In the year 1253 A.D. there was a young princess named Hitara who was promised to marry a prince named Karhi. Hitara was from the Fudomine nation while Karhi was from Penti . Their arranged marriage was to bring about the unification of the nations Fudomine and Penti. Fudomine were an elite race of samurai who were skilled in the way of the sword and could control the five elements. Penti were a race of sorcerers who possessed amazing abilities. Their spells are concealed on there backs and were magically placed there by spell books. On the night of there wedding there came a yell from the bedroom of the two. The guards ran up to the room and bust down the door. There was Hitara standing over the bloody body of Karhi. The guards of Penti immediately killed Hitara. This angered the King of Fudomine and he declared war upon the Penti. Penti did not back down and sent troops to attack the Penti. The war has been going on for twenty-seven years to this day.

During this war there are two men from each side that have chosen no side and wonder around sometimes killing who every opposed them. Their names were Kyshiro of the Fudomine and Shimaro of the Penti. They didn't know it yet but there paths would soon cross.

-- Syracho Sword --

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