oh it hurts --------------- holding back

----- something I say never to do

but it could end up so much worse

if I let myself long for you

your smile, it steals ----------------my whole heart away

----- my body and my mind ache, to no limit within

to know the intention of your smile, and those lips

will never be meant for me again

even if ------------- we let ourselves go

----- and both only wanted to be

it would in no way be easy,

and my friends don't approve of how you treated me

yet here I sit ------------------------- so late it's early

----- unsure what went wrong and of when to cry

hoping that you will never move on

but knowing, and waiting for your last goodbye

perhaps our friendship ------- will never fail

----- and we can go on pretending

that all was resolved and we're both satisfied

but deep inside I'll always imagine that we had our happy ending