Chapter One

When you first become a teenager you enter into a new stage of life. It can feel like everything is collapsing around you, changing and there is nothing you can do to stop it; Raea could relate. Her life was changing an there was nothing she could do to prevent it from happening. She'd been torn away from her comfortable big city life and moved to a small town with absolutely no one she knew. Age 13, Raea Thompson was dead.

She stared at the large pile of boxes in her new room. They'd only moved here a few days ago and her parents already had her starting school tomorrow. They'd enrolled her in grade 7, she'd be a little older then everyone; but they wanted to ensure that she'd be able to keep up. Raea looked into the mirror and hardly recognised herself, her cute chin length dirty blonde hair had been traded in for waist long platinum hair. She wore blue contacts and glasses she didn't even need. As if being a teenager wasn't bad enough, she now had to act a part in her own life.

"Supper's Ready!" Her mother called from downstairs. Those words had managed to strike some fear into Raea's heart, her last attempts at cooking had been painful to even eat; it resulted in take-out. Which is what was likely to happen this time too. Raea's mother just simply couldn't cook.

She walked down the stairs rather slowly, she wasn't in any rush to get to the dinner table. Her brothers had a very similar train of thought, they were peeking their heads through the door next to the dining room. Raea silently wondered if they could actually see the disaster their mother had prepared.

"Do you see what she made?" Raea whispered, sneaking up behind them. Her two brothers jumped a little and motioned for her to hide with them. Raea decided to humour her, 'sneaky', brothers and crouched next to them.

"I can't quite see, but I think it's something like meatloaf,' The oldest of her younger brothers, Carter, replied. He looked back at Raea, "All I know is that Dad's got the phone in his hand, so it can't be good."

Suddenly, there was the noise of a throat being cleared behind the three. Raea was the first to turn around and find an angry looking female authority figure hovering in front of her. Raea tried to look innocent, cracking a sort of half smile; but she knew they were about to hear an earful. Her brother, also turned around at this point, just stared up at her in silence.

Their mother crossed her arms and began her lecture, "What are you three doing just standing around? I called you over ten minutes ago! When I call you for dinner, it doesn't mean in half an hour. It means now. So get a move on and sit down before everything gets cold!"

The three siblings took their mother's yelling quite seriously and hastily ran for their seats at the dinner table. It was time to face the doom of her bad cooking. Raea still hadn't gotten used to the entire family sitting down at a table and eating at the same time. All of her life they'd never really sat down together. Now this was, what? The third day in a row? She was still fairly quiet at the table.

It was their dad that took the first leap into the concoction and had resulted in a rather quick move to the phone book. He started flipping through the pages to the restaurant section, "So? What does everyone want?"

As one of the boys were about to pipe up, their mom folded her arms with a cross look on her face, "It can't possibly be that bad. I worked really hard on it and /I/ think we should all at least give it a chance," she unfolded her arms and scooped up some of the meal. After dumping the food into her mouth and swallowing, she slowly placed her utensil back down, "I'm in favour of pizza."

"So pizza it is," Their father concluded without waiting for any objections from the children. As he placed the call he made certain to have everyone write their favourite type on a sticky note. That way everyone could have a pizza to themselves. Raea, for example, could easily eat an entire pizza by herself.

It was at this point that the parents would make their attempt to have, as Raea liked to put it, 'forced conversation' with them. This was an earned nickname, they'd had children for thirteen years and never really gotten to know any of them. So things like this had a tendency to feel a bit awkward. It was during this time that Raea envied her naive youngest brother, he never noticed how uncomfortable it really was.

"Looking forward to your first day of public school?" Their mother asked, as they waited for the pizza to arrive.

It was, of course, the youngest that piped up, "Yup! I'm gonna get to go to class with my own clothes and come home after to spend time with everyone. It's gonna be cool!"

Raea smiled at her brother's enthusiasm, he was still so innocent; he was only seven, afterall. So was she, for the most part, but it had felt as though a part of her had been ripped out. She wasn't looking forward to public school at all. Here she knew no one and had no idea how anyone acted, not to mention the fact that she was worried about fitting in. She wanted to be accepted, she wanted to be popular.

"What about our little girl?" her father questioned with a smile on his face; thus snapping Raea out of her daze.

She shrugged, "I guess it'll be okay... You know, if I don't get socially outcast for being the new girl and have to spend every lunch in the corner of the cafeteria at the rejects table."

Her parents stared at her in silence, slightly worried about their daughter. She seemed to have a rather pesimistic view of the public school system. Her father continued to give her a worried look, but it was her mom that spoke, "I think you've been around too many movies, Raea."

"Bunny," her dad started, calling her by the nickname she'd earned as a small child, "I'm sure everything will be fine." He gave a sincere smile and ruffled the thirteen year old's hair.

Raea wrinkled her nose in a slightly irritated manner and was about to speak when the pizza arrived. She'd earned the cute when she was little. She'd had a slight obsession with the fluffy animals and it had just made sense; however, Raea was now thirteen and the name was hardly going to earn her any respect amongst her peers.

Her mother served them the pizzas on the plates they'd already set. She was one of those people who clearly didn't know how to eat pizza correctly. She used her utensils to to cut it into bite size pieces before eating it. Everyone else, on the other hand, dug in with their hands. It was a rather barbaric display of pizza eating. Her mom set down her fork and knife and stared at her family, aa bit apalled at the display of table manners. She cleared her throat to cath their attention. The three of them looked at her with a confused expression painted on their faces. She frowned before speaking, "Were you raised in a barn?"

Carter raised his eyebrow, swallowed and then responded, "Uh... Mom, this is how normal people eat pizza. I mean we are supposed to be all normal now, right?" He smirked, knowing that he was right and secretly hoping he could get his oh-so dignified mother to eat any sort of food with her hands. It was a fruitless task, as their mom continued to eat strangely; but didn't say another word about their eating habits. The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. After the pizza was consumed the parents stared at the children. It was time for another one of their talks.

"So your mother and I wanted to talk to you about school tomorrow,' Their dad started, with a serious look on his face, "Do you remember everything we talked about?"

After a nod from the children, their mother decided to quiz them, "Let's go over it one more time. What do you all remember?"

"We're not the Thompsons and my name is Thomas and my brother is Carter and Raea's still Raea," The youngest brother said proudly, "and... We're from... LA still. That didn't change."

"Raea? What do you have to say?"

"My name is Raea Mason. I'm a normal girl from a big city, we moved here to get away from the dangers of the city life. I was never an actress, I'm not a singer, I'm also not allowed to sing and I can't have any fun," Raea responded in a bitter tone, she had good reason to be bitter; she'd undergone the most changes and was happy with the way things used to be. It was sad that someone who was once so sweet had to make huge sacrifices at such a young age.

"Aww, sweety... Once your power is under control, everything will go back to normal. I promise."