A one-shot I did for a class. There was a word limit (I know, how weird), so it's definitely not my best work. I wish I could have written more, but... yeah.

Girls Are Insane

"Yeah, and I was like, 'Oh no, you did NOT just say that! And she was like, 'It's on, blondie!' And yeah, she's acting totally weird…" Lucy stopped as she saw her twin brother Liam and his best friend James sitting at the kitchen table. "I gotta go, Sabbi. Chat later." She looked at James with her steely blue eyes and frowned as she hung up, shoving her phone in her pocket. "Hello, Liam," she said sweetly- too sweetly.

Liam looked between his sister and James, who was also frowning at Lucy, and then Liam looked to the floor. "Yeah… uhhh…" He sniffed and scratched his nose, and then he looked up. "Yeah, you know what? I need to… go… do… my homework!" And just like that, he stood up and ran out of there like wildfire.

And there was silence.

"I gotta go," muttered James, grabbing his backpack from the floor and starting to walk away, when he heard something that made him freeze in his tracks.

"So who are you lying to these days, Jamie, old boy?"

James stopped and turned around slowly, his fists clenching at his sides. "Lucy-" he started to say.

Lucy raised an eyebrow and looked at James curiously. "What? I didn't say anything," she said innocently.

James rolled his eyes as he turned back around. "Girls are insane."

"Excuse me?" laughed Lucy in shock, grabbing James' shoulder and spinning him back around.

James glared at the girl and hissed, "Well it's true! I mean, how many times have you heard of this type of thing happening and a girl being in the wrong? And when we try to tell you what really happened, you won't even listen to our side of the story!"

"That's not-"

"That's not true?" asked James, both his eyebrows shooting upwards. "Oh bloody yeah. Because you're really giving me a chance."

"Well you're doing a good job of speaking up now!" yelled Lucy.

"That's cuz some sort of miracle has happened and you have finally shut. Up," said James, an angry kind of smile on his face.

"WELL MAYBE I WANNA SHUT UP!" bellowed back Lucy, her own fists starting to clench tightly in frustration.

"Well GOOD, cuz that's how everyone prefers you!"

"Then if I can be quiet, why can't you be dead?" said Lucy with a smile and an evil glint in her eye.

James clapped his hands in mock amusement. "Ohhhh! So you've got jokes! Funny, funny, funny!"

"Oh, you think that's funny? Think that's funny? YOUR. FACE."

"Oh nice. Real mature, Lucy-Lu," said James sarcastically. "But you know, I still got a feeling that my face isn't why you're so angry!"

"No dip!" snapped Lucy. "You lied to me!"

"How did I ever lie to you?"

"Gah, James!" shouted Lucy, taking a step back. "You said that you loved me… and now look at us!"

"I didn't think you'd take that seriously!" said James in shock. "Is that why you hate me?"

"James, that's just the thing!" cried Lucy, wiping at her eyes. She sighed.

James took a step forward and asked Lucy softly, "…Lu… why do you hate me so much?"

Lucy wiped at her eyes and was silent for a moment before she murmured, "…Because I don't…" Then she ran down the hall, just as the godfather clock in the living room started to chime. Dong

There was the slam of a door.


James frowned, slightly in concern, slightly in puzzlement.


He saw Liam walking towards him, scratching the back of his head, as he often did when he was confused.


"Dude… what'd you say to her?" he asked in curiosity. "I can hear her crying in her room."


James sighed as he replied, "It's not what I said to her…" He paused for a moment. "…It's what she said to me…"