Note: Don't get hooked on this thinking that there could always be more, although I'll say that I think I can do one more… I only wrote this because I loved these characters so much, and I wanted to seal my damnation, apparently. Oh well. In addition, my timeline got wonky. This starts at the end of August; Ezekiel's birthday is in July. P.S. I love semicolons! P.P.S. If you didn't know already, I have no religious affiliation at all. Completely agnostic.

Confess Your Sins to Me

Part 2

The summer passed slowly, and the two sinful lovers found little time to spend together outside of church functions –where they had to be on their best behavior. With the arrival of Caleb's replacement, Father Michael, the two no longer had a private place to come together either, and as long as Caleb was still in the employ of the church, he was not allowed to move.

"Do you like Father Michael?" Ezekiel asked as the two sat in a pew in the back of the church while Michael ran his first confessional.

"He's nice, very green yet, but he seems eager to please." Caleb nodded. "He's unusually young but that's not really important."

"With him here now, we have no place to go." Ezekiel's hand touched Caleb's knee, "And we've still got a while before you can move into your own place..."

"And you're moving into the dorms next week."

Ezekiel nodded, "Yeah, so that could come in helpful."

Caleb nodded, putting his hand on top of Ezekiel's, "And even if it doesn't, a few months aren't going to change how I feel, Ezekiel."

"I know."

Caleb looked up, his fingers lacing with Ezekiel's on top of his knee, his eyes meeting those of the statue over looking the nave. The sound of the doors closing loudly behind them in the entry made both of them flinch and the two unwillingly pulling their hands apart. They had just put a safe distance between them selves when an older, grey-haired woman walked in, leaning heavily on a cane.

"Good evening, Father." She slid heavily into the pew in front of them, "Zeke."

"Good evening, Grace." Caleb nodded, "How are you tonight?"

"Besides the usual aches and pains, I'm just spiffy." She smiled, "How's your Grandmother, Zeke?"

"She's fine," Zeke shrugged.

"I take it that the newbie is running the confessional tonight, Father?" Grace arched an eyebrow.

"If you are referring to Father Michael then yes, he is." Caleb smiled, "However, if you prefer, I would be more then happy to listen to you in the office, Grace."

"That's alright; I suppose one priest is just as good as another." She shook her head, looking off into space for a minute before turning back to the pair, "You two look pretty comfortable. What are you talking about?"

"Nothing really," Caleb shook his head. "I was just admiring the crucifix actually."

"I always thought that old thing looked pretty sad." Grace commented, taking a glance at it, before shrugging, "I prefer crosses over a Jesus on the crucifix in church altars any day –like the one they have over at St. Peter's."

"I think it's beautiful," Caleb countered.

"It makes me depressed." Grace scoffed, then realized what she had said, and apologized.

Caleb laughed, "No, I see where you're coming from Grace. It is depressing, but there is often a beauty in sadness."

Grace murmured agreement as the door to the confessional swung open, Ezekiel's mother stepping out of it, and the red light over it turned off.

"Zeke, are you ready to go Honey?" She asked, slinging her purse over her head.

"Um, I think I'm going to hang out around here, actually. –If that's OK I mean." Ezekiel looked at his Mother first, then at Caleb.

She sighed, rolling her eyes, "You spend so much time here that I shouldn't have bothered to ask. You'll call if you're going to be out late?"

Ezekiel nodded, "Yeah."

"I'll drive him home, Rachel." Caleb promised, "Don't worry."

"Thank you, Father." She smiled, pulling her hair back into a ponytail before pressing a kiss to Ezekiel's cheek. "If I don't see you when you come home –good night…"

"Good night, Mom." Ezekiel watched her turn, moving towards the doors.

"Are you sure you want to sit here?" Caleb asked, after Grace had moved to the confessional.

"I want to be as close to you as possible." Ezekiel slid closer to him again so that their bodies were touching, his hand sliding along Caleb's thigh, "I know you're against ruining the sanctity of the Church, but…" He pressed his lips to Caleb's in a chaste kiss, before looking away, "Ugh, do you have any idea how hard this is?"

"Of course I do," Caleb nodded, taking Ezekiel's hand, pulling it away from his thigh. "It's just as frustrating for me as it is for you, especially after…twenty four years of celibacy and sexual abstinence."

"…Shouldn't you say thirty four?"

"That would be a lie." Caleb countered.

Ezekiel sighed, "Are our lives really going to be that different after you're not a priest anymore? Are we still going to have to hide?"

Caleb shrugged, "I think that, seeing as how I'll be staying in the area, and people will know me, and they obviously know you…assumptions are going to be made if we flaunt the fact that we are…a couple."

"People are going to think that you abused me aren't they?" Ezekiel sighed.

"Probably," Caleb nodded. "But we both know that…that isn't true."

"But how are we going to convince people of that?" He sighed, shaking his head. "No one is going to just believe us…."

"I know, but the only people that it really matters that they believe us or not are your parents." Caleb looked up, "No one else in town can bring charges against me but them."

"What if someone makes up a story –hears a rumor about you and me, and then someone else steps forward and…what if this all turns into a big mess."

"If it does, then…we'll deal with that. If I'm questioned, I won't lie, Ezekiel. I have loved you since you were fourteen, but nothing happened then. I never touched you, and I never allowed you to touch me."

"We did share a bed." Ezekiel reminded him.

Caleb sighed, "And I realize now that it was a stupid choice that could get us into trouble, but…I wouldn't exchange those nights for anything in the world. The only times I am happier then looking at you, are when I am doing my work…and the parish knows that."

"I'm sorry; all of this is my fault."

"Don't apologize for something that hasn't even happened yet." Caleb pressed his lips to Ezekiel's temple, "Nothing is going to happen to us, and even if it does…we still have three and a half months to prepare for that. We don't have to fix everything so far in advance, Ezekiel."

"When are we going to tell my parents?" Ezekiel asked, "They both respect you so much…"

Caleb sighed, "I think you should tell them about your sexuality first. I will come later."

Ezekiel bit his tongue, "I don't know if I can do that alone, Caleb. My parent's are devote Catholics—"

"So are you." Caleb reminded him.

"—they don't believe in homosexuality. What if they disowned me?"

"Your parents love you. Would it make you feel better if I were there?"

"Yes…but I want you there as my lover, not my priest," Ezekiel looked up at him, and sighed. "But that means waiting until January."

"Stop trying to fix all of our problems in one evening, Ezekiel. You are to beautiful to get worry lines this early in your life." He shook his head, resisting the urge to brush the expression of frustration from Ezekiel's face, instead squeezing his hand reassuringly. "Can we agree not to agonize over this anymore tonight?"

Ezekiel nodded, "Okay."

"It's nearly ten…after I tell Father Michael to lock up; do you want me to take you home?"

"I'd rather we could find somewhere we could be private…"

"I'm sorry we lost our place, but there really wasn't a lot I could say about it."

"It's alright…I'll just have to masturbate thinking about you until we can be alone."

Caleb shook his head, "I'm going to be absolving the most horrible of sins from you for months, aren't I?"

"Is it possible to absolve anything that may or may not happen in say the next…four months? All in one fell-swoop, I mean."

"I'm fairly sure that I cannot absolve things that haven't happened yet."

"Could you say it anyway?" Ezekiel asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You mean: ego te absolve a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti?"

"Yes…that's the bit." Ezekiel groaned, "I never tire of hearing you say that…what else can you say in latin?"

"Si tu dixero, necesse erit ut tu interficiam."

"Excuse me?"

"If I told you, I would have to kill you." Caleb teased.

"Shame on you; you shouldn't say things like that!"

"It's a pop culture reference, I'm sure God doesn't mind."

The two looked up as Grace exited the confessional, disappearing quickly from the Church before Father Michael stepped out of the other side, shaking his head, and rubbing his eyes.

"How'd it go?" Caleb asked as Michael sat on the pew in front of him.

"I was kind of fun for the first hour…then it got to be kind of depressing." Michael yawned, shaking his head. "I'm certainly ready to turn in for the night."

Caleb nodded, "Well, you know how to lock up. I told Rachel I would drive Ezekiel home. Double check that all of the candles are put out, I don't want to come back to a blaze…"

"I will," Michael nodded. "Drive safely, and I suppose I'll see you when you get back."

"I won't be long." Caleb stood, waiting for Ezekiel to stand and pull on his lightweight jacket.

"Good night, Father Michael." Ezekiel nodded at him, flipping out the hood of his jacket, "See you tomorrow at mass."

"Good night, Zeke." Michael nodded at him watching the two of them exit the Church together.

Outside, Caleb unlocked the passenger side first before moving around the car to slide into the driver's seat. He wasn't ready for Ezekiel's hands on his face, pulling him close, kissing him –every ounce of frustration he had pent up, pretty much since the arrival of Father Michael, urging their lips together until Caleb finally found the strength to push him away.

"Ezekiel!" He turned his head, catching his breath, "We aren't even out of the yard yet!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't wait." Ezekiel's fingers against his cheek turned his face back again, "I haven't gotten to give you a decent kiss in nearly three weeks."

"Have I been neglecting you?" Caleb asked, pressing a short kiss to his cheek before pushing the keys into the ignition.

"Yes you have, and I want to take this opportunity to release every bit of pent up dissatisfaction that I've felt the last three weeks." Ezekiel sighed.

"We can't, everyone knows this is my car. It would be no question as to whom at least one person inside was, and it's fairly obvious who you are…"

Ezekiel groaned, "Then make me promise…"


"Come to my school next weekend. I've already talked to my roommate; he's one of those kids that go home every weekend. I'll tell my parents that I want to get to know the campus better, and you can come, and no one there will know who you are."

Caleb bit his lip, "What would my excuse for leaving for a weekend be? I really can't leave Michael alone. This is his first assignment."

"He's been observing for how long? Let him have some responsibility. You can come on Friday night after you lock up, and leave and be back on Saturday morning before you open the doors –Father Michael will be by himself for like half an hour, tops."

"I'll think about it." Caleb took Ezekiel's hand, pressing his lips to his knuckles, "Now, are you going to let me drive you home?"

Ezekiel sighed, pulling his hand away, "I suppose I don't have much of a choice. If we sit here much longer, Father Michael will probably get suspicious."

Father Michael had already changed into his typical night-ware of a large white t-shirt, and heavy grey sweatpants when Caleb dropped his keys onto the table near the door.

"I thought you would have slunk into bed already after your evening of listening to the entire town's woes." Caleb pulled the white tab from his collar, "Something bothering you, Father Michael?"

Michael swirled the ice and water in the bottom of the tumbler he had been drinking from, obviously wishing he had chosen something else, "How long has Zeke had a crush on you?"

"Excuse me?" Caleb's eyes widened, his heart skipping a beat.

"I saw him kiss you through the window when I went to put out the candles in the foyer."

"So you were spying?" Caleb nodded, unbuttoning his collar.

"No, I wasn't spying. I just happened to look out the window and saw your car still sitting in the lot." Michael looked up, his expression unreadable. "Is he the reason you're leaving Saint Joan's?"

Caleb bit his tongue before he nodded, "He is part of the reason."

"So how long has this been going on?"

"It's not what you think, Michael, so don't even start."

"So you've never abused him?"

"I would never abuse him or any of the others in my parish." Caleb shook his head. "If you knew anything about me or him, you would know that wasn't even a question."

"And yet you still won't tell me when all of this started." Michael shook his head.

"Nothing started until he turned eighteen, Michael."

"And what about before then?"

"Absolutely nothing that would constitute abuse. Stop trying to turn this into something it's not. I'm giving up a job that I love—"

"That's what this is to you, isn't it; a job?" Michael sighed, rolling his eyes, "This isn't a job, Caleb. This is life. If you fuck up my chance of making a decent impression on this town because they think that I'll be just like you –fucking their kids, I will never forgive that."

"I have never had sex with him." Caleb narrowed his eyes, "Don't assume. I take my place here very seriously. I don't need a twenty-eight year old who thinks that just because he went through the system a little faster then everyone else, he's holier then anyone else who bares the title of Priest. I know that a place in the clergy is a life, and I've had my fill of it and now I want to explore other options outside of religion."

"So you're quitting the clergy to take up an 18 year old gay lover? What a brilliant plan, Caleb." Michael shook his head, "I hope that works out for you."

"I don't have to explain myself to you Michael. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to bed. Good night." Caleb brushed past him, surprised as Michael reached out, grabbing his arm. "What?"

"Answer my questions…I won't judge you anymore."

"You've already judged me."

"And I apologize for that. I shouldn't have let my imagination get a head of me."

Caleb took his arm away, crossing his arms over his chest, turning back, "What do you want to ask?"

"I want a straight answer; when did the two of you know that you had feelings for one another?" Michael sat back down, looking up at him.

"Four years ago."

"And you never touched him?"

"Not the way you think."

"What have you done with him?"

"Before or after he turned eighteen?"

"Is there a difference?"

"We never did anything besides kiss before he turned eighteen, much to his dismay. I never gave into him despite his many pleadings of wanting a more physical relationship."

"And what about now?"

"I already told you, we haven't had sex."

"But what do you consider sex, Father?" Michael raised an eyebrow.

"I consider anal intercourse to be sex, Father." Caleb shook his head, "What does it matter? We haven't done anything wrong."

"You've done plenty wrong."

"You said you wouldn't judge me anymore."

Michael bit his lip, taking a moment to collect his thoughts again after his outburst, "Do his parents know?"

"You are the only person that knows anything. I trust that you won't make an issue of this, Michael. Everyone will know come January when you take over St. Joan's, and I move on."

"Do you really think that they're going to accept this?"

"It doesn't matter what other people think, Michael. We love each other, and that is all that matters."

"He's eighteen years old, Caleb! He doesn't know what he wants! He can't know what he wants!" Michael shook his head,

"He's stood by me faithfully for four years. I have confidence that we can make something between the two of us work, whether this town likes it or not."

"Did you try not to have these feelings?"

"Michael that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I prayed for months that I wouldn't feel this way about him, but God apparently hasn't been listening. We both prayed for this to stop. I want to be a good priest and a good follower of the Faith and if that means accepting my self for who God has made me to be and leaving this church, then that's what I'm going to do."

"And there's no way that I, or any one else can help?" Michael asked.

"I don't need help, Michael."

"How can you say that?" Michael asked, shaking his head, "You're sick, both of you are!"

"If we're sick, then God will understand our actions when the time comes." Caleb shrugged, "And if we're not sick, and are already condemned to an eternity of hellfire and damnation, we're prepared for that. We're still good Christians."

Michael was quiet, looking away from him before speaking up, "I suppose you're swearing me to secrecy?"

"I would prefer for you not to tell anyone about us, yes. Ezekiel and I want his parents to know first, and we've decided not to tell them until after my resignation is complete."

Michael nodded, "I understand."

"Then I can trust you?"

"I'm a priest –it's my job to keep other people's secrets, isn't that right?"

"You weren't meant to see, Michael. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's better that I know now so I can defend you later if necessary."

"Don't protect me if you don't believe in me." Caleb shook his head, "Good night, Michael."

"What's the matter?" Ezekiel looked surprised as Caleb pulled him into one of the offices in the back of the church, a while before Michael was to start his Sunday sermon.

"Michael knows."

"What do you mean?"

"I told you someone would see us in the car last night."

"Oh…" Ezekiel nodded slowly. "I see…"

"He's not going to be a problem; we had…a talk last night."

"He doesn't understand does he?"

"No, he doesn't." Caleb shrugged, "But I don't think he'll be a problem. He said he wouldn't say anything, and I trust him."

Ezekiel nodded, "Of course…"

"You're worried, aren't you?"

"A little, but…this is the first time that someone actually knows, and his reaction is just…a dose of what everyone knowing is going to be…"

"Ezekiel…If you think this is going to be a problem..."

"No," He pressed his hand over my mouth, "we are not over, Caleb! I won't leave you just because I'm afraid of what our parish is going to think of us! I love you, and nothing is going to change that."

Caleb nodded, pulling him against his chest, pressing a kiss to his neck, "I know, I shouldn't even have thought that."

Ezekiel looked up after they had stepped apart, "Can I come see you tonight?"

"No, you can't."

"But Caleb, I leave tomorrow…"

"I know you do…I am quite aware."

"Then promise me you'll come see me on Friday. Please? We don't even have to do anything. I just want to see you and not have to worry about what someone thinks if they were to catch us together."

Caleb thought for a minute before nodding, "Alright, I will."

Ezekiel grinned, throwing his arms around his neck, hugging him, "I'll write down the address for you before I leave, don't let me forget."

"I won't." Caleb placed his hands on Ezekiel's hips, pushing him away after a few moments, "Come on, Father Michael will be starting soon."

"…Caleb?" Ezekiel held him back before he could open the door, biting his lip.


"I really do love you. I don't mean to push you all the time."

Caleb smiled, pressing a short kiss to his lips, "I know. I love you too, even though you can often times be completely insufferable."

"Finally, you're here!" Ezekiel put his arms around Caleb's waist before he could even step through the doorway, "I hate it here, Caleb."

"Why? What's wrong? Caleb lifted Ezekiel's face. "You loved it here when you visited with your parents last spring."

"I haven't made any friends yet, and I went to the Christian group, and they…they don't understand anything. They're all…hateful, and I feel like I can't be myself there…and my roommate isn't that bad, it's nice that he's going home this weekend, but…we don't really talk, and… I feel so lonely. Please, let me drop out and come home?"

"You can't drop out after one week, Ezekiel."

"Oh! And everyone calls me Ezekiel, and it drives me crazy because it just makes me think of you, and then I miss you, and I miss being home…" He sighed, leaning against his chest.

"You'll get used to it," Caleb brushed his fingers over his hair, "Now, why don't you let me go so I can breath?"

Ezekiel sighed, shaking his head, "I never want to let you go."

"Can I at least come all of the way into your room?"

"…Oh. Sure, of course." He nodded, letting him go, ushering him into his room, closing the door behind them, "Hey! You're wearing civvies!"

"I figured it would be a little disturbing to have an obvious priest visit you." Caleb shrugged.

"I didn't think you even owned anything remotely un-clerical!"

"Of course I do." Caleb rolled his eyes.

"You look good," Ezekiel grinned and kissed him. "I like this look."

"So, is your roommate gone already?"

"No, so we can't do anything until I know he's gone for good. He has class until two-thirty. Then I think he's heading out."

"Ah," Caleb nodded, sitting down on the edge of Ezekiel's bed, "This is even sadder then a room at a monastery…"

Ezekiel shrugged, "It's a small space for two people, but I think we'll survive."

Caleb nodded.

"So…how's it going back home?" Ezekiel asked, "Is Michael still giving you a hard time about us?"

"He was disappointed to find out that this is where I was going today, but I assured him that the likelihood of us managing anything remotely similar to intercourse in these tiny dormitory beds was very unlikely."

"Aw…but that's what I was hoping for," Ezekiel teased. "Are you sure we can't even attempt? I know it's possible...I've heard stories."

Caleb smiled, "You're never happy with what I offer you, are you? You always want something a little bit more…"

"I will never be completely satisfied, Caleb, until I can have all of you." Ezekiel shrugged, "I don't think that's a very difficult request."

Caleb nodded, "But, we still have an hour before your roommate leaves, why don't you just relax, and we'll see where the evening takes us?"

"Can we go out?" Ezekiel asked, getting up on his knees next to him, grabbing Caleb's arm, "Like on a real date?"

Caleb shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

Ezekiel grinned, "I've wanted to take you out since I was fourteen –I love college."

Caleb laughed, "A minute ago you were crying that you hated it here."

"I do, but at least here we're just two people… Not a priest and his parishioner."

"Not completely…there's still a few people from your high school that go to school here." Caleb raised an eyebrow.

"I haven't seen them, and I've been going to classes for a week already." Ezekiel shook his head. "And if even if they did see us, who cares; do you think that they're going to call up their parents and be like, 'Ohmigawd, Mom! Guess who I saw!' –No, they aren't, because they don't care. They'll probably just think it's someone who looks a lot like you, not you."

Caleb nodded, "Alright, I won't argue with you anymore." He pressed a kiss to Ezekiel's forehead, as there was a soft knock before the door swung open.

"Hey." The tall man w/ dyed black hair didn't really look at them as he dumped his backpack onto the desk before falling over the edge of the chair, "Bad news for you Roomie."

"What's that?" Ezekiel asked, as his roommate flipped his hair out of his eyes.

"My car won't start. I was going to move it to the curb after my class…I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but my Dad is coming down to take a look at it, so I promise I won't be here all night."

"That's okay." Ezekiel shrugged, "We were just talking about going out anyway. Besides, it isn't like I can kick you out."

He smiled, and then noticed Caleb sitting next to Ezekiel, "Oh hey –you must be Caleb. You're older then I thought you'd be…" He raised an eyebrow at Ezekiel, "Jeez, Zeke, you didn't tell me he your 'friend' was old enough to be your father."

Ezekiel covered his face with his hands, seeming to realize this for the first time, "Oh God…"

"Sorry, did you not like…know?"

Ezekiel shook his head, "Caleb, this is Joe –my roommate. Joe, this is Caleb."

"Hey," Joe raised his hand in a short wave, and Caleb nodded back. The three were quiet for a few minutes, not really sure what to say until Joe cleared his throat, "So…are you two like boyfriends or something?" He flipped his hair again, a small sign of apathy.

"Err…" Ezekiel looked at Caleb who stared back, one eyebrow arched. "Sort of…I don't know."

"My profession doesn't allow us to use a title, but you could say that we are if you really want to give us one," Caleb shrugged.

"What do you do?" Joe asked.

Ezekiel grinned, biting his thumbnail, "I'm not sure we can tell you that…"

"Are you like a CIA agent or something? That is so awesome."

"Nothing that exciting," Caleb shook his head. "I'm a Priest, but I'm resigning as of January."

"Nice." Joe nodded, "Way to go, Zeke. –I knew you were hardcore catholic; I never expected this out of you. That's naughty!"

"Don't be a pervert." Ezekiel shook his head, putting a hand on Caleb's leg as he stood up. "C'mon, lets go out."

"Bye." Joe called after them, as the door swung slowly closed behind them.

"I apologize for my roommate, he is a dick. I didn't realize it before." The two of them lay in bed later after seeing a movie and having dinner at a restaurant near campus.

"That's okay, I liked him. Is hair was kind of obnoxious, but he seemed nice." Caleb shrugged. "Is that what you call Emo hair?"

Ezekiel laughed, shaking his head before pressing a kiss to his lips, "Before we get to comfortable, did you want to call Father Michael and make sure he hasn't burned down the church or the rectory?"

"No. I have faith in him not to fuck up to badly. Besides, if he needed help, he would have called my cell."

"You have a cell phone now?" Ezekiel raised an eyebrow.

Caleb nodded, "Uh huh. I got it on Wednesday."

"Are you going to give me the number?"

"I programmed it into your phone, and put it on you speed dial, number two."

"When did you do that?" Ezekiel leaned up on his elbow.

"When you got up to go to the bathroom during dinner, and left your phone on the table."

"Ah…and when were you going to tell me?"

"Before I left tomorrow morning; thanks for ruining the surprise."

"I didn't ruin it, you did." Ezekiel argued, kissing him again, wrapping an arm around Caleb's waist. "Besides, I don't want to just lay here and talk."

"Oh?" Caleb raised a quizzical eyebrow, as if he didn't know as to what Ezekiel was referring too.

"Hmm…I haven't been able to be this close to you in a month now…I think we should make up for that." Ezekiel's lips pressed against his bare shoulder, then his chest.

"Agreed," Caleb nodded, lifting Ezekiel's face to his again, his tongue seeking to explore any otherwise unknown crevices, while his hand slid down Ezekiel's thigh. He grabbed him by the back of the knee, yanking his leg over his hip before his fingers ran up the back of his thigh under the fabric of his shorts.

"That's not where I want you." Ezekiel's hand moved on top of his, groaning when Caleb pulled his hand away, "What are you doing?"

"Stop being impatient," Caleb reprimanded, adjusting their position, pulling Ezekiel underneath him, laying some-what comfortably over him. His lips pressed against Ezekiel's collarbone, "It's always about sex with you, isn't it?"

"It is not!" Ezekiel scoffed, sliding his hands up Caleb's arms and then clasping them behind his neck.

"You're so cute when you try to argue with me." Caleb kissed him again, his hands pushing into the pillows on either side of his head. "This bed is to damn small…"

"Nothing beats your Queen, I guess."

"Hell, I'd give anything for a regular Twin bed right now… At least I could maneuver in one of those. Gay play was obviously not meant for college students."

"Don't let it stop you. If it gets to be really bad, we can always move onto the floor." Ezekiel licked his lips suggestively, and Caleb caught it between his lips, biting him softly until he groaned.

"Just let me do what you've been asking me for, okay?" Caleb kissed him softly on the lips again, before pressing a trail of kisses down his chest. He knelt back on his knees, his thumbs hooking over Ezekiel's waistband, pulling them down, to lick his tongue up the shaft. Ezekiel groaned, his hands pulling through Caleb's hair.

Caleb's fingers linked with Ezekiel, pushing his hands back up to his stomach, looking up as Ezekiel arched his back and pushed his head backwards against the pillow, groaning, his fingers tightening around Caleb's against his abdomen.

"Caleb?" Ezekiel's hands pulled free, and he leaned up, balancing on his palms.

"Hmm?" Caleb asked, leaning back to pull off his shorts all of the way, letting them slid through his fingers onto the floor.

"You too…" Ezekiel put his hands on Caleb's hips, pushing the fabric of his shorts down, past his thighs.

"Hold on." Caleb got up, standing beside the bed to push them all of the way down, before sitting on the far end of the bed, putting his hands on either side of Ezekiel's hips before covering his member with his mouth again.


Caleb sighed, looking up again, "What Ezekiel?"

"Come here…" Ezekiel held out his arms, and Caleb smiled, moving his knees to where his hands had been, wrapping his arms around Ezekiel's waist, and pulling him close. Their members pressed together, the sensation of Ezekiel's hard member encouraging Caleb to follow suit. His mouth pressed against the younger man's, and he was surprised by Ezekiel reaching down to take a hold of his hips, coaxing him to thrust their bodies together.

"What are you doing?" Caleb smiled against his ear, his tongue encircling his ear lobe. "I didn't think that this is what you wanted."

"I want to be close to you." Ezekiel whispered back, turning his face towards Caleb's, his hair falling over his eyes. Caleb reached up to brush it away, seizing his lips, and pulling Ezekiel's hands back next to his head.

It wasn't long before both of them had been completely spent, their ejaculations covering their chests. Caleb sighed, nudging Ezekiel over on the bed, before lying next to him on his side.

"Are you happy now?" Caleb asked, pressing a kiss to Ezekiel's forehead.

"I'm always happy when you're with me." Ezekiel smiled, shifting to lick the semen from Caleb's chest.

"…Part of me says that's disgusting and that I should stop you. The other part of me kind of likes it." Caleb shifted his gaze down.

Ezekiel looked up from under thick eyelashes, mid-lick, before he moved back, pressing a kiss to Caleb's lips, "Do you want me to get a towel then?"

"That's a little more sanitary then you licking it off." Caleb shrugged.

Ezekiel laughed, kissing him again before climbing over him, to pull one of his towels off the bar near the door, wiping himself off first, then draping it over Caleb.

"Thanks." Caleb took it from him, running the rough fabric across his chest, before tossing the towel across the room to the laundry basket, then pulling Ezekiel back into bed with him. "Now…go to sleep." He pressed a kiss a kiss to Caleb's forehead.

Ezekiel groaned, wrapping an arm around his waist, "Aw, but Caleb, it's not even like eleven yet. It's still early."

"I have to leave by five tomorrow morning." Caleb coaxed, kissing him.

Ezekiel groaned again, more loudly, "Do you have to?"

"Yes, I have to." Caleb sighed, "I know you hate that, but there really isn't much I can do about it."

The 18 year old sighed, pressing his forehead against Caleb's chest, closing his eyes, "Okay, fine…"

"So, how long have you been seeing the Priest?" It was Monday afternoon, and Joe was in the process of breaking his desk chair again, one leg up on his bed, leaning against one of the arms, while he watched Ezekiel study.

"Umm…I guess since July."

"Is he your priest? Or is he just…a priest?"

"Yes, he leads my parish, if that's what you mean, Joe," Ezekiel turned. "Are you trying to get around to asking something in particular?"

"No…I'm just curious as to what a Man of the Cloth is doing with an eighteen year old. I take you liked each other before July?"

Ezekiel murmured in agreement, turning back to his studying.

"A long time?"

"Uh huh."

"Like how long are we talking here? A year, two tops?"


"Four years? What the fuck?" Joe straightened slightly in his position, "And how many people know about the two of you?"


"Are you serious?"

"Uh huh." Ezekiel nodded. "His resignation takes effect in January, it's not like we're going to tell anyone before that."

"Who else knows? I assume one of them is me."

"Father Michael –his replacement."

"Ooh, that must have been a fun conversation." Joe flipped his hair, before shaking his head.

"I wouldn't know, I wasn't there when it happened. Caleb told me about it later."

"So…you guy's like, have you guys been doing stuff for four years too?"

"No! Stop being a pervert!" Ezekiel scoffed. "Jeez, do you honestly think that I am that messed up that I would be involved romantically with a guy that abused me since I was fourteen?"

"Well, you are Catholic…"

"Being Catholic doesn't make me crazy." Ezekiel rolled his eyes.

"So, he didn't abuse you –obviously. But still…four years? Did he know you liked him?"


"And you kept your hands off each other until you turned 18?"

"Pretty much."

"What does that mean; pretty much?"

"It means that we did find a few opportunities to be alone, but it's not what you think. –Why are you asking me this?"

"I'm just curious. He's cute, I guess if you're into that kind of thing. He obviously likes you a lot to be giving up his job for you."

"He's not just doing it for me."

"So…you really want to be tied to him forever?" Joe asked, raising an eyebrow. "You don't want to play the field?"

"Caleb is the only person I've ever wanted –will ever want."

"Okay, man." Joe nodded, hoisting himself out of the chair, to pick up his backpack. "well you mull over the doubt I just instilled in your head, and I'm going to class."

"I am not doubting my relationship, Joseph! Don't be mean!"