We were both leaning on the golden bar that serpeated the lower from the higher section. "Did Tessa snap yet?"

"Not. Yet." I took a deep breath. "And I'm not going to let her."


Before I knew what was happening, I found myself beside Tessa saying, "Um, sorry miss, but Tessa is needed in the kitchen."

"Wait. I haven't even ordered yet. Are you stupid?"

Oh, this lady was gonna get it.

"Hello? I'm talking to you."

"Um…" I look at Tessa. She's tightened her jaw and is glaring at the lady. "I'll take your order. Tessa. You're needed out back."

"It's. Okay." Her teeth were clenched together. "I. Can. Stay."

"No, you really cant." I try to smile. "Um… Paul's… Uh, upset."

"Bastard. Can. Wait."

"No, he cant."

"Yes." She looks at me, but I guess she saw the desperate look on my face. Because next she sighs and says, "Oh, Paul." She turns on a heel. "Right." I let out a thankful sigh and take the bitches order.

Rae looked at the clock. She sighed. Only one more period to go till lunch.


"Okay!" I ran into the kitchen. "I got the order: Two medium rare steaks and another Coke." I look at Tessa. "Tessa?" I hold out my thumb. "Yes or No?"

Tessa looks at me, blue eyes turned to ice, and hisses. "Bitch is gonna die." She slams her thumb downwards and Kevin cheers.

"Hellz yes!" He punches the air. "First bi-otch of the day! Let's smoke this sucka'!"

He cooks the steak, picks it up, and drops it on the floor. "Whoops." He picks it up, slams it on the plate, grins, and slides the plate to Justin; the side cook. "Justin?" Kevin raises an eyebrow.

"Let's add a little seasoning." Justin, black hair black eyes, grins. He takes off his shoe, turns it upside down, and dumps out everything that was inside it. He slides the plate to Tyler, the bus boy.

"How about some guacamole?" He looks around, Justin cheers his approval, and Tyler smirks. He blocks a nostril with his thumb, breathes in, then breaths out, hard. A fat booger fly's out and lands on the broccoli at the edge of the plate. The plate slides over the only other bus boy, Rob, a Mexican with hypnotizing green eyes and brown hair.

Rob takes on a mysterious look and says, "This steak needs some ketchup." He takes out a knife, but Kevin grabs it.

"Whoa, whoa!" Kevin takes the knife. "What are you thinking? You cant cut yourself!"

"Yeah!" I add. "Get a grip, man!"

Rob hangs his head. "Sorry." He mumbles. His head jerks up. "Ah!" He grabs the steak. "How about some A1 sauce?" I watched in horror as Rob took the steak, reached behind him, put it down his pants, and rubbed it against his bare-bottom. Ew. Sick. This whole place is sick. He takes it out with a triumphant grin, it has dark spots on it, (Ew! Ew!!) and he slaps it on the floor, steps on it, puts it back on the plate, and hands it to me.

"Tessa." I hand her the plate. "You carry the plague to your customer. God speed."

"Wait! Wait!" I look behind me, at Jason. The gay, brunette with brown eyes and pink highlights ran over to us. "Put this on the mashed potatoes!" He drops a handful of gooey-white-stuff. Tessa makes a face.

"What is this?" She scrunches her nose up.

Jason beamed. "I just read this yaoi manga. Think of it as gravy, kay?"

"Uh… Jason…" I start to say.

"Holy fuck!" Justin stars in horror at the plate. "That's semen!" He looks at Jason and holds up his hand. "Nice one!" Jason giggles and gives Justin a high-five.

I push Tessa out of the kitchen. "Go now! Before someone else adds something to it!!"

The bell rang and Rae skipped going to the cafeteria. She walked out the double doors of her high school and headed towards The Cosplay Diner.


"Here you go," Tessa gave the lady her evil-bitch-smile and handed her The Plate. "ma'am."

"Thanks." The bitch spits at Tessa. (Not literally)

She takes her fork, me and Tessa wait patiently, cuts out a piece, my fingers start to tingle, and puts part of the steak in her mouth. She breaths in deeply through her nose. I cover my mouth, trying to hold in my laughter.

Rae walked a couple more blocks and turned a corner. What was she going to say? 'Oh hey Emily. Look, I know you don't like me, I don't like you, so let's just split the project in half, okay? So, we'll never have to see each other again.' She shook her head.

That wasn't going to work.

Me and Tessa ran out back, to where the garbage bins where, and laughed.
"Holy shit!" I yelled. "Haha, she ate it!"

"Haha-she-haha-went for the mashed potatoes too!!" Tessa choked.

"Ha! What a bitch!" We fell to our knees simultaneously and I felt hot tears fall down my red cheeks.

"Ahem." We heard a nerdy voice above us. We both looked up and saw Paul standing in front of us, arms crossed, and foot tapping angrily.

Rae took a deep breath when she found herself in front of the diner. She opened the door and a clip of the song "Fighting Dreamers" started to play. She looked around.

The place was divided into two levels: One was the higher level with a bar in the middle, some stool chairs, and a few tables. It was also bordered with a golden bar. The lower level, had nothing but tables, windows, and booths. The carpet was a slight maroon color and the hostess, a black haired, tall, blue eyed beauty, was stationed a little ways away from the door.

"May I help you?" She asked. Her voice as smooth and lovely as a wind chime.

"Probably not." Rae mumbled. Why the hell was she there again?

"Uh…" I looked at Tessa, she looked at me, and then I looked back at our boss: Paul.

"Why are you out here? You should be working."

"Oh is that it?" I blurted. "I thought you were gonna yell at us for fucking with that lady's food." Tessa shot me a look.

I hate my mouth sometimes.

"What?" Paul raised his non-existent eyebrows.

"She's just kidding, sir." Tessa clenched her teeth, glaring at me.

"Uh…" I smiled. "Ha, yeah. Don't know where my mind went!"

Paul shook his head. "For being so pretty, you sure are stupid."

"Haha, that's right boss! All boobs no brains." I snapped my fingers across my chest like it was a bad thing. "Such a shame." I added.

Paul nodded his head. "Sure is." He walked back inside and Tessa slapped my shoulder.

"Idiot!" She hissed.


Rae was seated by the hostess, Veronica, and sat quietly.

"Your server will be here shortly, Rae." Veronica smiled.

"All right." She watched as Veronica walked away.

Tessa and I walked back into the kitchen. Kevin gave me a worried look, I gave him a thumbs up and a smile, and I walked out into the main area.

My heart stopped.

"Holy shit…" I breathed. I saw a girl sitting by herself in a multi-colored booth by the window. She had short, dark brown hair that shimmered in the sunlight, and golden-brown eyes that were taking in her surroundings.

They eventually landed on me.

Rae saw a girl standing in front of two double doors that probably led to the kitchen. She had hazel eyes, brown curls that fell past her shoulders, and wore a maid outfit. She was staring at Rae with a shocked expression.

Rae knew this was Emily.

Well, this is a start. I've been debating with everyone I know if I should post this story or not. Kevin and Tessa begged to be in it, so there you go. It's my first shot at first-person and same sex stuff. I need help on the summary, so if you could just... Review... That would be oh-so nice.