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-The Cosplay Diner

-Chapter Forty-One-
-The Cosplay Chemical: Epilogue-

"Shut-the-fuck-up, Kat." I tried not to smile as I walked around in my God dammed Maid Outfit.

"Dude," One of my guy customers says in the background. "You did not just fart on my hand."

"Uh…" His friend looks kinda pale as I walk up to them. "Disgusting."

"Um…" I raise an eyebrow. "Hey… Need anything else?"

"Well," The first dude said. Brown hair, green eyes, black hoodie. "First off, we need the check. Second, I need you to get in my--"

"She's engaged." Tessa says over my shoulder. "To a girl."

"WHOA! THAT'S HOT!" Both the boys say.

"Uh, yeah, thanks Tessa." I say.

She shrugs. "I do what I can." As I start to walk away, Tessa says, "Oh, and isn't your I.P.C. project due today?"

I drop my black tray and dishes crash everywhere.



I run into my I.P.C. class with my Maid Outfit still on and yell, "I'M HERE! GOD, I'M HERE!"

"Holy shit, I want that." Some guy says. A few friends nod in agrrement.

"Oh…" I stare at my dress. "Shit."

"Well," Ms. Pinkston says. "since Emily-the-Slut, has joined us, Rae, why don't you two present us with your project?"

I look at Rae, she looks at me, and immediately starts laughing.

Hmph. She's lucky she's cute. And she's lucky that she's stolen my heart or I wouldn't take that! Nu-uh, no sir.

"Well?" Ms. Pinkston drummed her black fingers on her desk.

"Um…" I walk to the front of the class. "Rae? Care to come up here?"

She nods and walks to stand next to me. I wrap my arm around her, pull her close, and give her cheek a chaste kiss.

"Well! Ladies and gents! This, here, in front of you, what you see, right now, I'm not joking, right here, standing up, do you see this, right here, I'm telling you, right here, is the new chemical!"

"What--" Ms. Pinkston started.

"Ah! Ah!" I interrupted her. She glared. "I'm not done. We are two girls, who are engaged--"

"Emily, what--" Rae hissed. Her cheeks had turned scarlet.

Hey, I hate being a closet girlfriend. I'll never put up with it, and, shit, if people don't see it now, when will they? So, I continued... But maybe I went overboard with the 'engagement' thing... I mean I havent even proposed yet!

That's tonight, but dont tell anyone!

"and we are accidentally in-love! This new chemical you see is called… The Cosplay Chemical!" I started to giggle at my genius.

Stupid? Dumbass? Idiot? Oh-ho-no that isn't me anymore. Okay, maybe it still is, but not right now!

"You see, we met at my job; The Cosplay Diner. And… Well… We fell in-love."


"It took a lotta work, and a lotta stress, but we did it!" Pun? Maybe. Maybe. "I wear a Cosplay outfit, of a Maid, in front of you now, because this was the outfit I first met Rae in. Isn't it slutty? I know. Every Monday folks, every Monday."

Hey, gotta advertise the Diner, right? Oh dear God, you should see the commercial. Me and Tessa practically made whores outta ourselves.

I think Satan wants us as lovers now.

"And, we didn't plan on making this new chemical, and we had a few obstacles in the way, but… Well…" I sighed. "It works people. It works." I nodded, all knowingly.

"So…" The teacher said. "You don't have a real chemical?

"Yes." I said arrogantly. "We have The Cosplay--"

"You fail." She waved for the next person to come and present their project.


"Bitch failed us!" I screamed at the lunch table; throwing my fist down and making the white table shake.

"Shit…" Kevin breathed. He had cut work to help me with my 'problem'. "That sucks."

"I know!" I looked at Rae, who was at Alex's table, talking to her.


"Alex, sorry." Rae said calmly. She stared at the girl in-front of her. How had she ever chose her over Emily? How could she even begin to think that what she felt for Alex was love?

"So, that's it?" Alex spat. "You're leaving me for a slut?"

"She's not a slut, and you're a demented Nazi. Sorry." Rae walked away coolly, and sat next to Emily at their new table.

Emily wrapped an arm around Rae. Rae smiled at her, and was, for once, truly happy.

She could feel the forgotten feeling everywhere. Sparks flew whenever, and wherever, Emily touched her. Those forgotten feelings weren't really forgotten anymore.

"What should we do about the I.P.C. grade?" Rae asked, trying not to smile brightly.

"Hmm… I dunno." Emily said just as simply as everything else. "She should die though."

Rae nodded; agreeing as Kevin said, "Let's cock that bitch." He slammed his fist on the table and yelled, "Let's cock that bitch tonight! I have a shank! My dad's a cop, we can get away with it!" His blue eyes sparkled brillantly.

"Let's do it." Rae muttered. "I hate her."

Emily looked at Rae; surprised, then back at Kevin. She smiled and said, "Right on, but Kevin...?"

"Yeah, My Emily?"

"Do you have to say 'cock that bitch'? It doesnt sound right..." Emily blushed and Rae burst out laughing at Kevin's pale face.

It really didnt.