Little Girl, Speak for Us

Not quite naïve,

Not quite mature,

I cannot find a word to describe her innocence.

Two years have passed,

And she still has not experienced the real world.

Chalky kisses in a dark broom closet.

A shiny silver new car,

With a big ribbon on top.

She says she's happy, but I can tell she dreams of a limo.

Life is not turning out the way she wanted it to be,

A big office with a short workday and much cash.

Instead, a cramped workspace with smelly co-workers.

It's taken a while,

And there are a lot more wrinkles in her face than she thought she would have.

But she can finally speak for the people.

The microphone is high quality,

She's always had a clear beautiful voice.

But her words come out jumbled.

Her first time speaking in politics,

And I think she's discovered the truth.

Little girl, you speak for the people when you cannot be heard.