set up the board, sweetie
it's time for a game of love-opoly
you can be the chainsaw
and i can be the heart

rip me to shreds

so we start the game.
i hope you notice
that every time i get a property
you find a way to steal it

even if you have to grab the deed when i'm not looking

and some how
you end up with
all the raid-roads
all the properties
all the utilities

now how did you manage that?

and i'm in jail
and you're laughing.

waving that pretty little get-out-of-jail-free card

you decide to pretend you're still an angel
pass me the card, get me out of jail.
tell me you weren't being fair
give me money
a rail-road
some properties.

smiling that pretty little i'm-just-gunna-screw-you-over-again smile

so, yeah, i know you're lying
and about to leave me in the dust
but i'll give up everything
and again
and again
if it means that you'll love me

or at least pretend

AN: I'M SO SORRY!! Please forgive me for not writing. Massive writers block. Everything I write turns to shit. Bleh.