Note: I'm sure this has been done dozens of times, but this is inspired by Stephen Lynch's song "Priest". If you've never heard it, you should go onto YouTube or something and watch it, because…it makes me laugh. …And this story wasn't meant to get so damn serious, but whatever.

This is going to be a one-shot. THERE IS NO MORE AFTER THIS. Whether I like it or not…::sigh::

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Confess Your Sins to Me

Caleb knelt upon the floor in front of the main alter at the front of the cathedral where he acted as Priest, his hands pressed together in prayer. His lips moved, but no sound emitted from them as he pleaded with God to give him the strength to ignore his desires, in particular the one that would most likely get him thrown into jail –priest or not. Never in his thirty years had his emotions been so messed up over one single person. He looked up, surprised as a throat cleared behind him, pulling him out of his hypnosis, having forgotten that he wasn't alone in the cathedral.

"Father?" Ezekiel's hands were held at his sides, dressed rather plainly in polished black shoes, black dress pants, and a white dress shirt, the first two buttons of which were undone, giving him a slightly disheveled looked. "I've finished with everything you asked. Is there anything else that I can do for you before I leave?"

Caleb bit his tongue to refrain from speaking his prayer out loud before shaking his head, turning back to do the sign of the cross before standing to turn away, "No, but thank you for your hard work today Ezekiel. It is always greatly appreciated."

He shrugged, running his hands through his hair, "It isn't like I have any other plans on a Sunday morning." He smiled, "Besides, I like it."

Caleb nodded, stepping down into the nave where Ezekiel was standing, "I'm glad, but you don't think you can be an altar boy forever, do you?"

Ezekiel laughed again, "I suppose fourteen is getting to be a little old, isn't it?"

Caleb smiled, "There are a lot of other things you can do to help me, Ezekiel."

"Maybe next year," He shrugged. "I should be getting home."

Caleb nodded, "Have a nice night, Ezekiel. I'll see you later."

"Goodbye, Father." He nodded, turning to walk down the center isle, and disappearing out of the front doors.

Caleb closed his eyes, pressing the sign of the cross against his chest, before turning to go about with his duties.

"Forgive me, Father for I have sinned. It has been…" the voice behind the screen sighed thinking back, "seven days since my last confession." Caleb's head lifted, recognizing Ezekiel's voice. Only a few moments before, as the typical Saturday confession having been rather slow, Caleb had been thinking that he hadn't heard from him. Usually his confessions were minimal, typical teenaged things…but today, he sounded distressed.

"Go on." Caleb urged after he had been silent for a few moments.

"I have been having impure thoughts, Father. For awhile now…I thought they would just go away on their own, but they haven't, and it is all very frustrating to me, because…" He sighed again, and I saw his silhouette move, his head in his hands.

"Would you like a moment to collect your thoughts, my son?" Caleb asked, curious as to what kind of thoughts he could possibly be so distressed about…sure that they could not be as bad as his own.

"No. I'm sorry…I just, I haven't told anyone about this. Not even my non-religious friends, just because…it would be weird. Especially with all of the stuff that was in the news awhile ago…"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh God…" He shook his head, "—you can add blasphemy to my list of sins, by the way. It's as if…I want to get this out of my mouth so bad. Like if I tell someone, it will stop, but it's like I can't tell you Father."

"I cannot absolve you of your sins unless you tell me what they are." He countered, "It is not my place to judge you, my son. Moreover, you know that everything said here stays here. If you tell me what is so bad about these…thoughts, I will attempt to provide any counseling you may need." Caleb's voice was soft and reassuring.

Ezekiel took a deep breath, "I've been having thoughts about another male…doing things with him. Sexual things, I mean."

"Have you –outside of your head I mean?"

"No!" His head whipped to face the partition, "Even if I had the courage to approach would be impossible."

"Is this someone you go to school with; one of your friends?"

He laughed softly, "You don't get it, do you Father?"

Caleb furrowed his eyes, "Perhaps not?"

"It's you Father. I can't help myself, and I feel so terrible thinking these things, but I can't help it! You are in my head, every waking moment, and even in my dreams."

Caleb was silent, still surprised, clearing his throat, "Ezekiel…"

"Oh Jesus…" He sighed, "I thought the point of confession was to be anonymous while admitting your sins?"

Caleb chose to ignore the use of Jesus' name in vain, "Listening to so few people on a weekly basis, you learn to recognize them by their voices, even if you cannot see their faces, but that isn't the point. These feelings, I assume you have prayed?"

"Yes, for months, but it doesn't seem to be helping."

Caleb made a murmur of agreement, "I find that God seems to have selective ear lately. You should be patient with him."

"I feel as though God is testing me, and I don't like it. If nothing can come of this, why instill it upon me? This isn't something that just suddenly occurred, Father. Ever since you replaced Father Jacob last summer…"

"And before I came here?"

He shook his head, "I don't know, I don't think I ever really noticed other boys before. I do now…I barely pay attention to girls at all. They just…they're missing something. They have no allure, and I know that the bible frowns upon this, but I can't help but feeling that the bible is wrong."

"Don't say things like that…I cannot absolve this sin if you say things like that."

"Why would God create something that he didn't believe in? He instills the options of our choices doesn't he? He is the one that decides who we love –we just have to find them."

"And you don't think you could ever find the woman that God meant for you to be with? Have you already given up that hope?"

Ezekiel was quiet for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't know. Maybe… I'm just so frustrated –excuse me for speaking so candidly, but men are beautiful, Father! I won't go into detail; that would be weird."

"You are only fourteen." Caleb shook his head, "You have a long life a head of you. Do you really want to profess this now?"

"I've accepted what I am, Father. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you." Ezekiel's voice was calm, "I hope you don't consider this confession when it comes to my duties to the church."

"Of course not," Caleb shook his head. "…Was there anything else? Anything I can absolve you for?"

Ezekiel shook his head, "No, Father. I don't think so."

"Well, then I guess you may go…" Caleb wasn't exactly sure what to do about a sin he couldn't absolve. "I only suggest that you continue to pray, and go on with your duties as a server here at the cathedral."

"Thank you, Father…for seeming to understand… You do understand, don't you? More then you can probably say, given your position."

Caleb didn't answer, but nodded.

"Good night, Father." Caleb heard him stand, the door to the confessional opening. He closed his eyes, replaying Ezekiel's confession in his head, making a split second decision. He stood, pushing open the door to his side of the confessional, surprised to find Ezekiel sitting with his head pressed against the back of the pew, the rest of the Church empty of parishioners. He looked up, surprised.

"Ezekiel…" Caleb closed the door softly behind him, leaning against it.

"Father?" He stood, "Is there something wrong? You look a little flushed."

Caleb pressed a palm to his cheek, before nodding, "There is…"

"Is this about my confession?" He asked.

"No, this is about mine." Caleb looked up, as Ezekiel crossed, standing a closer to him now. "I'm sorry, Ezekiel…I wish I could tell you that everything that is apparently wrong is perfectly normal, but my position forbids me from doing that. I wish that I could tell you that I feel the same way, but I can't."

Ezekiel looked surprised, "You do, Father?"

"I just told you that I can't tell you that I do. –And I hate speaking to you in these horrible rhymes. I want to be frank with you, but…I really can't, not in a place of God."

"Then…the rectory, maybe?" Ezekiel asked, referring to Caleb's residence behind the cathedral. He took a deep breath.

"It is still a house of god…but at least there, it is unlikely someone would over hear and misinterpret." Caleb let his eyes look away toward the altar where the contorted face of Jesus on the Crucifix overlooking them, before he nodded. "I still have confession until ten…I don't want you to get into trouble with your parents."

Ezekiel shook his head, "They aren't home anyway."

Caleb looked surprised, shaking his head, reaching into his pocket to withdraw a key, pressing it into Ezekiel's palm, "Then you can wait for me there, if you like."

He looked at the key for a moment before nodding, "I will."

The two turned as the doors creaked open, a rickety looking older couple emerging through the door.

"I'll let you get back to work." Ezekiel smiled, nodding slightly.

Caleb watched him disappear outside, before stepping back into the confessional.

"You said you wanted to speak frankly." Ezekiel watched Caleb remove the tab collar from his throat, unbuttoning the first few buttons of his shirt, then the cuffs of his sleeves.

"I say this as a man, not as your priest. And I trust that everything said here, or done here will stay between us. Can you promise me that?" Caleb asked.

Ezekiel nodded, "Of course, Father."

Caleb started to undo the buckle of his belt, pulling it out, rolling it up before laying it on the coffee table, then tugging his shirt out of his pants, making himself comfortable on the couch, "Ezekiel…you are so gorgeous."

Ezekiel couldn't help but smile, "Thank you."

"I have been having the same thoughts about you that you seem to have been having about me –I can't count the hours I have spent praying to God that he would stop sending me these images of you... Impossible positions, everywhere –complete blasphemy that some of these things should pop into my head…"

"What do you mean?"

Caleb titled his head back, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, "Frankly? I want to fuck you, Ezekiel. Ever since Father Jacob introduced me to you before his departure. I've never seen someone make a cassock look so…sexy –and the fact that you do just about anything I ask you to do…it doesn't help. Sometimes, I feel like I could test you to the extreme, just to see how much you are really willing."

"What do you want?" Ezekiel asked.

Caleb lifted his head to look at him again, "I already told you what I wanted."

"I don't think I could do that, Father…" He shook his head, "I mean, I feel exactly the same way, but…that would be hard for me to hide for long."

Caleb took a deep breath, pushing himself up from the couch, wrapping his arms around Ezekiel's smaller frame, pulling him close, whispering into his ear, "What do you want, Ezekiel?" He touched their lips together, his tongue coaxing past the younger boy's lips. His groan incited further groping, his fingers pushing underneath Ezekiel's t-shirt, his fingers stroking his abdomen.

The boy broke away first, "Father…"

"We aren't in the church; you can just call me Caleb." He brushed a lock of hair off Ezekiel's forehead.

"Are we both going to hell for this?" The innocence on his face surprised Caleb, who shook his head.

"I don't know. No one really knows. The bible is…a guideline of rules, but with modern society… Hell and damnation are around every corner."

He nodded, looking up defiantly, "If we do…I want it to be worth it."

Caleb smiled, pressing another kiss to his mouth, "I agree."

Ezekiel was hesitant before returning the kiss, letting his tongue push back against Caleb's, pulling the Father's hands from his clothing, interlocking their fingers. After a few minutes of kissing had passed, Caleb took a step back, touching his fingertips to his lips.

"Where are your parents tonight?" He asked, "You're not supposed to be home alone, are you?"


"Caleb." He corrected him.

"Caleb, I'm fourteen –almost fifteen. I think I can handle a few nights by myself." Ezekiel shrugged, "besides, I'm so painfully responsible that my parent's never worry about me. They're visiting my Aunt in Oregon. They'll be gone until Wednesday."

"Why didn't you go with?" Caleb asked.

Ezekiel shrugged, smiling sheepishly, "I didn't want to miss church."

Caleb smiled softly, lowering and shaking his head, "This is so bad, Ezekiel."

"Hey, if I have to call you Caleb, you have to call me Zeke."

Caleb shook his head, "I like your given name. Zeke doesn't fit you, it sounds so crude when I look at you. Ezekiel suits you better."

"You are the only person that calls me that." Ezekiel put his hands on Caleb's hips, kissing him again. "…Do you want me to leave?"

Caleb bit his tongue, "You're sure that no one going to call and check on you?"

"Positive. They've left me alone before –and my parents will call my cell phone if they really need to get a hold of me." Ezekiel looked hopeful, biting his lip.

"You shouldn't walk home alone, and it would be suspicious if I took you home this late." Caleb brushed the lock of hair off Ezekiel's forehead again, "You should stay here tonight."

"Really?" Ezekiel's face lit up.

Caleb nodded, taking his hand, "Come with me." He led him around the couch, towards his bedroom.

"Are you serious?" Ezekiel asked, moving away, to sit on the edge of Caleb's bed, looking around the room. "You're going to let me sleep with you?"

Caleb started to unbutton his shirt, "Maybe…but first, I want to get out of my clerical clothes."

"Can I watch?"

Caleb laughed, "I'm not stopping you, but I won't really be letting you see much." He sat down on the edge of the chair near his bed, untying his shoes, placing them neatly next to it, before standing, pulling off the high-collared dress shirt, folding it as he walked to his closet, tossing it into his clothes hamper, followed by his socks. He started to unbutton his trousers when Ezekiel touched his shoulder.

"Will you let me help?" his arms wound around Caleb's waist, unzipping his pants. Caleb's breath caught in his throat, his hands going to Ezekiel's wrists as his hands started to push underneath the waistband of his boxers. "What's wrong?"

"I really shouldn't allow you to do that." Caleb bit his tongue.

"You aren't my Priest, remember? You're just…a regular guy."

Caleb laughed, "Great…I take off my clerical uniform, and become a full-fledged pedophile. Wonderful."

"You aren't a pedophile." Ezekiel sighed, pulling his hands away from Caleb, pushing them underneath the back of his t-shirt, "Besides, I came on to you, not the other way around. And you're different from all of those other priests and bishops that abused those kids…"

"How am I any different?" Caleb asked, shaking his head. "You are in my bedroom in a rectory provided by my parish, you are under the age of eighteen, you are boy, and you parents have no idea that you are here. The only thing we're missing from the other equation is a long process of temptation using pornography and fondling."

"It's different for us, because…I love you."

"And I'm sure that those other boys thought that they were in love too," Caleb, turned, taking Ezekiel's face in his hands. "You are so blind, Ezekiel."

Ezekiel shrugged, "If being able to get this close to you means that I'm blind, than I don't wish to see. I don't know what those other boys went through, or anything, but…I'm here because I choose to be, not because you coerced me here. I don't see this as abuse, Caleb, and neither should you." He stroked his fingers against Caleb's spine as he spoke before pressing a palm to Caleb's stomach, liking the feel of his Priest's skin underneath his fingers.

"Your words sound pretty, Ezekiel, but what if someone found out? How long do you really think we could hide this? What if we had a falling out?"

"I would never rat you out, Caleb. Do you really think I could be so dishonorable? You have my word –no one would ever find out from me."

Caleb turned, pulling Ezekiel's arms around his waist, pressing his lips to his cheek, before sighing, "You are so small…I won't do anything with you, Ezekiel. Not yet..."

"But, we've already—"

"Kissing is one thing, Ezekiel. I'm afraid that…what we've done tonight is as sexual as I will allow…which I really shouldn't allow at all."

"But, what about—"

"No, Ezekiel… Trust me, I know what I'm talking about, and I'm sorry if you don't like that." Caleb shook his head, kissing him again.

"Then when? How old do I have to be before you'll let me do what I want?" He asked, trying to tempt him with a slightly pouting and protruding bottom lip, at which Caleb smiled, kissing him, and biting his lip softly.


Ezekiel scoffed, "That's like four years. I'll have graduated high school by then."

"Hmm," Caleb nodded. "You will have…and while if someone would find out, I may loose my position as a priest, but I would not have to be punished by law."

Ezekiel sighed, "But Father Caleb…I want you now." He kissed him softly.

"I'm sorry, but that's my decision."

Ezekiel nodded, "Can I still sleep with you tonight?"

Caleb smiled nodding, "Sure."

So for four years, the two continued their relationship not only as Priest and Parishioner, but also has a pseudo-couple, both of them often finding it difficult to repress themselves. Caleb often found it hard not to drift off in the middle of his sermon, especially as Ezekiel got older, teasing him by sitting in the front most pew between his parents, listening intently, but looking so good in his tailored suits, no longer wearing the cassock donned by the alter severs, instead taking a more volunteer role. While Caleb had his problems, Ezekiel found it hard to just be satisfied with the occasional kiss, but their desires for each other never seemed to waver, and it once the time had passed, it didn't seem like it had really been that long at all.

Caleb yawned, waiting in the confessional on a warm summer evening four years after Ezekiel's confession, and the first night that they had spent together in the same bed –something they had done on a few other occasions, but not often.


Caleb looked up from where he had been rubbing his eyes. Summer time ran rampant with sin, and a lot of the younger crowd, within a few years of Ezekiel's age, usually came in with stories from petty theft to explicit sex acts. Sometimes he wondered if they just wished to rattle him because he was so young, seeing if they could break him maybe…

"Ezekiel," he replied.

Ezekiel sighed, "Just because you know that it's me, Father Caleb, doesn't mean that you have tell me…how am I to mess with your head if you don't pretend along with me?"

Caleb laughed, "You aren't supposed to. This is confessional Ezekiel, which I have reminded you several times. You should take this seriously, not use it as an opportunity to flirt like a schoolboy."

"But…I am a schoolboy."

"You graduated two months ago; I don't think you qualify anymore."

Ezekiel was quiet for a few moments before he spoke up again, "Do you know what tomorrow is?"

"Tomorrow is Sunday."

"Yes…but what day it is…"

"It's the nineteenth." Caleb teased, knowing that what Ezekiel wanted to hear out of his mouth was that it was his 18th birthday.

"Exactly, and where are you going to be Sunday afternoon?"

"I will be keeping my hands off of you at your 18th birthday party-slash-graduation party."

"I never said you had to do that…"

"Society, and my values as a Priest tell me I have to do that."

"Are you going to be wearing your clericals?"

"Probably a set of casual ones, why?"

"Because I'd love to see you in something else…you don't have to come as my Priest, come as my friend."

"I can't, other people from the parish will be there. What would they think?"

"Why does it matter?"

"Because I am a public figure, Ezekiel; we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. If I attend your party dressed in jeans and a t-shirt like everyone else...I may be questioned as to why I didn't attend someone else's party in such fashion. Just the fact that I am going at all is dangerous…"

"But Father…"

"No, Ezekiel."

"You never let me have my way."

"If you got your way, we would both certainly be condemned to hell already."

"You seem to be OK with that."

"I've come to accept that even as one of God's children, it is not in his plan for me join him…unless the bible is wrong, which is blasphemy for me to say, so I won't."

"How can it be wrong to love someone this much, Father?" Ezekiel sighed, shaking his head.

"I didn't make the rules, Ezekiel. I simply interpret them."

"Then interpret them so that our feelings aren't frowned upon. I want to be with you, Caleb. I know your position here makes that hard and that it's not fair for me to ask these things of you…"

"Are you still thinking of entering the clergy?"

"Not if it means I can't be with you. It would involve leaving you, and I can't do that."

"You'll leave anyway in the fall."

"I'm not going far, and I'll still be here every weekend."

"And your studies should come first."

"When haven't my studies been anything but exceptional? I graduated in the top ten of my class… This isn't going to become an issue, is it Caleb?"

"I think that a decision needs to be made on my part, Ezekiel, but I'm afraid of it."

"What's that?"

"I could leave the clergy."

"But you love your place here…the parish loves you."

"I know."

"Would you really quit for me?"

"Ezekiel, we've been playing this game with each other for four years. I have faith that we are both serious about a relationship, but my position here holds us at a standstill."

"Does this mean that you won't have sex with tomorrow?"

Caleb laughed, shaking his head, "No, I won't."

"Then when?"

"I'm not sure. I still have some thinking to do."

"Father, don't quit doing what you love because you hope that we'll be together. Neither of us can, or should make promises. What would you do if you weren't a priest?"

"I have a teaching degree I keep up to date. I could do that."

Ezekiel bit his tongue, glancing down at his watch, "I should go, we've been talking for a long time. I'm sure you've got a line."

"Of course –before you go, is there anything you want to confess to? Anything absolvable, I mean."

"Only my usual bunch that you've heard before."

"You know, by confessing them, and saying the Act of Contrition, it means that you won't do them again…"

"And yet you keep absolving them." He grinned.

"You just like to hear me speak in Latin."

"Hey, you're the one that started doing that."

"That's because I like the groaning sound you make in your throat when I say it."

"Then say it."

"And abuse the sanctity of the confessional more then we already do?"

"You know I'd love to do that."

Caleb shook his head, "Get out of here, before I give in to you. I will see you tomorrow, bright and early."

"Good night, Father."

The next afternoon, Caleb found himself observing a heated religious debate between parents at Ezekiel's birthday/graduation party. He was purposely staying out of it, the mediator in him not wanting to get in the way.

"What do you think Father?" Marge, Ezekiel's grandmother had been sitting across from at the table, pondering along with him, breaking between Ezekiel's aunt who was saying that abstinence was a reasonable expectation for her children, and the mother of one of his friends who was saying that she had no problem at all –as long as they were safe, and used contraceptives.

Caleb thought for a minute before shrugging, "That's really an unfair question. As a Priest, I have to side with Linda and say that contraceptives are against nature, and to quote a horrible Monty Python movie –as bad as it is to do so, 'every sperm is sacred'. However as a priest, I personally don't want to think of any of my teen parishioners in such predicaments."

"But you would know, wouldn't you?" Marge asked, "The catholic teens in town go to confession too, don't they?"

"I don't typically know who makes what confession –and even if I did, I couldn't say that I hear. I could be excommunicated for that." Caleb shrugged. "If a teen can get through by abstinence then I say, good for them. Personally, to side with Kathy for a moment, I won't judge them for using contraceptives as everyone has a right to be safe... Unfortunately, I didn't write the bible, I only interpret it, so I just listen, and advise as best as I can."

Marge nodded, and Linda scoffed at him, "You're a priest, what do you know about sex?"

Caleb shook his head, "I wasn't always a priest, Linda. I had girlfriends; I went to high school. Did I follow abstinence, of course I did –I've known that I wanted to be a part of the church since I was ten, but that didn't stop me from living like a teenager. I'm not that old."

"How old are you, Father?" Kathy, the mother of Ezekiel's friend, asked with an air of flirting about her.

"I'm thirty-four."

"Oh, well that isn't old at all."

"He's a priest, Kathy." Linda rolled her eyes, "He's not going to sleep with you, so you don't need to waist your time trying to flirt with him."

Kathy's eyes widened slightly, "Pardon me?"

"Oh we all know about you, Kathy…" Linda swished the ice in her glass of ice water, "You've been tramp since high school."

"That's not true, Father." Kathy shook her head, "Linda is just jealous because she's been stuck with the same incompetent man since her sophomore year of high school, and her religion won't let her get a divorce."

"I am not jealous of a whore." Linda shook her head.

"Linda!" Marge sat up in her chair, "Watch what you say! –You'll have to pardon my daughter, Father Caleb. She and Kathy have been having this rivalry since they were tykes."

Caleb shook his head, "It isn't as if it's the first time I've heard it."

"So, do you like being a priest?" Kathy abruptly changed the topic, zeroing in on Caleb. "Is it hard?"

"I do like being a priest…as for it being hard, not really once you know what you're doing. Every profession has things about it that are difficult."

"And have you really managed to be celibate this entire time? You've been in this town for five years now."

"It's really not that hard if it's something you've never allowed yourself as part of your faith."

"Do you ever think of getting married, Father Caleb?"

"It would be a complicated process." Caleb shook his head, "It would be faster to excommunicate, then to be laicized in order to get married."

"How does that work?"

"Which one?"


"Well, actually it's –" Caleb turned as Ezekiel put a hand on his shoulder, "Oh, yes, Ezekiel?"

"Come play Volleyball." He commanded, "You've been sitting here for three hours listening ladies bicker."

Caleb resisted smiling, "I'm in the middle of a conversation, Ezekiel."

"You don't mind if he plays, do you?" Ezekiel looked up at his Grandmother, Aunt, and Kathy. "We'll make it a quick game if you really want to talk about," he rolled his eyes, "Catholicism."

"What's wrong with Catholicism?" Caleb asked, not able to hide the beginning of a smile anymore.

"It's boring and we've all heard it before," Ezekiel sighed, "Please?"

"Excuse me Ladies." Caleb nodded at them, standing from his chair. "I'll be back momentarily."

Ezekiel grabbed his wrist as they started walking towards the volleyball net, unbuttoning the cuffs of his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Caleb asked.

"I don't want you to die of heatstroke or something. I'm rolling up your sleeves. I told you to come in civvies."

Caleb nodded, taking his arm from Ezekiel, rolling the sleeve up past his elbow before repeating it on the other arm, "So you did. I'm sorry for not listening to you."

"You never listen to me…if you listened to me, we could be someplace else right now, and I wouldn't have had to make you suffer listening to my Aunt and Mari's Mom arguing over abstinence."

"I take it they argue about that frequently?"

"Pretty much any time they're together. They lived across the street from each other as kids. Linda became a devote catholic, and Kathy became an atheist, and I guess they've been fighting every since."

"It sounds horrible."

"It can actually be rather amusing. Sometimes they're the best of friends, but then something will happen…" He rolled his eyes, picking up the volleyball from where it had been discarded after a previous game, "By the way, you're on the other team. Just to warn you, I'm going to tease you mercilessly with my finely toned body."

"Vanity…shame on you; however, I would be lying if I said I didn't look forward to it."

"Father –Caleb…" Ezekiel stopped, still just outside of the earshot of his friends waiting for them at the net. "I'm tired of playing this show and tell game with you. When can we just…do it?"

"I'm lining up another job and an apartment. I'll have a few months to introduce a new priest to the parish. After that, we can."

"You're leaving the church then?"

"I'm resigning, yes."

Ezekiel nodded, "Is this because of me?"

"Not entirely." He shook his head, "I'm thirty-five years old, and I've spent most of my life in service to God…"

"I don't want you leave."

"I'm not leaving; I'll just be doing something else. I stated in my resignation, which will be printed in next month's Church newsletter that I will remain through the Christmas season most likely."

Ezekiel nodded again, "I understand."

"Don't be sad, Ezekiel. Just because I won't be your priest anymore doesn't mean that I won't still have the same feelings for you."

"I know, I'm sorry…" Ezekiel looked up, "I want to kiss you so badly."

"You know we can't."

"May I come to the rectory tonight?"

"You will come whether I say no anyway."

"That's true." Ezekiel grinned, before glancing at his friends, "We better go play before they get violent or something."

"You're sure we can't?" Ezekiel had already pulled most of their clothes off after he had pushed through the door.

"We can, you're eighteen now. I can't really deny you on basis of your age or size." Caleb smiled, "And seeing as how I'm only a priest for a few more months, I don't think that breaking the abstinence rule really matters either."

"Then we can?" Ezekiel's hands ran along the edge of the waistband to Caleb's boxers, "Four years of waiting and I can finally fulfill every sick dream I've ever wished?"

Caleb laughed, "I said we could, I didn't say that we would."

"Why can't I have my way just this once, Caleb? I'm eighteen years old, I have needs." He sighed, pressing his mouth Caleb's, before sitting back, "Are you a virgin?"

"Are you?" Caleb raised an eyebrow.

"That's not even a question, and you know it." He leaned forward again, whispering into Caleb's ear, "I've been saving myself for you."

"Then I hope I can meet your expectations when that day comes." Caleb turned, capturing his lips again.

"Answer the question. Are you?"

Caleb thought for a moment, looking away from him, before answering, "No, but it wasn't really my choice."

"You were raped?"

"Something like that; I didn't really understand. It was before I converted so wholeheartedly to Catholicism." He turned back to look at Ezekiel, "Most of the time, I barely remember that it's happened to me, it didn't emotionally scar me or anything."

"…Was it a priest?"

"No," Caleb shook his head. "If it had been a priest, do you really think I would have embraced the church?"

"I don't know. Kids think weird. …Does it bother you, talking about it? I don't have to ask about it, if you don't like me to."

"I don't mind at all. The real question is: do you mind knowing that about me?"

Ezekiel shrugged, "Not really. I already know who you are on the inside, what happened to you doesn't change the kind of person you are." He was quiet, his hands stroking Caleb's stomach, "…Who was it?"

"My parents," Caleb put a hand on Ezekiel's thigh, watching his intense face.

"Both of them?" Ezekiel looked up to see Caleb nod.

"They died when I was ten and I was taken in by a priest and his wife."

"Did they know that you were abused?"

"Everyone knew I was abused," Caleb shook his head, "There was a long media spark because they killed each other in front of me over a pretty argument over who was going to fuck me that night." Ezekiel cringed, and Caleb bit his tongue, pulling him down to press a kiss to his forehead, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that."

"I'm sorry; I'm just surprised I guess…that parents could do something like that."

"They were bad people, but I was lucky enough to fall into the hands of God, and one of his children and be loved by him and his wife." Caleb kissed him softly again, pulling next to him on the bed. "Speaking of parent's, where do yours think you are right now?"

"At the beach with my friends," Ezekiel shrugged, wrapping his arms around Caleb's waist, pressing his face against his chest. "I don't want to leave, Caleb. I don't feel like I can after you told me that horrible story."

"I'm sorry…you asked."

"Well I didn't think you would tell me something as awful as that!"

"Do you want me to make it up to you?" Caleb asked, his fingers tracing little circles into Ezekiel's arm.

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"By giving you some of what you want." Caleb tempted him.

"Are you sure you want to sin even more with me?" Ezekiel teased.

"I only want to sin with you." Caleb countered, his free hand reaching down, sliding underneath the fabric at Ezekiel's waist, his hands touching bare ass for the first time. The younger man groaned, his arms wrapping more tightly around him, Caleb's fingers probing his crevice, before he looked up, kissing Caleb more deeply, drawing his hand from his back, and sliding it across his hip to his crotch. He moaned gently as Caleb's fingers encircled his member.

"Eh!" He protested, grabbing Caleb's hand as he started to pull away, "What are you doing? Don't stop!"

"What I'm going to do is even better…well, I hope. I've never done this before." Caleb pondered, before pulling away from him, moving to pull the teenager's boxers down, tossing them side a moment later, leaning back to admire him for a moment, "You look exactly the way that I imagined you would."

Ezekiel blushed, resisting the temptation to cover him self up, "Are you just going to look at me, or are you really going to suck me off?" Caleb smiled, licking his bottom lip as Ezekiel leaned up on his palms, capturing his mouth again to ensnaring his tongue between his teeth for a moment, before his hand went to Caleb's shorts again, "And if I have to be naked, so do you."

"Ezekiel!" Caleb was surprised as the younger man's hand plunged to his crotch, cupping him in his hand.

"You feel huge…" Ezekiel commented, stroking his fingers along his length, "I'd say at least…seven inches hard, probably? And people think guys go into priesthood because they feel inadequate…"

Caleb groaned, unable to control himself from stiffening under Ezekiel's hand, "Ezekiel…" The youth ignored him, pushing the fabric from over his hips, and down to his knees.

"Wow…you are…" Ezekiel groaned, shaking his head, "You are nothing like I dreamed…you're even better."

"Your praise is noted." Caleb pulled the boxers off awkwardly the rest of the way, tossing them aside with the rest of their clothes, "There…now we're both completely naked. Are you happy now?"

"I am…but I'll be in complete ecstasy once I feel your mouth on me." Ezekiel raised his eyebrows suggestively, leaning back on his elbows, "What do you think?"

Caleb didn't respond, instead doing as Ezekiel suggested, putting his mouth over his already stiffened member. Ezekiel moaned, laying back, both of his hands raking his fingers through Caleb's hair, holding him over his appendage. Caleb reached up, pulling his hands away.

"Ezekiel, I can't do this if you don't allow my head to move."

"Sorry." Ezekiel lifted his hips, lying on his hands, "Please…continue. I really liked it."

Caleb shook his head before resuming what he had started, his tongue swirling against the underside of the tip, looking up to watch Ezekiel's eyes close, soft moans of pleasure passing his lips. After a minute or so, Ezekiel pulled one of his hands free, groaning, "Caleb…I can't hold it…"

The priest was a little surprised as his mouth filled with the sticky, salty fluid. He continued suckling every ounce from Ezekiel's perfect member until he was soft in his mouth again, before standing from the bed to move to the bathroom sink, spitting the fluid out.

"I'm sorry…I tried to tell you." Ezekiel leaned up on his elbows again, biting his lip. "Let me make it up to you?"

Caleb groaned, licking his lips, before crawling back onto the bed, "You shouldn't stay much longer… Your parents will worry."

"I'm eighteen; I can do anything I want." Ezekiel countered.

"You still live with your parents and therefore by their rules." Caleb reminded him. He knelt over him, pushing back by the shoulders into the pillows of his bed, "However, since I am about ready to burst as it is…I'm sure that won't be a problem."

Ezekiel grinned, his hands going to Caleb's member again, "Are you going to let me use my mouth?"

Caleb nodded, leaning back on his heels. "If that's what you want."

Ezekiel straightened up; shifting his position, putting his mouth over Caleb's member, looking up at Caleb's straining face. His hands continued to fondle, his tongue and lips caressing until Caleb moaned, reaching to push him away.

"I'm going to come…" His hand grasped Ezekiel's hair, but he wouldn't be swayed, continuing his stimulation until he was rewarded with the priest's semen. He considered for a moment before swallowing, licking the last remaining drops from his head as he softened again.

"You swallowed it?" Caleb raised an eyebrow.

"Uh huh…I kind of liked it." Ezekiel nodded, pressing their lips together for a moment before lying down beside him. "Caleb…while that was fun, and…I'm sure it will always be fun…I do want you to fuck me."

Caleb reached up, brushing his fingers over Ezekiel's hair, "I will, but not until my resignation is final at the end of December."

"That's almost four months!" He scoffed.

He smiled, "We got through four years, Ezekiel being satisfied with hugging and the occasional unchaste kiss. I think we can manage four months if we include the occasional blowjob."

"Hmm…that sounds so dirty coming out of your mouth."

"Considering what was in my mouth not so long ago…" Caleb raised an eyebrow at him, letting his voice trail off.

Ezekiel bit his tongue, before speaking up, "Caleb?"

"Yes?" Caleb yawned, stretching out on his side, looking at him.

"I love you."

Caleb smiled, pressing a kiss to his forehead, "I love you too, Ezekiel."