Chapter Seven

When monday came around Raea couldn't wait to tell her friends all about her date and new boyfriend. She'd left them waiting and had been refusing full disclosure over the phone. So, of course, Maggie began interrogation as soon as the blonde set foot on school property.

"So spill," she insisted, "What did you do? Where did you go? Did you kiss? How late were you out? Tell me."

Raea laughed and walked toward the school with her redhaired friend, "I'll tell you when Curtis is around, so I don't have to repeat myself."

"Ugh," Margaret complained, "You just enjoy watching me suffer."

She smirked as she walked into the building, "A little."

Maggie stopped outside, "I'll catch up to you. I'm gonna find Lexis and have a quick smoke."

Class was boring, all Raea could think about was her new boy. She could hear Alexis and her crew, whispering behind her back; unable to tell if what they were saying was positive or not. Of course, as superficial as the queen bee was, she hadn't really been mean to Raea. Time passed painfully slow, until finally the lunch bell rang. Raea took her seat in the cafeteria at, what was labelled "the popular table". Curtis joined them today, which was usually quite rare; he clearly disliked Alexis.

"So I hear you have a boyfriend," Alexis inquired, was that a twinge of jealousy in her eyes? "You have to tell us all about him."

"Well, his name is Travis and he's a high school sophmore," Raea began, "He's plays sports, I think he's on the soccer team."

"How was the date? Did you kiss?" Mags questioned.

"It was awesome, first he gave me a tour of his house and we talked. THEN he looked into my eyes, called me beautiful and we kissed. It was like a fairytale, after that he took me for ice cream and we looked at the stars together," she was rambling, but she didn't care. This was her moment to stand.

"Wow," It was the quiet brunette, Cynthia, that spoke up, "That is soo romantic."

Raea smiled to herself, she was on top of the world. The new high school thing actually seemed to be working out, soon maybe she could forget how much it hurt to be away from her old life and her old home. If things went well enough, maybe she wouldn't want to return back to the way she was before.

The girls all nearly landed themselves in detention with all the talking they were doing in class. The blonde girl was becoming quite popular because of this new relationship; it was just like in the movies, but it was really happening to her. At the end of the day, she and Margaret peeled away from Alexis and walked home with their gay friend.

"Oh yah," Raea remembered, "Travis is having a party on Saturday, do you guys wanna come?"

"Serious? We'd be going to an actual high school party? That would be so incredibly awesome! You'll come clothes shopping with me, right? I'm gonna need something new to wear! Oh Raea! You rock!" The redhead hugged her entusiastically.

"I'm also going to need something to wear," Curtis added in, "you know, I'm gonna have to start bringing my camera everywhere with you guys and document our lives."

"There's not much to document," Maggie retorted as she lit up a cigarette, "besides, my girl here is the one that's really interesting.'

"Those things will kill you," The boy stated with a frown, "Are you coming to the juice shop with us tonight, hollywood?'

She shook her head, "No, I promised the parents I'd be home after school today."

He hugged her as they parted ways. Raea opened the door and loudly announced that she was home. Thomas ran down the stairs and latched onto his big sister, he was always glad to see her. Then came the sound of someone clearing their throat. Of course, it was her mother, Raea dreaded this conversation; but she'd never really been punished before. So she didn't really expect much to come from it. Tommy looked over at his mother and immediately seemed to know to leave the room.

"Bunny," came her dad's voice from the corner of the room, "can you sit down please?"

She did, and the moment that her butt hit the chair, her mother began to speak.

"I'm disappointed in your actions. You are the oldest child and should have a sense of responsibility, but you left your two brothers all alone. We waited for you to return and nearly missed our flight. Still you hadn't gotten home! What were you thinking!? How could you be so irresponsible!? All your father and I wanted was a weekend alone from home and free from worry. Instead, we practically spent our entire weekend hoping our children were okay! There's no excuse for it! To make up for it, Your dad and I will be leaving Thursday and returning late Monday evening. I expect you to be home right after after school on the weekdays and every minute at home on the weekends! Do you understand me?"

Raea looked upset, her mother's confrontation had taken her a bit off guard.

"I said, Do you understand me?"

"I -understand-," Raea answered with a bit of anger in her voice, fighting back the urge to erupt at her parental figure. She understood now, that perhaps there could be reprecussions if she did; so of course, she would just have to bite her tongue for now. She would have to neglect to mention the fact that she's only 13 and getting used to this new life, had her cell phone on her with no missed calls and that they didn't check in on any of their children just once while they were enjoying the fun in the sun. No, she wouldn't say any of that.

"-Good-. Now go and do your homework."

Raea basically stomped up to her bedroom, much like a typical teenager. She was beyond furious, her first instinct was to call her new best friend. However, she found herself calling Travis instead; afterall, she had to tell her boyfriend of her party dilemma. How was she going to make it if she couldn't leave the house. This time, she was sure the parents would check in.

"Travis?" Raea asked when he picked up the phone; then a pause on her end, "I don't know if I can make it on Saturday."

"Why? What's up?" Her boyfriend asked, sounding disappointed.

She explained her parents absence and the situation of house arrest in a matter that made them sound like true evil overlords.

"Wait, So you're gonna be home without parents all weekend?" He brought up with extreme interest.

Raea sounded confused, "Well, yah but I'm under house arrest. I mean, that's pretty useless unless I sneak out."

"Actually, I've got a better idea if you're up for it."

She was intrigued.

"What is your parents policy on parties?"

Raea smiled, "They don't have one."

"Then how about I bring the party to you?"


"Really. But hey, I gotta go we'll all see you Saturday, okay?"


As soon as the call ended, she was already dialing again, "Hey Maggie?"

"Yah?" replied the redhead on the other end.

"Change of plans. Party is at my house on Saturday."

"You are, by far, the coolest person I know."