So many questions left unanswered so many times.

They just keep piling up to the point

Where nothing ever makes sense again.

The answer is out there they say…

But they never said how hard it would be to find.


So could you answer this?

You've ignored me for quite some time.

Today you chose to break that…

Out of the blue, you fancied me one of your incredible hugs.

Why is that?


Just when I thought I had everything down,

You turn everything upside down again.

I don't know what to expect anymore.

It doesn't end there…

The questions just keeps adding, multiplying, I've lost count.


You're making me feel so frustrated…

Show me the truth.

After shattering my confidence,

Showing my absolute chance of never being with you.

You decide to be nice and just chat for a bit.


What are your reasons for that?

I know I shouldn't think of it.

But I don't have any reasons to have hope.

All your actions are so…