1A/N: Hey all. I know, it's been far too long since I've updated. And trust me, I feel horrible about it. But, I've found myself in a rather nasty writer's block. With that said, this piece as well as my new poem, "They Say," are rather rusty. PLEASE feel free to thoroughly rip these pieces apart!But seriously...don't just flame. Be constructive with your criticism. That's all I ask. Thanks again for taking the time to read this rather long note and my not-so-wonderful poem. Much appreciated! –Damaged–


So this is the end
I have nothing left to write
Words no longer console me
Weeping no longer soothes the pain
Life is such a ruse
And I am but a mannequin
Emotionless, expressionless, unresponsive
I know which words should be spoken
But I cannot comprehend how to speak
I have become a slave to their desires
Only to transform into everything I hate
A mannequin, blank-faced and detached
Personality is merely a myth
In this world where the aggressive survive
Is it better to be the puppet
Or to attempt to be a real child?