Rocky's POV

Let me tell you a little something about the love of my life.

You could say she was pretty...Pretty amazing to be exact

She never failed to make me smile...As if she never tried...She's the only one who makes me smile even in the darkest crevices of my mind

I told her this one time and all she could say was

"I know."

That's another thing.

She's so sure of herself for a self-confessed mental masochist (read: super low self-esteem)

I like...Wait, scratch that, I love that about her.

And she's really funny...Like sarcastic funny.

She has this wit that bites me in the ass every time I don't look.

As if she never even tries...

That's not all.

She is extremely talented!

She has this strong passion for the arts and drama.

She loves performing (and I've been to every play she's ever starred in) and dreams of someday becoming a huge broadway star.

She also loves photography. She sees the beauty in every little thing and insists on sharing that with the world...

But sometimes her vanity gets the best of her.

I can't recall how many times I have heard the phrase

"Let's take a picture!"

That's pretty remarkable for someone with such low self-worth...But that kinda explains why she never posts pictures of herself on her Myspace.

But she has her bad side.

She refuses being left alone and gets angry at the person who even THINKS of abandoning her.

She is very weird...I mean weird isn't really bad but in today's society? Even eccentric doesn't stand a chance.

She has the shortest fuse in mankind (toward me anyway) and does not like doing anything without a thank-you

She gets so up my ass that I can't even FEEL my ass!

But through all that...All I see are the good things...

I love everything about her.

From the way her brown hair seems to turn blonde in the sunlight...

To her "cuddly" parts...Like her big cheeks that puffs up especially when she smiles

Down to the way her toes curl when she puts her feet on mine when we watch scary movies.

She's my bestfriend...And I care so much for her...

But she's just so damn dense!

Andi's POV

My bestfriend, Rocky , is the densest knucklehead I have ever known.

But I love him still...I wish he'd see that.

James aka Rocky is the most non-judgmental person in the whole world.

Sometimes that works to my favor...Sometimes it doesn't

Especially when it comes to his poor choice in women.

Because of his non-judgmentality or possibly ditziness,he turns a blind eye to the worsest habits of his "flavor of the month"

I call them that because he circulates through girls like the earth rotates around the sun every month.

He's hot, I admit it...And he knows.

I hate that about him.

And he has a rock solid heart (hence the nickname)

It's like he has no feelings at all...

If those girls didn't even have a chance to stay long with him...

What more me?

But that's not the point...Even though I know I don't measure up romantically to him, I'm still hopeful.

Now that's dedication.

He shares with me a strong love for music.

We could walk around a store all day and still be all hyped up!

Maybe that's why we go well together.

We mesh well to put it in terms.

We've never really fought but there were several times when I almost went all bad-ass on him

But because of his patience and persistence toward me, Little Miss Hothead , we haven't really fought.

Thank goodness for our contrasting personalities.

But hey,opposites attract, right?

We mesh...

He's an awesome guy...But if it were based on looks alone I'd never fall for him

I'd fantasize but that's all!!!

He makes me feel so fuzzy with everything he does...

As if he doesn't even try...

I always look forward to the nights of pure giddiness due to chugging down coke and watching horror flicks.

If it were any other person I'd probably cancel on them...

But not with him...

Cuz he gives me something to look forward to...

That's what I love about him...

But come to think of it...Everything about him I love.

I even put up with his "rotations".

I love him.

Flaws and all.

Now only if I can get him to make popcorn.

A/N: Not much to say...Just...Enjoy!