An alarm clock rang, reading, 7: 00 A.M. It was slapped away by a hand that had withdrawn itself from the comforts of the blankets it was under to banish the annoyance back under the bed. The alarm clock fell off the nightstand, and was ignored as it emitted strange beeping noises.

A second later, someone was banging on the door.

"Aidan, come down stairs! I'm going to leave for work soon! Aidan! Aidan!" The door was thrust open, as a girl of about twenty-two stormed into the room. She stepped around the piles of dirty clothes, avoided tripping over a stack of videogames, and roughly pulled down the blinds, allowing them to snap back up, letting a bit of sunlight into the room.

The figure under the covers stirred. "What's the big hurry, Meagan? I can sleep for another twenty minutes." He glanced over at his sister, who appeared to be the intruder. She was already dressed for work, and had a half-eaten piece of toast in one of her hands.

"Classes start in the high school in about twenty minutes. You'd never make it to homeroom, let alone your first class on time."

Aidan jumped out of bed, searching the piles of clothes in his room, to see if there were any clean clothes lying around. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" He went through another pile, only to find a few ants at the bottom.

Meagan rolled her eyes. "You're fifteen for goodness sake! I'm not a babysitter…" She glared at her brother, who had found a clean pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

"Ah huh. Ride?"

She stomped out of the room, not saying a word. She turned, went down the stairs, and eventually went out through the front door.


In a couple of minutes, he was fully dressed, and ready to leave the house. He grabbed his backpack, which had been lying idly at the side of his bed since he had gotten home from school the previous day. He went over the threshold, not bothering to close the door, and rushed downstairs into the kitchen, getting a poptart from the cupboard. He left the house a second later, locking the door behind him.

All he heard was the sound of car horns, and annoyed birds as he raced to school. A couple of times, he was on the crosswalk too early, causing quite a few people to slam on their breaks. He would skid to a halt before running away from the car and the angry, cursing driver.

He was only a block away from school, when he decided to take a short cut. To be more specific, a shortcut through the park. The scenery was a blur of squawking pigeons, shaggy dark green grass, and trees that were blocking his way. He checked his watch, seeing that he had only five minutes to reach school on time. He silently cheered, as he saw the sidewalk and the school across the street from the sidewalk. Just then, an unfortunate setback occured.

He crashed into someone.

Nice one, Aidan.

He was thrown backwards through the wet, dewy grass, sliding to a halt, when he bumped against a park bench. Thoroughly soaked, he looked around to see who had caused this to happen, when he was thrown backwards once more.

"You're the guy that bumped into me! Aren't you?"

"Yes," he said meekly.

The speaker appeared to be an eleven-year-old girl, but that didn't seem correct, as her voice was a bit lower. She strode over to where he had fallen, and grabbed him by his shirt collar, lifting him up into the air.

Now, Aidan wasn't exactly tall. Barely five feet tall, but still taller than this girl. She lifted him up so high, and with such force that he was beginning to wonder how on Earth she was able to do such a thing. He must've weighed about twenty pounds more than her, and yet, he was the one in the air.

"Apologize!" she demanded.

"Ok fine, I'm sorry."

She growled, and held him up in the air even higher, when, a beeper went off. She seemed to be the owner of it, as she let go of him with one hand to silence the noise. She read the message, and in less than a second, her expression changed from angry to one of being anxious. In a millisecond, she was gone. Aidan was still dangling four feet from the ground for another millisecond, before landing on the ground with a thud.

Now that was…odd.

He got up, looking around for the strange girl, but saw no one, besides an elderly woman that was walking her dog.

He scratched the back of his head, trying to figure out where she had gone, when he realized that he had less than a minute to get to school on time.

In half a second he was running down the sidewalk, and pushing past various people on their morning strolls. He breezed past the crowd of people waiting at the crosswalk. Cars skidded to a halt, as people slammed on their breaks, not wanting to hit him.

"Hey punk! Get the hell off the road!"

"Someone could've hit you!"

"Were you trying to kill yourself?!"

The angry drivers continued to scream at him as he passed. Aidan ducked as someone's shoe flew past his head. His only concern at the moment was getting to school on time. He raced to the other side of the street, where Bridgewater High School stood.

It was an imposing structure, being three floors high, and taking up more than a block of land. It had been in the town longer than anybody wanted, or cared to remember.

Aidan ran up the steps as fast as he could, thrusting the door open, and running into the deserted hallways. He ran past classrooms, causing the kids in the classrooms to get out of their seats, and stare at him as he went frantically through hallways. At last, he reached his locker, shoved his backpack inside, grabbing his books.

He jumped over a yellow sign that stated one should be cautious around the wet area near the French classroom, just as someone was opening the door, he sailed in, and made it into his seat before his teacher noticed that he had been missing.

When Madame Vaux had turned around from the chalkboard, she noticed that the empty seat in the backrow had just been filled.

"You're late."

Aidan just stared back at her. "I got caught in traffic. A guy started throwing things at me."

This earned a couple of sniggers from the class.

Madame Vaux frowned, looking at the impudent jokester that had just arrived in her classroom. If she had had her way, he would've been expelled the first day of last year, when she had first had him as a student. But no, the principal just had to give him a second chance...

She stomped up to him, and stated as angrily as she could, "Detention."

All he did was smirk, and say, "The usual time, right?"

This caused a couple of the kids around him to giggle.

Madame Vaux shot him an angry look, and said, "Yes. Today, after school, at three fifteen."

"Wouldn't miss it."

Without saying a single word in retaliation, she walked back up to the blackboard. "Take out your homework from last night. We'll go over that right now. You'll need to use it to study for tomorrow's quiz."

Yay, another chance for me to screw up and get an F.

Aidan opened his French binder, remembering that he had decided a while back that he didn't give a damn about passing French. Or any other class for that matter. The sheet that Madame Vaux had handed out the day before still sat in his binder, staring back at him. He narrowed his eyes, trying to see if his French homework would magically do itself.

No luck so far.

"We'll start on this side of the room," Madame Vaux stated. "Annabella, would you start us off?"

Aidan whipped out a pencil, determined to finish the homework before Vaux called on him. Giving up before he had even finished the first homework problem, he took his homework sheet, and started folding it into a paper airplane.

Annabella nodded. She was about to answer the teacher, when a paper airplane hit the chalkboard with a sharp thwack.

"The answe---"

Another paper airplane hit the chalkboard, this time with more force.

" The answer i---"

Yet another airplane hit the chalkboard, sending a few pieces of chalk flying to the floor.

"Aidan," stated Madame Vaux through gritted teeth, "will you please see me after class?"

The amazing thing was that she had caught him without turning around. Had he been any other kid, it would've been very impressive. It wasn't though, as he had been the prankster, the "class clown" as far back as he bothered to remember.

...However, it had impressed his classmates. No teacher had bothered to catch him doing something wrong for years. They had started giving him detentions for every five things he did wrong. Such as throwing paper airplanes at the board during class. Madame Vaux was different, and this might've been due to the fact that she had only been at Bridgewater for a couple of years, and hadn't been able to meet him before hand, during the multiple freshman orientations that the town's Board of Education thought every single ninth grader would want to attend. Well, most did...

...Except Aidan.

...He had skipped all of them.

This just made every single one of his new teachers convinced of the fact that he was a slacker.

And he agreed with them.

The class went on normally, Annabella was showing off as usual. Aidan was pretty sure that she was half-French herself. This made him think that the overacheiving bookworm was being a bit of a slacker herself, going with French, because she spoke it at home, instead of challenging herself with Spanish. Well, the only reason he was taking French was because Spanish was already full.

The second after the bell rang, signaling freedom from the French classroom, Aidan left his books on his desk, and walked up to the front of the room, facing a very angry looking French teacher.

"...So what do you want me to do this time?"

She looked as though she might throw a fit at any moment. She glared at her student, before saying through gritted teeth, "After school, you're to report back here, and write an essay on what you did wrong during class. You're to include ways that you could improve upon this abyssmal behavior, and you're also to do the French homework from last night."

"...that's it?"

"Yes," she grumbled.


Without saying another word, Aidan grabbed his books, and headed out the door of the class, not giving another thought to the young, overly-stressed teacher.


Aidan had Biology next, which wasn't the greatest thing to follow French with. Mr. Johanson wasn't any nicer than Madame Vaux. If anything, he was worse.

"If you would all read page one hundred and five in the textbook, we can continue with were we left off in our discussion yesterday."

Well, he wasn't actually as strict as Madame Vaux, but his inconsequential drone about living organisms was twice was boring as Madame Vaux's lectures about French culture.

He had fallen asleep, while Mr. Johanson was busy drawing a diagram on the board that he was supposed to be copying, when an scratchy, hoarse voice sounded throughout the classroom.

"Teachers, please escort your classes to the gym for the assembly. The principal would like to make an announcement. Attendence is mandatory. Thank you."

"This assembly is supposed to take the rest of the period. Read pages one hundred ten, and answer questions three through thirty." Mr.Johanson put down the chalk, and turned to his class, who were gathering their books.

Annabella went up to Aidan and poked him.

"Think we should wake him up?"

"Nah. C'mon." Her friend Veronica pulled her away from Aidan's desk, and they hurried out of the classroom, following the rest of their peers.


About ten minutes later, Aidan woke up. He blinked a few times, trying to get his eyes to focus. For some reason, it was pitch black. He blinked a few more times, thinking that maybe he was still asleep, and that he would wake up in a minute or so. Then he tripped over something, and crashed into something that seemed to be a wall.

He felt very...wet. It occured to him that he had just tripped over a bucket, and landed in something...wet.

For a moment, while he was sitting on the slippery floor, the lights were switched on, to reveal the same girl that had held him up on the way to school. He also realized that he was in the janitor's closet.


The girl clamped her hand over his mouth. "Shhh, I'll get caught."

Darkness started to close in on the room, it took only a few seconds for Aidan's vision to blur. For a fleeting moment, he thought he saw the girl run out of the closet, and lock the door behind her. This probably wouldn't of been that notable, if it hadn't been for the fact that she was...inhumanly fast. Aidan tried to get up, and he almost did, before stumbling, and slipping on the slippery floor.

"Damn." He tried getting up again, but only suceeded in falling again.

This time, the darkness won.

He fainted.