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Paper written for school a couple years ago.

Earlier this month, the MHS Theater Program put on what they called a night of "one-act" plays. In actuality it was instead of one long play, there were two. The first being Candid a dramatic and somewhat agnsty play. The second was a livelier play by the name of "The Scheme's of a Shiftless Drifter" (Scheme for short). The both casts worked extremely hard to make their performance a success. Candid had one of the schools best actors playing the lead, Keith- I forgot his last name starred as the teenage boy T.J.. But that's not to say that Scheme's was without talent. A star rising in the school, a sophomore by the name of Nick Chris played the lead as Henry Pompington. As different as both shows were they were put side by side. Each complimented each other- with Candid's harsh but true look on reality, and Scheme's funnies and insanity.

Candid is the story of a family falling apart. It starts out with the son T.J. presenting his project to his teacher. He tries to make her understand how, he could not have shown it to the class. It was too private. The story moves through with a slide presentation. Then afterward they go through the slides slowly. The story shows how the pictures came to be and what they meant to him. Back to T.J., his family is the average nuclear family. A mother, a father, sister, and brother. The problems in this average family's life started at dinner one day. The family was having its everyday fighting at the dinner table when the mother loose her temper and tells everyone to leave. They do, some more hesitantly than others. She leaves the house, not really big deal, she usually left drove around and cooled her temper. Not this time, this time she didn't come home. The story flows through meeting his friend Rico, and his girl friend. His girl friend went through family problems as well; but she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't want any in depth talk, talking leads to thinking. T.J.'s sister tries to take the place of the mom. She even goes as far as to sit in "Mom's Place" at the dinner table. T.J. and his mother finally have a confrontation. He had stayed home from school sick, and she came to the house to get cloths. T.J. asked the questions his heart needed to know the answers too, but too no avail they were not answered. She didn't know her self. The play ends with him talking about the world and how your alone in it.

On the other hand you have Scheme. Scheme is the story of the Pompington family. Made up of Henry Pompington and his daughters Petunia and Marigold. They are a rich family that lived in the 1800s. Other characters are Rover the dog, Gladys the maid, Victor Strongheart, Petunia's fiancé, and finally Rex Holmes, a way fairing stranger. The story is how Henry wont let his daughter marry Victor because he is a penniless man, but then a crisis comes! The younger daughter, a golden hair child by the name of Marigold is kidnaped! Who is her kidnaper but the ex convict Rex Holmes. Petunia goes in search of Victor in the cold winter storm and once found Victor goes to rescue little Marigold. Once found Marigold and Holmes are brought back to the Pompington house hold. Rex Holmes was then allowed to say his repent, and why he did his dastardly deed. He had a fine son, but he was penniless and could find no employment. In a desperate act he kidnaped the girl for ransom. He had lied about his name, instead of being Rex Holmes he was Rex Strongheart. The long lost son and father were reunited at last, and Victor, who was now head of the bank, gave his father a position there. Petunia and Victor were then to be happily wed, with both fathers blessing. But with the insanity that comes from snow, hats ,and wigs; nothing stayed quiet for too long. Messed up lines and missing props consume the show. As well as fights in the audience, and stage directors in need of the lime light, nothing was as it seemed.

Both plays were spectacular. The MHS cast did a great job performing both. Some jokes people didn't get while other things were laughed at that wasn't funny. As a result the stage craft class now has work to do, deconstructing (or destroying, however you look at it) the set and putting away the props for another time. The actors put in some of their personalities in the characters, drunken maids and dogs peeing on lamp posts was a common sight. In my eyes the two cant really be compared. Each shows meaning was different. But the show that I had the most fun with and caught my eye was Scheme. It's ability to make people loosen up and let them laugh was a great thing to see and hearing the audience was something to make the chest swell with pride. By and by both Candid and Scheme's of A Driftless Shifter- I mean Scheme's of a Shiftless Drifter were wonderful plays and lots of fun.