I'm just a girl, who found some odd boy

And agreed for one night to be his toy

Soon realizing that I really wanted more

But never really knowing 'till I'm shoved out the door

Walking home in the rain with too much time to think

Like how there is so much water but never enough to drink

Or the fact that I'm walking where a tree once stood

Then realizing this concrete street once was all wood

Maybe the fact that I'm in love with the night

And how each star is placed exactly just right

Mind wandering to where romance ever went

Then leaving that place, knowing why it was sent

Dreaming new thoughts of horrors unseen

Reading the puddles and wondering what they mean

Counting the lines so I can remember each stride

Finding the secrets I promised to hide

Remembering memories I thought were sleeping

Slipping them back into bed, just for safekeeping

Jumping over lakes instead of walking right through

So I can grow old and forget about you

And your fantasies of being forever young

Because you made all my dreams come undone

Now I'm treading along this broken sidewalk

Recalling the last time I could actually talk

The last time I smiled and it wasn't a lie

Realizing each smile is always a sigh

Because somewhere is the soul I've hidden inside

Along with those tears that never were cried

But it's too late to think, for home is now here

And as I walked down that street I found my fear

So strolling up to my door and turning the knob

Entering those empty rooms I then let out a sob

My hands were like ice, my body frozen to the bone

As I realized my fear was that of being alone

And I glanced at the phone, and I glanced at your key

The one that was useless, but you had given it to me

The floor felt so hard, when I managed to fall

Because my heart realized you never would call

So I looked out my window, the sun rising was bright

Not like before, with gray and no light

And as the clouds parted the rain seemed to go

Releasing the stars and undoing night's show

Sunshine on my face, I suddenly knew

That the only words worth saying were "Chris, I love you"