Dark Magick Terror

-After a car crash caused because of dark magick, Kitty loses her memories. While in her new life- trying to find her old- she experiences the horrors of using dark magick.

-Chapter one-

Dark Magick's Consequences

"Dark magick's real!" Caroline clapped her hands in excitement that day as she jumped into Kitty's bedroom. She quickly pulled off her ponytail holder, letting her long blonde hair- which was layered- fall smoothly down her back, and into her face.

"That's great to know...I guess." Kitty uncertainly replied. She turned around, to the direction of her wardrobe, and there stood Caroline staring up at her with bright green eyes.

"Um..." I started. "Where are you going with the whole dark magick thing?" Kitty waited for Caroline's answer too.

"Where do you think?" Caroline chuckles under her breath. "We've known each other since the day we were born, sixteen years ago, and you two still don't get what I'm thinking."

"Gee, maybe it's because we're so different." Kitty suggested as she tried her best to tuck her bluish-black bangs out of her eyes. "You know, we still don't know where you're getting with this."

Caroline sighed in disappointment and finally decided to answer. "Luis, duh! You know, the guy that cheated on me with my ex-best friend."

"It's sad that you're wasting your time still thinking bout Luis. The thing happened two years ago." Kitty and I shook our heads and we threw two feather pillows at Caroline.

"B-but it was such a tragic moment for me!" Caroline forced a tear to come out of her eyes. "Not only was my best friend lost then, but also my love. How can I ever get over such a huge lose in two years time?"

Kitty rolled her eyes at Caroline and threw yet another pillow at her. "So even if we were to try and get revenge on him, why dark magick? It's so fake and ...well fake!"

"You know, Kitty's right." I added. "Magick just isn't real in this world."

"Aww come on." Caroline rolled over to the side of the bed that Kitty's on. "Don't you love me enough to try anything?" She came over to me next. "It really is real and it's gonna help me rest in peace. Look, I brought some stuff to try it out. If it isn't real, nothing will happen, so no harm done."

"You say that as if you're gonna die." I rolled my eyes.

Kitty looked towards her best friend with concern but nodded against her will. "If you really are serious about this... I guess I'll try it out."

I sighed. "Well... Three heads are better than two."

"Yay!" Caroline squealed. She rushed to Kitty's desk and started putting candles, rocks, water, and incenses on it. "Come here." She gestured to both of us. "I need to make a circle."

"A what?" Kitty asked me and I shrugged.

"It's a thing to cast away negative energy." She answered Kitty as she walked around in a circle. Then she gave us a sheet of paper. "Read it with me."

We started chanting together. Slow at first, but after a while we were screaming the spell. After a few minutes, Caroline stopped and so did Kitty. They crashed on the bed because of how tired they were.

I sat on a chair by the desk. 'I feel so much energy flowing through me.' I thought to myself. 'It feels great... and I never want to let it go.'

Twenty-one days later, both of them forgot about the spell they had cast. I still remembered it...and the power I had felt. Luis was still okay. He wasn't sick or dead... or so we had thought.

"Kitty!" A blonde haired girl ran up to Kitty when she first arrived at school. "Did you hear what happened to Luis?" Kitty shook her head in confusion. "Luis died last night!" The girl sobbed. "He drowned in his pool."

"How's that possible?" I walked up behind them. "He's on the swimming team." I never got an answer because Caroline pulled Kitty and me away, sobbing also.

"I told you two!" Caroline snapped. "I...I didn't want him to die though. Just get sick or something... Guys..."she looked up at us,"We killed him."

"No we didn't." Kitty shook from anger. I backed away from her, scared of what she may do. "Magick killed him."

"But we were controlling-"Caroline started, but I interrupted her.

"Without know that it was real!" I growled. "We can't be blamed for something that we didn't know about."

Karma...I didn't know it could be a bad thing before. I didn't know about dark magick either, but still... Since Luis died, Caroline, Kitty, and my karma was horrible! We got hurt often, and got stuck in drama. When Kitty believed all the bad stuff had passed away, the worst happened.

As we were returning from a party one day, the car skid off the road. It all happened in one quick second. Before I got out of the car I saw that Kitty had fainted. I looked towards the driver's seat, were Caroline was and saw that her skull was cracked open.

Overcome by fear and the fact that I lived, I ran from the car... Leaving Kitty there alive and Caroline dead.

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